Operation to rescue people from the ferret or ferrets from people

In Saratov, the rescuers had to spend an unusual operation — one of the local colleges entered uninvited guest, who turned the learning process into something more like a circus show. On the one hand — a wild predator, the other — the rescuers, and dozens of spectators behind the glass doors.

Report Elena Norkunayte:

Rescuers very seriously preparing for catching pesky animal. Especially wear gloves to brisk ferret could not bite or scratch. But first you must locate the elusive villain. The last time the medical students have seen the beast on the

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The water in the North Atlantic record warmed

Water from the North Atlantic Ocean, falling into the Arctic Ocean through Fram Strait (between Greenland and Spitsbergen, in the photo), has a decisive impact on the entire Arctic basin, in particular, to the area of drifting ice. Until now, scientists have data on water temperature in the strait in just the last 150 years.

A team led by Robert Shpilhagena from the Institute of Marine Research the Leibniz (Kiel, Germany) has traced the temperature variations in the North Atlantic over the past two thousand years, exploring the remains of plankton, the microscopic shellfish rather foraminifera found on an island

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Near Kharkov fell black snow

Environmentalists seek that colored rainfall Bogodukhov. Residents Bogodukhov Friday witnessed abnormal natural phenomenon: in black snow fell. In one night, an unusual snow covered everything at home in the private sector Bogodukhov. Dark substance lay evenly on laundry hung out on the street. Hostess say underwear is no longer satisfied with this content.

Not washed black snow from roofs and cars. Locals complain iron horses have to wash shampoo. A local Little Ones and come to rest had to give the citizens of snow fun. "We went for a walk, but now just a toboggan and quickly'll go home,

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In the sky in China appeared two suns

The unusual phenomenon of "two suns" in the province of Jiangxi. January 2011. Photo from epochtimes.com

On the Sun represents the first of this years major outbreak

Graph of solar flare activity X-rays of the sun from 27 January 2011 to 28 January 2011 according to the GOES-15 satellite


Class M1.3 flare occurred at night, Moscow time, and there was about 20 minutes with a maximum of 04.03 MSK. Preceded the outbreak of high solar activity observed more days. From the middle of the day Thursday, there were five flashes, RIA "Novosti".

Solar flares are divided according to the power of X-ray radiation from the sun into five classes, which are designated by letters of the alphabet: A, B,

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Tehran is covered with snow

Most of Iran captured the attack of cold weather. Everywhere in the country has dropped a lot of snow, which led to the temporary suspension of traffic on several dozen Iranian internal roads. In the mountains of Iran was formed snow height of 1 meter.

Due to the large amount of snow and unusual freezing temperatures in the capital, Tehran, and several other communities in schools canceled classes. As stated by the Ministry of Education, the classes will not resume as long as the streets are restored good visibility, and the temperature returns to normal.

Fortunately, there

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At the edge of the solar system — a change

American scientists have discovered that the "node" in an unusual ribbon on the border of our solar system began "untied."

"Feed" entered the lexicon of astronomers year ago, when using satellite IBEX obtained the first detailed maps of the heliosphere — the region whose state differs from the state of interstellar space, the sun is responsible for it. Charged particles from the solar system and interstellar space, and are each on its side of the border of the system — the heliopause. On the shape and behavior of the heliopause, "breathable" under the influence of the interstellar wind and driven

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The Library of Congress hawk settled

In the main reading room of the Library of Congress in Washington hawk flew Cooper — medium-sized bird of prey that lives in the U.S. and Canada over the place. According to CCN, the bird got into the building a few days ago, but to drive it or catch so far failed.

When the hawk settled in the dome reading room, library representatives, concerned about the appearance of an unusual visitor to the place called experts on catching birds of prey. The experts found inside the dome traps and hope that the bird will get. When the birds are caught,

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Premature sunrise was recorded in Greenland polar

City Llulissat famous phenomenon of early dawn. Morning came two days ahead of schedule.

Some furor among the scientific community has caused the most common event: it was morning. The problem is that in the morning came Llulissate (datsk. Jakobshavn) grenladskom town with a population of 4,500 inhabitants, which is located above the Arctic Circle.

And came two days before the agreed time. Explanation for this phenomenon has not been found, and in the academic world spread absurd explanations, almost as ridiculous as in tabloydah about aliens and end.

So people saw Llullisata sunrise on January 11. According to press

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Snow and ashes fell asleep last week Omsk found Rosprirodnadzor

Rosprirodnadzor experts analyzed the black snow, which last week fell twice in Omsk, the composition of the substance stained the precipitation was identical to the ash, a regional office reported Monday.

Previously, agencies reported that precipitation in the form of black snow fell on the night of pyatnitsuv Leninsky district of Omsk, the regional center is the second time in a week. Two days before a similar precipitation — the substance of dark gray — covered Volga district. Among the suspects in the plant's emissions Rosprirodnadzor called Omsk branch of LLC "Omsktekhuglerod" and TPP-5 Omsk branch of JSC "Territorial Generating

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