Sri Lanka was red rain

Sevanagala province, and Manaragala Manampitiya and Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka witnessed a rare and yet unexplained phenomenon — red rain. About 15 minutes from the sky to the ground almost two in the morning of the rain water was flowing red. Met can not yet give a clear answer to the question why the heavy rains had just such a color, and that was the reason for their occurrence.

After the rain on the soil remained reddish patina. It is learned that an unusual phenomenon occurs in Sri Lanka for the first time. Medical Research Institute of the

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Scientists have discovered the remains of the oldest giant panda in Spain

Spanish paleontologists have found in Catalonia remains of a previously unknown type of ancient bears are adapted to eating plant foods and similar to the modern giant panda, whose age — 11.6 million years — makes them one of the first herbivorous bears, according to an article published in the journal PLoS One.

"A new species described in our work, not only is the first fossil bear, discovered in the Iberian Peninsula, but also one of the first pandas in the world," — said the head of a group of scientists Abella Juan (Juan Abella) of the National Museum of

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Relations have reached a new level

Against the background of the election scandal in Ukraine, the next begins. The command of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation refused to pay for the fuel, which is imported into the territory of Ukraine. This proved to be quite a serious blow to the budget of Sebastopol, who practically lives at the expense of the Russian base. The scandal did not start out of the blue, and in anticipation of a major upgrade of the Russian fleet.

Russians insist that the agreement between Russia and Ukraine and the law, they are not required to pay for imported

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Independence Day on the Warsaw

In Warsaw, a very unusual method decided to celebrate Independence Day, some participants nationalist organizations. During March of Independence, they decided to attack the law enforcement officers firecrackers, spread across Marszalkowska street. However, this development for law enforcement was a surprise, only the first few minutes. Quickly dispersed on possible places where the march, they had a proper resistance disheveled protesters, stopping at the root activity of the most violent marchers.

Unfortunately, no injuries have been done — six policemen received injuries of varying severity, despite the presence of a full set of equipment. However, none of the victims was

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In Ohio harness avtolyubitelnitsy!

U.S. state of Ohio was marked this week with two unusual court decisions, which pretty amused the whole country. It's about punishing avtolyubitelnits arrested for a traffic violation.

The first concerns the American Sheny Hardin, who for some reason decided to overtake a school bus and left on the sidewalk in his SUV. Shen, who, incidentally, was not able to give any clear explanation of why she had to go round the bus is from the sidewalk, was brought before the court, which found her guilty, deprived of certain rights provided by law, the time and ordered to pay costs.

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Cuba dominates unusual cold front

Some areas of the Cuban island at the mercy of uncharacteristic for this time of the year and given the planet cold air masses. In Cuba, the temperature dropped to a record +4 ° C, while the average annual temperature is generally in the range +22 .. +28 ° C, and on the east coast can be raised even higher. As reported by the weather bureau, the cold, dry air arrived in Cuba from the Atlantic.

By 20 meteorological stations of the country thermal sensors recorded the temperature below 10 ° C. The most noticeable cooling observed in

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In Hydrometeorological not expect a repeat freezing rain in 2010

Weather situation in the central region of Russia at the moment is not conducive to repeat freezing rain, which was held in December 2010, told RIA Novosti Head of Department of nowcasting and hazard in Russia Russian meteorologist Alexander Golubev.

In Emergencies Ministry citing Roshydromet earlier reported that in the central region, including Moscow and the Moscow region, on the night of 30 to 31 October and 31 October are expected heavy rain, including ice. Freezing rain in late December 2010 led to a serious power failure and collapse in the capital's airports.

"Now the situation is completely different …

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Bearded first time in ten years, sailed on the Commander

Residents of the Commander Islands in late October of this year for the first time in ten years observed in the coastal waters of a Red Seal Representative — bearded, told RIA Novosti deputy director of the reserve "Commander" Eugene Mamaev.

At the beginning of the last century, this type of seal has been widely distributed in the seas of the Far North, and the north coast of the Americas, Europe and Asia. However, according to experts at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), a longtime fishing and climate change may lead to a reduction in the

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Water Avacha Bay in Kamchatka became blood red

Water Avacha Bay in Kamchatka stained blood-red by brown algae.

Unusual phenomenon can be seen from the shore of the bay, as well as aircraft, calling for a landing at the airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

"Painting Water in red is seasonal and due to the lifting surface kelp because of the lack of oxygen," — told RIA Novosti the regional management RPN.

Avacha Bay is the second largest in the world and is second only to the Bay of Guanabara, which is located on the banks of the Rio de Janeiro. Avacha Bay area is about 200 square kilometers. She is

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Earthquake in Lorca caused interference with ground water

Examining the wealth of data on the fault, the scientists concluded that the cause of a fairly strong earthquake of 5.1 earthquake that occurred in the Spanish city in 2011, has become a frequent and improper human intervention in the bowels of the earth. Then a start killing 9 people and caused enormous damage to the city itself.

With the help of satellite images revealed the direction in which there is a movement of the soil. Researchers found the correspondence of these shifts in relatively shallow fault those locations south of the city, where for many years in the

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