Bad news from NASA: Elenin celestial body is on the ground the negative impact

I knew a few months ago that I would have to talk like that, but never thought it would happen so soon. Back in January, engaged in investigating the underground city, which is said to have been built under the new Denver airport, as reported by the former governor Jesse Ventura, I put the puzzle together and came to the conclusion that an event of global scale is preparing for us in 2012.

Today I give reliable information, it is unlikely to be more true, given that the source appears NASA. Last night, looking through a mathematical model of comet

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Solar activity is gaining momentum

The appearance of sunspots, with more cool nature with a strong magnetic field, is proof of that. In mid-February 2011 in the Sun there were powerful in the past few years, an outbreak that led to the ejection of plasma radiation from the surface of the sun. Scientists NASA Heliophysics Division in Washington reported that there were clear indications of solar activity.

2008 was the beginning of a period of minimum solar activity. This is not unusual, during the last eleven years of regular solar cycle, but here at least delayed for a longer time.

For three

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In Europe recorded the highest heat

Unusual for this time of heat prevailed in several European countries. Record temperatures were recorded in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France.

So, in Frankfurt + temperature reached 29 degrees, in Brussels — + 25. The most popular leisure activities for residents of cities have parks and near the fountains. Meteorologists claim — the heat and continue until Easter.

And here in the South of Europe — on the contrary, is cooler than usual in April — about 18 degrees above zero, writes TSN.

At the same time, Australia is suffering from heavy rains: the water level in the river

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Mass death of fish in the sea there was a frog Commanders

Specialists Commander Biosphere Reserve was massive stranding of fish "sea frog", told RIA Novosti on Monday, a representative of the reserve. Sea Frog (local name — "Myakonkov", in the language of the indigenous people of the Commander Islands — Aleuts "layuhashka") — a fish of the family krugloperyh. In the evolution of marine frogs have unusual anchorage on the rocks — the suction cup formed of the pelvic fins. By the shores of the sea Commander frog suitable for spawning in early April. "In much of the coastline of the island has been a massive Bering Sea emissions frogs.

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Since the moon is something wrong?

April 7, Long Island, New York. The author asks, can anyone explain this? It seems that the moon is completely tilted in the wrong direction.


April 14, Bavaria, Germany. Video by reports that the recording was made in Germany. Also notes that the moon had not been. And in his opinion it looks like the Earth's axis is tilted, which may account for changes in the form of the moon.

December 2010. Moon bent 90 ° for 8 hours.

On videoobmenniki can find many

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Dead birds in Kansas

Elizabeth Stendzh says that saw one or two birds fall from the trees in front of her house, and then about two dozen. It happened around noon on Thursday, April 7.

"We were walking nearby, but were afraid to go near trees because of the potential impact from the fall of birds," said Elizabeth. She added that all the individuals died within a few minutes. By Thursday evening, she and her family collected about 50 birds from their road and yard.

Local vet told her that perhaps the birds have eaten something poisonous, but went to Kansas

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Freshwater lake threatens Europe

In one of the salty seas of the Arctic Ocean have uncovered area with fresh water, which can adversely change the climate in Western Europe.

Beaufort Sea, owned the Arctic Ocean basin, washes the shores of Alaska and Canada. In the Arctic Sea there circular flow, which was studied in detail by an international team of scientists working on climate change and marine ecosystems. They found an unusual phenomenon — in the middle of the sea formed area of fresh water, which is above the heavier salt water, and natural mixing hardly occurs. This is actually fresh

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Unusual clouds in Yalta

NASA began preparations to monitor potentially hazardous to Earth asteroid

LOS ANGELES, April 11. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Kachalin /. The large asteroid is about 400 meters in diameter, in the beginning of November this year, will sweep past the Earth at a distance of 307.5 thousand kilometers — is a 73 thousand miles less than the distance from Earth to the Moon. Given the size and the degree of approach to Earth, the celestial body is classified as "potentially dangerous". This was reported by JPL / JPL / NASA in Pasadena / California /, which is based observatory near Earth objects.

The asteroid named 2005 YU55 was discovered December 28,

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Due to an unknown illness penguins lose their feathers

Zoologists are sounding the alarm — due to an unknown illness penguins lose their pen. The disease has struck bird colonies on both sides of the South Atlantic, reports Discovery News.

"The disease is the loss of feathers is unusual for most species of birds, we need further research to determine the cause of the disorder and find out: whether the phenomenon to other penguins," — said the representative of the Wildlife Conservation Society, a zoologist Dee Buersma.

Scholar devoted to the study of Magellan penguins for more than 30 years of his life. He said, at present

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