A mutant bird flu virus is still dangerous

The discussion around the farmed strains of avian influenza.

As you remember, two research groups independently responded to a couple of the most important issues concerning H5N1: (1) yes, only a few mutations, and the virus can be transmitted between mammals, and (2) no new virus will be less deadly than the current one, the wild.

But suddenly it was reported that Ron Fushe, head of Dutch group, said at a meeting in Washington, DC (USA), that mutant H5N1 is not so deadly. What is it going, good people?

And that's what's going on. Professionals are debating whether to make

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Residents of the UK have been falling meteor

British police said that during Saturday evening she received a lot of calls from people who reported unusual glow in the night sky. It is assumed that the people of the country have witnessed the fall of a meteor.

Reports of "bright light" in the sky and "orange glow" began to come to the police station in the north of England and Scotland about 21:40 GMT.

Some local residents feared that their eyes there was a plane crash. However, they soon calmed British meteorologists.

"Hello. Those who saw something strange in the night sky, we can report that, in our

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Kamaz sank into the ground in Tashkent

Not very unusual for Tashkent, happened near the C-2, under construction near the close of the bank. Apparently, the road surface does not bear the weight of the loaded ground KAMAZ and collapsed.

As a result, truck, almost half was in the ground. From the photos it is clear that, for the release of KAMAZ captivity crumble under the earth, will likely need to cause more heavy equipment.

The accident happened near the old conservatory near a kindergarten.

full photo report on the link to the source.


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Meteorologists: Record cold — is global warming

Frosts that struck in February 2012, in Europe, in fact, were quite predictable. At least, so say the meteorologists, even despite the fact that this winter will go down in weather history, famous for his abnormal, extreme weather.

This winter for the first time in 30 years frozen Black Sea, the first time in 80 years, the canals of Venice were covered with ice and piers of Lake Geneva. In Paris, had to clear the channels of ice.

In Western Europe this February was marked by the most extreme weather conditions. On certain days of the month negative air temperatures

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In medieval Baghdad was snowing

Fernando Dominguez-Castro of the University of Extremadura (Spain) and his colleagues raised the documents written in Baghdad 816-1009, respectively, during the "Golden Age" of Muslim culture.

This is one of the few sets of written sources, provides a glimpse into the past climate, where weather conditions were recorded only in some places, or not recorded at all. This is a most valuable addition to the data generated through the core of rock, sediment and ice, as well as corals and tree rings. Until now, researchers have relied largely on official papers — XVIII century ship logs and reports of the

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Large meteor rain was in western China

Nearly a hundred meteor rocks, the largest of which weighs 12.6 pounds, was discovered in China after passing over one of the areas of the country meteor shower, said on Wednesday the site "Qianlong baths."

Scientists collected samples of meteorites in an area of 100 kilometers. Specialists believe that meteorites come from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

The phenomenon was observed in the district Huanchzhun urban district of Xining in the afternoon on February 11. , Told reporters one of the witnesses of the event, "in a very blue sky suddenly began to be heard loud explosions …

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Green energy can be truly green

A few years ago, was first recorded the receipt of electricity from a living plant. But now the investigation of a number of American, Dutch and Japanese scientists have come to a point where it became clear possibility of commercialization of bacterial fuel cells (BTE), powered by the waste products of plants.

Such BTE simultaneously generate electricity and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.

American Ueyld Gordon, the inventor of Illinois, first discovered in 2006 that the metal nail driven into the wood and the metal wire connections is buried in the ground plate that acts as the anode, through which

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Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik are back for another hurricane

Strong wind, whose speed can reach 33 m / s are expected from Friday evening in Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik and Anapa, the Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Krasnodar Territory. Hurricane can cause new accidents in areas already affected by the recent heavy wind and unusual for the area cold, "Interfax".

From 15:00 to 18:00 MSK Novorossiysk projected strengthening north-easterly winds of 20-25 m / s with a further intensification in the first half of the night up to 28-33 m / s. "The Black Sea area Taman — Gelendzhik in the next three to six

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Animal forecasters Phil, Paul, Heidi and other

The most famous soothsayer in animals is the groundhog Phil, who lives in the small town of Punxsutawney in western Pennsylvania in the United States.

Considered if the groundhog got out of the house after hibernation, sees his shadow, there will be sunny day, he goes to bed for six weeks. If no shadow — spring is around the corner. Every year February 2 Groundhog Day exactly twenty-five minutes past seven in the morning Phil pulled out of mink, and he makes his prediction.

Scientists call now about 600 animal species and 400 plant species that mogutvystupat as barometers, indicators,

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In the driest desert in the world took a shower (video)

In the driest desert in the world — the Atacama — held shower. This phenomenon is very unusual, precipitation is not seen in decades.

According podrobnosti.ua, the rain was so abundant that formed the whole of the river in the middle of the desert. Chileans and tourists are not confused and excitedly took pictures on the background of the rapid flow. It is the only pleasure of an unusual natural phenomenon.


(According to wikipedia)

Empty? AEs attack? Ma (Spanish: Desierto de Atacama) — Desert on the west coast of South America, in Chile.

Peru Current cools

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