Vladivostok The sky ice crystals

Unusual atmospheric phenomenon surprised and frightened townspeople — the sky in Vladivostok falling ice crystals.

The air temperature in Vladivostok close to zero, and freezing rain in the air, but it's not like hail: crystals are heavy and rounded, and light and sharp — even injure the skin, experts said PrimaMedia Primgidrometa.

Specialists say that this atmospheric phenomenon for Vladivostok rather rare than common.

Such solid precipitation in the form of tiny ice crystals floating in the air, are formed in the cold weather, when the temperature is below -10 … -15 ° C — this is usually known for

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Paleontologists found in China trimmed feathered dinosaur

Paleontologists have discovered in Liaoning province remains a small lizard with unusually short plumage, who lived in China 156 million years ago, which suggests the diversity of species of dinosaurs have feathers in the Jurassic period, according to a paper published in the journal Nature Communications.

For a long time, paleontologists believed that none of the known species of dinosaurs had feathers, reminiscent of the decoration of modern birds. In the late 20th century, this idea beginning to change rapidly with the emergence of a growing number of finds from the Chinese province of Liaoning and Inner Mongolia, where scientists

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In the center of Blagoveshchensk apple blossom

Last year, the season of "wrong" lilac and rosemary Blagoveshchensk residents this year witnessed the unusual natural phenomenon. In mid-October, apple blossom. Leaves on the tree blossomed and the first ovary. Amazing tree growing right in the center of the city — in the park near the region's government.

Autumn flowering — the phenomenon is not new to the Amur region, say biologists. Last year, in the fall of Blagoveshchensk double flowered lilac and rosemary. Apple tree blossomed as the first time. According to biologists, the tree in such a way to respond to the warm weather, which in the

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California fishermen caught a shark cyclops

This one-eyed wonder of fishermen caught in Mexico. Cyclops got little out of the womb large sharks.

Expert on sharks, even tried to buy the miracle of nature in, caught him fisherman. Although Fisher did not want to part with the booty, he has allowed scientists to make research on it.

Local fisherman Enrique Lucero León caught a pregnant shark in the dark Gulf of California. When Leon cut a female, I found a strange 56-cm male embryo along with its nine normal siblings. Photos of unusual catch fisherman posted on Facebook, where he saw the scientists soon became convinced

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Snowdrops bloom in Krasnodar in the middle of winter

Midwinter in Krasnodar marked an unusual natural phenomenon — in the botanical garden of the Kuban State University because of the warm weather blooming snowdrops, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday Director Tatyana Yanenko garden.

Usually as harbingers of spring snowdrops bloom in early March. However, in the last week in the capital of the Kuban in the afternoon the thermometer shows a positive temperature, sometimes up to 10-13 degrees plus. And last Friday in the temperature record was broken in 1955: the day the thermometer showed plus fifteen plus 13.3 degrees versus 58 years ago.

"In January, in Krasnodar, as

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The largest cucumber grown inhabitant of Belarus

The length of the garden giant almost two meters. Unique record — the work Mozyr pensioner. If the well-known song of the crickets were the size of such "ogurechiki" walk in the gardens and fields would be safe! Vintage Mozyr pensioner Zoya Nikolaevna Leontevoj even hardly unusual: it boggles the mind! Among five-foot cucumber dominated super-cucumber — a giant increase of 1 m 75 cm! This is greater than the growth mistress.

Zoe Leontyev, a pensioner (Mozyr): "I'm such cucumbers never seen. It really is a miracle grew in the garden. I bought five seeds in the

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In Mozdok in mid-October blooming apple and cherry

Surprising and even somewhat mysteriously appear in the October days flowering fruit trees. Mozdok district residents this fall have seen such an unusual phenomenon: the bloom a second time apple and cherry trees.

Cause massive delays flowering gardens this fall could be struck the Mozdok District September 4 storm with hail and high winds, say biologists. Then hit the majority of fruit trees. The strongest was the stanitsas gradoboy Lukowski, Thirsk, captured Kalinin and Kiev. It is in these communities and there is flowering fruit trees. According to experts, there is no secondary mass flowering, bloom only

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Spring in Australia marred by snow, hail a chicken egg, floods

The strongest cyclone to hit the east coast of Australia. For the southern hemisphere is a very unusual phenomenon. Now there's the spring.

But to replace the hot sun on the inhabitants of the Green Continent fallen snow. And even in places — the city, and an unusually large — about the size of a hen's egg. Black ice on the roads and as a result — dozens of accidents.

In some areas, snow fell so much that it melted, it led to floods. Damaged power lines: no light left about 5,000 homes. Many people had to

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Deer attack people in London park

Tourists vacationing in Bushy Park, a suburb of London, terrorizing aggressive deer. Recently evil horned beast attacked a man who arranged a picnic in the park. A little later in the bushes beast chased a woman and almost touched her horns.

Photographer Robert Piper, one of the regular visitors to the park, says in an interview with the local press that: "While the fall and is the most active period in the life of deer — a large number of attacks on people's unusual." CBSnews reports that: "The possible causes of aggression animal may be unusually warm for October, the

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Mexico is experiencing the coldest winter

One of the major publications of Mexico on the first page printed sensational article about how the cold front due to the country came abnormally cold spells. In Madeira and Sazas Grandes thermometer dropped to -13 ° C and -11 ° C, respectively, significantly worsened the situation on the road and increased the number of accidents.

In 63 of the 67 states of the air temperature dropped below zero, 20 of them frost ranged from zero to -6 ° C. Such cold is not episodic, and more days in Mexico will suffer from the unusual cold. The nearest morning

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