In the Ukrainian rivers tons fish dying

In anticipation of the end of the spawning season (May 25) at Dnepropetrovsk in a backwater of the river Samara, local residents discovered tons of dead fish. In place of the state of emergency immediately left special commission of the regional administration and environmental inspection.

Curiously, the true scale of the tragedy, environmentalists still can not assess. "We assume that there are not more than 10 tons of dead fish, but residents of neighboring villages said that even a few days before, they also observed a dead fish. Her drifts downstream in the direction of the Dnieper (Samara flows into

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In Samara pond killing all the fish and frogs

Today, the news agency emergency "911" was approached by residents of homes along Fifth clearing.

Worried Samarians attendant told that with a natural body of water, which is located in Glade Frunze, the ninth line of the fifth through cuts, not all right.

According to the residents, to the surface of the pond surfaced all the inhabitants of the reservoir — fry and adult fish, frogs, little lake is above the sulfur smell.

Employees of "Rescue 911" were quick to inform the relevant services of the unusual phenomenon reported by the Center for Environmental problems SEU, the

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Kazan witnessed extraordinary natural anomaly

Double rainbow formed over the city yesterday evening after rain.

Unusual natural phenomenon could contemplate yesterday Kazan. This year's first heavy rain brought the city a double rainbow. Its good to be seen in the city center, as well as neighborhoods.

As the portal metorolog Maxim Boritsyn, double rainbow — a rather rare phenomenon.

— Rainbow — a well-known optical phenomenon in the atmosphere, — he said. — It can be seen when the sun illuminates the veil falling rain, and the observer at this time is between the sun and the rain.

According Boritsyna, secondary

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Incredible tornado pohozyaynichat in Taipei

May 12 in Taipei, the capital of the province of Taiwan as part of China, swept an incredible and impressive tornado.

In this region, tornadoes happen very, very rare. On that day, the ambient temperature was about 30 degrees, and wind gusts exceeding 130 km / h

Tornado remained active for several minutes. Fortunately no one was hurt, but the quake and tsunami caused a lot of destruction.

Strangely enough, but the media is almost no information about this unusual tornado.

Certificate (- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Taipei? Th — the capital of the Republic of China

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Mirage in Latvia


April 24 in the city of Ventspils, Latvia was filmed mirror mirage.

Video commentary by the author: "The unusual natural phenomenon. The ships of the sea with its reflection from the top. "



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Australia covered the heavy snowfall

On the east coast of Australia today hit heavy snowfall. Brunt of the disaster was in the territory of the country's most populous state of New South Wales. Because of the snow drifts transport department has decided to close part of the highway that connects the towns between Lithgow and Bathurst. Local residents advised not to unplanned trips. According to a Met Christine Rapley, such unusual for this time of year and the climate zone sediments are extremely low temperatures. "May is recognized as the coldest in the last ten years, because the temperature in many areas dropped below zero,"

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Again Chelyabinsk shaking! Even the office «URA.Ru» rocked …

Chelyabinsk residents celebrate the unusual seismic activity: a metropolis once downloaded. Complaints about the "Tremors" are marked in the north-west of the city, near the shopping center "caliber" in the street Khudyakov. An hour ago, rattled windows in the Chelyabinsk Agroengineering Academy. Correspondents Chelyabinsk Bureau «URA.Ru» also felt the earth echo vibration in his office on the 8th floor of the house in the street Vasenko. Recent entries appear in the network "Vkontakte". The last time the complaints about "Tremors" appeared on April 10, and today resumed.

As reported «URA.Ru», mass complaints residents of Chelyabinsk vibration of buildings come into

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Hurricane Sandy inspired artists to create unique items

Inspired by well-known legend of the phoenix bird, rising from the ashes, the people affected by Hurricane Sandy New York offer to turn left after the disaster debris into pieces of furniture and art, and then deliver them as a lot for charity auctions.

A team of three designers on this merged into the organization Reclaim NYC (Restore New York), and invites all interested and have the appropriate skills to work on the cultural transformation of the famous city on the east coast. Their main goal is to transform the debris and fragments of ruins so that they

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Disasters: In the United States — a flood, in Europe — snow and forest fires

In the U.S., the largest river raged Mississippi. The level of water in it tends to record the history of measurements. Under the disaster are eight states, flooding threatens dozens of cities, including Memphis and New Orleans. Unusual weather recorded in Europe. Memphis — the largest city in the state of Tennessee — to prepare for one of the most powerful floods in its history. The water level in the Mississippi is now just a few inches below the record level of 1927. Outskirts already flooded. Thousands of people were evacuated. Lifeguards patrol the streets in cars,

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Climate change is already decimating wildlife, but the worst of the changes still in front

May 8, 2011—salmon,Idaho — A record number of large predatory animals perished this winter in parts of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming from the rigors of the season, snow is unusual and sustained cold in the Northern Rockies. "Elk, deer — those animals that have a pretty tough time," said hunter and fisherman, biologist Doug Brimeyer. Snow and cold temperatures in the states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming have been established earlier and stayed longer than usual, so the wildlife were forced to find a meager livelihood, causing many of them to death. From aerial photos and signals from radio receivers

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