Avalanche in the mountains of Nepal

After the avalanche with the eighth highest mountain peak of the world, located in the north-west of Nepal, died climbing group of nine people, four other people who were trying to conquer the mountain, at the moment are still missing. One of the tourist camps, which were home to climbers during the ascent, demolished avalanche flow, the second has significant damage.

As the representative of the local police, the body of German climber and his Nepalese guide were found deep in the snow on the mountain Manaslu altitude 8163 m, which is about 100 km from the capital,

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In the Kurgan region frosts are expected

Russia's EMERCOM for Kurgan Region announced frost warning, which is expected in the lowlands on the night of September 28 and 29, they can lead to the death of the harvest.

"According to the forecast FSBI" Kurgan Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, "on the night of 28 September 29, places the region in low terrain frosts are expected in the air and on the ground to minus three degrees," — said in a statement GUMCHS.

Agency said that a decrease in temperature can cause damage, as well as crop damage crops.

Government regulation of pensions

The government decided on a major political step. The solution to this long-brewing, and today published an official statement from the head of the Duma's office for labor Andrei Isayev. The interview he gave the newspaper "RIA Novosti".

He said that at the next meeting of the State Duma, which is devoted to the second reading of the draft budget of the Pension Fund of Russia, will be accepted for consideration an amendment to reduce to three times the funded part of the pension.

This decision is very important for the country's pensioners. Although, as officials claim, it will

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How to conduct an adult corporate New Year

Basis of competitiveness of any company depends directly on those relationships that have been established in her team. From the agency on the events organized corporate events in Moscow, which is an integral part of the workflow of the project. Common recreation in the festive atmosphere of positive impact on the working atmosphere in the team. These evenings will help unite the working team and allow him to act in unison. To create an atmosphere of collective celebration, consider a suitable program of celebrations, the leading order, which does not allow anyone to miss, order a cultural program with the

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Google will teach Americans green manners

According to forecasts, by 2020 about 20% of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere will have on the internet. No wonder so many people consider such global corporations as the root of the world's evil Google. But is it really?

on the day of its foundation carefully supports Google's image of "green" company. Constantly being sought innovative solutions and products to make themselves and their users an environmentally-responsible. For example, if the server maintenance installed energy-efficient systems of its own design, the public should know about it.

Not long ago, the main headquarters of Google have been hired and the

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Solar flares, the M 3.9 30/07/2011

Today, 30/07/2011, at the Sun, an outbreak of M9.3 points.


Graph of solar flare activity

X-rays of the sun from July 29 2011 to July 30, 2011 according to the GOES-15 satellite

Solar flares today

Today onSunoccurred1 flashClass C and above:

    The active region Start by MSC Maximum GMT The end of the MCK Flashpoints M9.3 0 6:04:00 6:09:00 6:12:00   Solar flares yesterday

Yesterday atSunoccurred14 outbreaksClass C and above:

    The active region Start by MSC Maximum GMT The end of the MCK Flashpoints C3.5 1260 00:29:00

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Caught third cub, access to military units in Primorye

Experts on Wednesday were caught in Primorye last of three cubs, who came to the end of November, a military unit in the area Yakovlevsky region, told RIA Novosti the head of the coastal branch of Specialized Inspection "Tiger" Victor Gaponov.

Three Amur tiger came to the military unit involved barking dog. She was tied up, and tried to run over a dog predators, but they are frightened guard who drove the cubs back into the forest. Next tigress could not be found, and the protection of wildlife officers decided edge at the time to take cubs from the forest.

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Cases of mass destruction of flora and fauna

Hundreds of birds have died in Italy after the birds in the United States and Sweden

At least four hundred pigeons were found dead along a road near the town of Faenza in the Northern Italian province of Ravenna, was reported in the local media Friday.

Causes for the mass death of birds, have not been established. Currently, the bodies of some pigeons have been sent for examination to determine the cause of death of birds.

According to experts, this result could cause an epidemic or a viral infection that affected birds, or

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Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport resumed work after an interruption due to cyclone

The snow has blocked thousands of tourists in the Alps

Thirty thousand tourists who vacation at New Year holidays in the Alps of Austria, were in the snowdrift by heavy snowfall.

As reported podrobnosti.ua, declared in the Austrian Alps avalanche danger. Snowfall is not abating fifth day.

For the last night in the Alps of Austria fell meter layer of precipitation. In some areas, the snow cover reached five meters.

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