Measles epidemic in Congo struck more than 21 thousand people

Measles epidemic, which began in September 2010 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, struck more than 21 thousand people, reports AFP referring to the international charity organization "Doctors without Borders" (Medecins Sans Frontieres, MSF). According to official data, the epidemic of 210 cases of measles deaths. However, experts MSF believes that the actual death toll is much higher than the summary of the Congolese authorities.

MSF Head of Mission in the DRC gel Hankenne (Gael Hankenne) said that a measles epidemic in the country is out of control. According to him, in September 2010 the efforts of "Doctors without Borders"

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Tornado destroyed about 30 homes on the coast of Brazil

Tornado destroyed 27 houses and felled dozens of trees on the coast in the south-east of Brazil, said on Tuesday the local civil defense service.

According to authorities, a rare natural phenomenon in Brazil formed near the resort town of San Sebastian on the coast of the State of Sao Paulo. Tornado originated in the ocean, and after landfall brought down to earth tons of water, completely devastated the beach and 800 meters were on it by destroying buildings. Estimated to meteorologists, wind power accounted for 80 to 120 km / h

As a result, almost completely destroyed coastal hotel,

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In Belarus is cyclone mischief in Belgium

Internet portal TUT.BY and Republican hydrometeorological continue to tell our users with the latest weather information.

Will be given a rainy weekend. The culprit of this will become active cyclone named "Javier" who destroyed the music scene in Belgium. On Saturday declared a storm warning. The temperature does not rise above 21 degrees Celsius. Similar weather is expected on Sunday. However, on Monday the cyclone will take a weather normalized.

What else to expect from us the Man Upstairs? Answers to these and many other questions will traditionally chief meteorological forecasts Dmitry Ryabov.

In Belarus is cyclone mischief in Belgium

Police seized a pensioner bear and fox

62-year Sevastopolets dreamed of opening your own zoo. Three-month brown bear Masha appeared in one of the houses in the village of Kacha at Sevastopol in May last year. The owner put her in an iron cage and kept the animal right in their backyard. Raised the alarm the neighbors. Demoralizing Roar clumsy frightened them outright.

— Nearby buildings, children run, God forbid that — says Maria Kazmina. — And when the pensioner was the withdrawal of the grown Masha for a walk, keeping her on the circuit, we had to call the police.

— When we arrived, it turned

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Tons of dead fish in Minnesota

April 5.Plymouth, Minnesota. As well as many other Minnesotans, Bruce Uohlstrom was glad to see that the ice finally disappears at the lake, near which he lives. And then he saw what was underneath.

"I saw the ice only last night, when he began to melt, and this morning I saw that there's just tons of dead fish," — said Uolhstrom.

Hundreds of dead fish "hang out" at the surface or in shallow water in Lake Uohlstroma own. He knows what killed the fish: early, heavy snowfall caused the formation of a thick layer of

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Tropical Storm Jose formed in the Atlantic

Tropical storm "Jose" on Sunday formed in the Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda, said the U.S. National Hurricane Center forecast (NHC). The cyclone is moving at a speed of 25 kilometers per hour in a northerly direction towards the east coast of the United States, on the day before Hurricane "Irene", killing ten people. Wind gusts "Jose" is 64 kilometers per hour. Meteorologists have not yet predict whether the storm strengthened to a hurricane. Tropical storm "Jose" was the tenth storm of the hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean in 2011.

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Fish kills in Sovetsk

As the reader is called the editorial, the dead fish swim along the bank of the reservoir.

It is a reservoir for Schekinskaya TPP. However, as the caller, the fish died in the side of the reservoir, where the new modern industrial production.

— Dead fish floating on the surface larger than the palm, — the caller. — And it was from the factory, well, they do some stuff right in the reservoir is drained. Because modern factory, foreigners there. After all, they like smoking, but here we have — the fish dies.

Recall, this is not the first case

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In Moscow, cooling

On Sunday in the capital region is expected to partly cloudy, rain is not expected. In Moscow, the air warms up to 2-4 degrees Celsius, in the suburbs will be from zero to 5 degrees. Wind north and north-west 2-7 m / s.

On Monday night in the Moscow region is expected to partly cloudy, no rain and the temperature range from minus 7 to plus 1 degree. West wind 2-7 m / s. Day, again, partly cloudy and no rain. The temperature in Moscow will be 5-7 degrees above zero in the region — from 2 to 7 degrees.

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Environmentalists have created eco files

Workers of the World Wildlife Fund have created a file format that does not allow them to print on paper.

Within the field of the environment on the planet staff of WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature, WWF) created their own electronic file format, which is considered the most "environmentally friendly." Documents in a format, called. WWF, can not be printed — so the companies have a chance to reduce paper consumption.

According to the organization, in the world each year harvested about 13 million hectares of forest, and the new computer format can at least partially compensate for

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About 15 thousand people were left without electricity due to lightning in the Kuban

About 15 thousand people remained without electricity in the Krasnodar region because of rampant disaster on Wednesday night, the press-service of "Kubanenergo".

In anticipation of the bad weather before the MOE announced a storm warning in the province. According to the energy company, during a thunderstorm and gusty winds in some areas of the region was partially disrupted power supplies.

"As of 13.00 MSK environment in the Region remains without power about 15 thousand people," — said in a statement. In particular, the partial shutdown occurred in villages in the area of responsibility of the branches of JSC "Kubanenergo" as

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