In Sweden, the pink snow fell

In the capital of Sweden, there was an unusual phenomenon — pink snow. In this regard, there was even declared anxiety because of the risk of poisoning. It was forbidden to touch and taste the unusual snow as it was suspected that it may contain dangerous substances.

But later in the administration of a phone call from Stockholm club skiers Hash House Harrier and explained what really happened. The fact is that especially for the upcoming ski race organizers designated ski trail with a stifling powder pink. Then the wind picked up and the snow in the air in pink

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In North Ossetia, flowers bloom and ripening raspberries

In the south of Russia on snow still dreaming. On New Year Kuban broken record temperatures — plus 19. In Krasnodar, tomorrow promises to plus five. Heat and Kalmykia. And in the Stavropol region began blooming cherry and peach. There, the thermometer climbed to plus 16. This "winter heat" in the region saw almost half a century. In North Ossetia, now in full bloom flowers. And even ripening raspberries. But dry and warm in December brought the problem — in the country started forest fires.

Such a warm December Ossetia has not happened. For the whole month of winter snow

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On the birthday of the polar bear environmentalists fear for its future

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Marine Mammal Council noted on Wednesday "birthday polar bear," and warned of the dangers of quotas on native prey to predator.

"This is the time cubs are born. Scientists estimate that between five and seven thousand kids already swarming in soft and warm embrace of their mothers throughout the Arctic. They face a difficult life in a rapidly changing world. Congratulations to all newborn cubs with the birth , and all the polar bears happy birthday. We will try to make the face of the earth has not disappeared this beautiful animal —

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In Odessa, the sky fell bats

Many residents of Odessa December 28 puzzled unusual natural phenomenon. As the "Timer" in the dead of winter in many parts of the city from the sky suddenly fell bats.

According to witnesses, bats behaving sluggishly, "were in a very depressed state," some, apparently died.

Local biologist Valentin Nikolayev told the publication that the bats obviously disoriented weather. In Odessa and the surrounding area for a long time kept cold, which suddenly gave way to thaw to +7 degrees.

Animals away from the slumber, got out of their hiding places and flew. But, as it happened much earlier than the

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Because of melting ice polar bears interbreed with brown

In 2006, hunters had seen an unusual arctic bear — white with brown spots. Genetics, studied animal DNA, came to the conclusion that not bear dirty, and was born from two different species — polar bear and grizzly bear. In 2010, Canadian hunters shot another such bear, which was a hybrid of the second generation …

So far, interspecific hybridization between different species of bears happened only on the initiative of the breeders. Therefore, meeting the hybrid bears in the wild, some scientists were surprised and bothered.

Scientists believe that the root cause of interbreeding — climate change, which resulted

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Rain of winter

Yekaterinburg residents observed a unique natural phenomenon — the rain of winter. He went at minus-7, and the drops freeze before our eyes. As a result, roads and sidewalks turned into solid ice rink. A car covered with a thick layer of ice.

Unusual weather has also been observed in Chelyabinsk, Ulyanovsk region and Bashkortostan. In Yekaterinburg is the output expected frosts of minus 20, said "Russia-24".

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Green puppy born in Brazil

At the end of November in Mairinke, which is 65 kilometers from the capital of the state of São Paulo, a Labrador puppy was born with green hair. This extraordinary event, the newspaper Globo.

This puppy was the only newborn unusual colors in a litter of nine brothers and sisters. Hosts gave an unusual pet name Hulk U.S. comics, which became furious green. Veterinarians, who first encountered the phenomenon and explain this by the fact that his mother's placenta contained a large amount of biliverdin or green pigment.

By the way, after only 10 days of green began to fade

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Belarusians can be without trees on New Years because of global warming

Belarus threatens to dry forests due to climate change — scientists warn. Particularly devastating effect it has on coniferous trees.

At a press conference, the director of the Forest Institute of the National Academy of Sciences Alexander Kovalevich, climate change is already having on the Belarusian forests extremely negative impact.

Studies have shown that we lose spruce — escape the heat, it gradually extended to the north.

Because of the dry mass of the tree plantations in the southern areas of Belarus had to conduct sanitary clear felling.

Since the cut in a large number of trees were removed

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Terrible hairy fly again found in Africa

Photographs taken by experts of the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (Icipe) December 4, 2010, clearly shows a representative of the class of insects Mormotomiya Hirsuta, also known as the "terrible hairy fly." This week, December 8, from official sources, it was reported that a research team rediscovered the rarest and most unusual species fly in a cave in Kenya, the first specimen of which was found back in 1948.

Dr. Robert Copeland (Robert Copeland) and his colleague, Dr Ashley Kirk-Spriggs, (Ashley Kirk-Spriggs) specializing in the study of the order Diptera, found a fly named Mormotomyia

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Scientists shocked: the upper layer of Earths atmosphere squeezed

While the explanation for this phenomenon is not found …


The upper layer of the atmosphere of our planet, which extends to altitudes of 90 km to 600 km above the Earth's surface — the thermosphere — recently greatly tightened. While scientists can not explain this phenomenon.

Although such events — not unusual, the phenomenon shocked scientists. "This is the biggest contraction for at least the last 43 years", — said the head of research, John Emmert of the Naval Research Laboratory United States, reports of "ITAR-TASS".

Add thermosphere interacts strongly with the sun. Periods of

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