Circles on the Lake Baikal arise from methane?

Scientists are going back to the expedition — to study the anomaly in the Siberian lake ice. On the giant circles on Lake Baikal started talking in 2009, when the Americans posted a net mysterious satellite images NASA. The Internet has made the business: the hype around the two huge four-meter laps rose unusual, lake frequented ufology, the people went to different versions. Mostly seen in the appearance of circles "hand aliens", and most likely from Mars. Here it is bustling and scientists were quick to refute the quaint assumption about the aliens with the manners of artists.

— The

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Australian beaches attacked poisonous jellyfish

Toxic blue jellyfish invasion has caused the closure of city beaches on the southeast coast of the Australian state of Queensland in the resort areas of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. It is expected that access to water will be open no earlier than two weeks.

As the representative of the rescue on the waters of Byron Mills, of the number of jellyfish, known as Australia's "blue bottle", he could not remember in all my 32 years of practice. "Despite the fact that the influx of gelatinous sea creatures in this time of year is not uncommon, their number

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Climate change has led to what is now the coast of Sweden are found sharks

Recently, the Swedish marine biologists are increasingly recorded "visits" unusual for local water fish species. So, off the coast of Sweden, now you can find sharks. Not the biggest and most terrible, and a smaller one. For example, the northern and southern dog sharks. First reach a length of 85 to 140 cm, the second — from 70 to 165 cm traditional habitats and those, and others — the eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the North Sea.

Another guest — gray shark — comes to Sweden rarely. At home, in the Mediterranean, it can grow up to 2 meters, but

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Electromagnetic Oceans

From space, try to identify the role of each component of terrestrial magnetism. Among the half-dozen world space powers (Russia, U.S., EU, China, Japan and India) research projects of the European Space Agency (ESA) are different, in my opinion, the eccentricity object selection studies, and refinement of approaches. Example of this — an unusual experiment of the last decade, with the active collaboration of ESA and NASA to compete with the search of exoplanets. Today, they have found more than 500. At the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), held in San Francisco in December 2010, which is

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New filter in CHP-5 is to prevent black snow in Omsk

Structural unit of the Omsk branch of "TGC-11" TPP-5, which, according to the RPN may become a source of black snow falling last week in Omsk, intends to launch a new filter cost of 180 million rubles, the company said.

Precipitation in the form of black snow fell on Friday night in the Leninsky district of Omsk, the regional center is the second time in a week. Two days before a similar precipitation — the substance of dark gray — covered Volga district. Rosprirodnadzor experts analyzed the black snow, the composition of the substance stained the precipitation was identical to

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Sweet frog and bipedal lizard found in Mekong

Sweet frog, bipedal lizard, "walking catfish" and 41 new species of animals and 82 species of plant biologists discovered in 2011 in the Mekong River Basin, which flows through some of South-East Asia, according to a report by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) International .

WWF annually publishes reports on the opening of the year before the new species.

"The list of the living creatures that inhabit the Mekong region, joined the new species such as the pygmy python lyagushkovy klarievy catfish, blind cave fish, a snake with ruby eyes, like a devil bat and a bird singing frog. These

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Open strange subspecies mosquito

Parasitologists from the Institut Pasteur (France) discovered an unusual subspecies of mosquito.

In sub-Saharan Africa dies of malaria about 710 thousand people a year. The most dangerous form of the disease caused by a parasite called Plasmodium tropical (Plasmodium falciparum), carried mainly by mosquitoes of the complex of cryptic species of Anopheles gambiae. Mosquito larvae live in water, and adult insects are believed to spend b? Most of the time in buildings where relish human blood.

Sprays, nets and drugs have helped reduce malaria deaths in the last decade. But victory over the disease is still very far away.

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In Kaliningrad — an emergency due to flooding

The spill caused creeks Kaliningrad Railways to cancel a number of freight trains / In Kaliningrad today, February 6, a regime of emergency municipal character. This was announced at a special meeting of the Emergency Commission, chaired by the head of Kaliningrad Alexander Yaroshuk.

Disaster was made possible by the addition of several weather factors, deep freezing of the soil, which could not absorb the melted water, rapid warming caused by the rapid melting of snow, unusual for this time of year rain shower.

But the main reason that the meeting participants noted — the lack of regular and efficient

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Forecasters Latvia: we must prepare for the worst

Although, during the XX century, the average annual temperature in Latvia increased by about 1 degree, past and present have been very frosty winter and snow. Therefore Latvian hydrometeorological warning: this spring is expected severe floods and residents should be prepared for the worst scenario.

As told in an interview with the head of department tvnet hydrometeorological forecast Latvian Centre Environment, Geology and Meteorology Laura Krumins, expected in February 2011 will be warmer and less snow than the previous months. December with its heavy snowfall, according to her, can be called "a little abnormal". In Latvia, the rare cases where,

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Unusual duck winters in central Minsk

In Gorky Park in the area marked Svislochi quite rare for Belarus duck — wigeon. Public organization "APB ptushak Fatherland" (APB) invites everyone to watch the unusual feathered visitor.

For Belarus, Wigeon is very rare nesting and wintering duck. More frequently encountered wigeon during migrations. Due to the rarity of it was even entered into the second edition of the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus. Isolated cases of nesting confined to the coasts of the glacial lakes in the north. Male widgeon repeatedly noted in the section Svisloch in Gorky Park during the National Winter

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