Fire near Volgograd: the front of fire — 1 mile

Firefighters still can not put out a forest fire broke out again near the village of Stone in Buerak Gorodishchenskoye district of Volgograd region. Now the area of 10-12 hectares of fire, the front of the fire — at least 1 km.

The fire crept to the nearest house to 100 feet away, but the fire building was avoided, as the south-east wind blowing from the village, told the ITAR-TASS news agency inspector of the Information and Public Relations of the regional Emergencies Ministry Dmitry Savelyev. In the fire involved 242 people and 65 vehicles,

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Earthquake of magnitude 6.1 occurred in the Pacific Ocean

Earthquake of magnitude 6.1 occurred in the Pacific Ocean 136 km from the island of Sakhalin Uruppu said Far Eastern Regional Center (DVRTS) MOE.

"The earthquake was recorded Tuesday at 12.28 local time (5.28 MSK) at 136 kilometers south-east of the island of Urup (285 kilometers east of the city Kurilsk) at a depth of 33 kilometers," — said in a statement.

Clarifies that the earthquake was not felt in communities Sakhalin region. No injuries or damage. The threat of a tsunami has not been announced.

Tornado destroyed 200 homes in Kansas

Strong hurricane hits the U.S. state of Kansas. Destroyed more than two hundred houses. There are casualties. One person died and five were hospitalized.

Snowfall in Bosnia and Croatia

14.05.12.V Bosnia winter had returned. After the 30-degree heat that prevailed at the weekend, the air temperature dropped to -5, and it was snowing. This morning, the snow depth reached 30 in Sarajevo see snowfall continued for several hours.

On the eve of the Bosnian forecasters warned of a possible cold snap. But the fact that it is so sharp, no one expected.

On the way to the U.S. Storm Katia became a hurricane

Tropical Storm "Kate" September 1, grew into a hurricane first-degree Saffir-Simpson scale, and was second in the 2011 hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean after the hurricane "Irene".

NASA satellites give us a unique opportunity to observe the hurricane "Kate."

According to the National Observatory for storms, wind speed accompanying cyclonic storm "Kate" on Thursday night exceeded 120 kilometers per hour. This wind speed and translated "Kate" in the status of the hurricane.

How destructive a hurricane would still difficult to predict.

Currently, Kate is more than three thousand kilometers to the east coast of the

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Severe thunderstorm in Beijing led to the death of 3 people and the closure of the airport

The strongest in the last forty years, and rainfall storm that swept the Chinese capital Beijing on Saturday, has already led to the deaths of at least three people, disrupted transport and air transport.

Heavy rain began in the capital of China on Saturday afternoon. Precipitation, which began as a typical summer thunderstorm in the evening and only increased already turned into serious problems. InformatsiiTsentralnogo on CCTV (CCTV), is currently known about the three victims of the disaster, the strongest and enduring over the last four decades. Two people were killed in the collapse of a residential building in Beijing's

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Strong wind left without electricity 50 000 inhabitants of France

Approximately 50,000 residents of southwestern France on Friday morning, left without electricity due to the strong wind, the speed of over 100 kilometers per hour, according to Agence France Presse.

Wind gusts felled trees, which resulted in damage to power lines. According to the company the distributor of electricity ERDF, has suffered more than any other region of Midi-Pyrenees, where no light were 40,000 people.

More than 800 people were mobilized ERDF, restoring power grids.

Earthquake in Anapa, Krasnodar Krai

MOSCOW, October 25. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Victor Zhilyakov /. In Anapa, Krasnodar Region today magnitude earthquake 3, victims and destructions. This was reported by a correspondent. ITAR-TASS in Anapa seismic station. Especially tremor felt by those who were in the city center. "Under your feet slightly staggered floor, but push lasted a few seconds," — said one of the locals. In seismic was also told that an earthquake is assigned a class of 13. More precise information officers promise to station after the study materials earthquake.

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Nuclear reactors shut down because of the earthquake in Virginia

Earthquake on the East Coast of the U.S. has led to a halt of two nuclear reactors in Virginia, told television channel Fox News. Stop occurred automatically. To cool the storage of fuel used generators. Information about the damage at the plant have been reported, RIA "Novosti". According to the newspaper VIEW, strong earthquake of magnitude 5.9 occurred in the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon were evacuated. The epicenter of tremors recorded in 17.51 to UTC (21.51 Moscow time), was located 15 kilometers from the town of Mineral, Virginia, and is 139 kilometers from the U.S. capital Washington.

Soon after

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U.S.: Mysterious tremors in Pennsylvania

Police Swatara Township,

October 7, 2011. The authorities of the town Swatara Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, requested assistance the U.S. Geological Survey and other experts to investigate the cause of shaking, similar to the bombings.

No major construction projects in the area there, but aftershocks, according to witnesses, felt right about the building of urban governance, reports

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