And ice storm in Yalta

At present, residents of Yalta and resort guests can watch an unusual phenomenon: most of the plants and lanterns, which are located along the waterfront, covered with a thick layer of ice. Emerged fairytale landscape reminiscent of ownership of the Snow Queen. Even Anton and his lady with a dog dressed up for a while in crystal dress.

Few tourists enjoy rushing photographed against a spontaneous attractions. But utilities are working hard, writes

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In Astrakhan, observed an unusual phenomenon

On the night of January 27 in different parts of Astrakhan region was observed for a rare optical phenomenon of our seats.

According to witnesses, it was something like the Northern Lights — hovering in the night sky light poles pink and white flowers. To photograph the event, most Astrakhan failed due to poor lighting.

We asked for a comment to the head of the Astrakhan Weather Service forecasts Faith Yakhyaeva. According to Vera Petrovna, it was the so-called optical light poles. Their arrival caused a polarization of light by small ice crystals:

"At night, showered weak snow, and

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In England, from the skies blue jelly balls

In Dorset, south-west of England, the people puzzled fall from the sky blue balls up to 3 inches. Steve Hornsby says the balls rained down from the sky in the afternoon, when there was rain and hail.

At first he thought it was hail, but among ordinary hailstones Steve found in the garden of blue balls, more than a dozen pieces. It was blue gelatinous sphere odorless. To collect them, he used a spoon and a jar of jam.

Representatives of the weather bureau, investigating blue sphere, said that it is not weather.

Steve Hornsby, a former airline engineer,

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Why was such a warm winter?

The past of the winter was very poor in the snow and cold weather in Europe and the U.S.. The reason for this — the unusual behavior of high-altitude jet streams, the American meteorologists.

High-altitude jet stream — is the strong winds, which, skirting the earth, extending over long distances (hundreds of kilometers wide and thousands of kilometers in length) at an altitude of about 10 km. Velocity of air in them is usually higher than 30 m / s. The main direction of jets: from west to east. "The reason that the first half of the winter was so

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Tours in Padua, Italy

Fans to travel to Europe will certainly sooner or later will visit Apennine peninsula — sunny, relaxed, attractive for its history and cultural traditions, but also — which is Italian cuisine for a true foodie! In short, even the most expensive tours to Italy to justify the cost of their one hundred percent. But if you want an exciting and somewhat unusual trip — you just need to go to Padua, the Italian town, located just 37 km from Venice.

Padua (Padova) — perhaps the most ancient city in northern Italy. Presumably it was founded more Trojans in the

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In Antarctica, found rapid lake

Rivers and mountains, whatever Muhammad said, "go." However, very slowly — not exactly a mile a year. Nevertheless, it was so fast moves strange group of Antarctic lakes.

Explain it over the ice shelf on which they are based, can not, because he crawls more slowly.

By the way, no doubt, in the writing of this material have been used good laptops from trusted online store, but move on.

11 lakes are located on the edge of the glacier George VI — bananovidnoy icy river, sandwiched mezhduAntarkticheskim peninsulas and islands (the Earth), Alexander I. They were first seen in

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Snowdrops bloom in Sevastopol

Weather spoils of Sevastopol, but nothing unusual in a warm January meteorologists do not see. Despite the fact that the average January temperature for the hero-city of 3.4 degrees Celsius, not 10, as in the last few days, the staff Gidrometobservatorii advised to wait until the end of the month. Meanwhile, in the forests of snowdrops began to blossom and buds swell.

First Cevastopolsky

In the U.S., there is an unusual invasion of polar owls

Polar white owl nesting usually in the tundra, began this winter to explore unfamiliar area of many states in the U.S. until this southern, like Oklahoma. Because these days the birds closely associated in the public mind with the mass of the Harry Potter novels, Americans enthusiastically discussing how miraculously caused the cause of their cruise guests.

True, ornithologists respond to this question is quite prosaic. According to them, the owls seem to have multiplied because of last season in the tundra was the abundance of lemmings, they primarily feed. Now no longer enough to feed everyone, and predators have

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In New York, in January, the snowdrops bloom

Central Park in Manhattan, these days there is an unusual natural phenomenon — snowdrops in bloom, usually appearing in New York until March, RIA Novosti reported.

Natural phenomenon due to the exceptionally warm weather: Friday and Saturday in the city established quite spring temperatures of 10-11 degrees Celsius. Typically, the average temperature in January in New York ranges from minus 3 to plus 3 degrees Celsius.

Back in November, the city, standing in summer green, hit the snow, resulting in the injury of many crowns of trees. A few days after that it was unusual for that period of

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Heat in Australia

Australia welcomed the New Year with 40-degree heat. In the southern hemisphere is high summer and the temperature in Melbourne reached forty degrees Celsius. The thermometer falls just after midnight, and before that shows no less than thirty.

Heat in South Australia caused numerous fires. Because of the intense heat in the capital's streets have lost consciousness for more than three dozen people. Doctors and rescuers are working in emergency mode.

Recall meteorologists predict onset of extreme winters in the world and the period of unusual weather events

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