Hundreds of silent lightning aim at Hugo

One of the most striking phenomena in the world recently observed in only one place in the world — at the mouth of Lake Maracaibo and Katakumbo located in Venezuela. Electrical storm is completely silent. Usual thunder you hear. In sixty seconds can count 150-200 lightning. This unusual phenomenon has been observed almost every night. Scientists call lightning Katakumbo largest ozone generator on the planet. The genesis of the phenomenon has not been fully investigated. There are several versions. The most plausible is that the cold wind coming down from the Andes meet the warm and moist air of

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California passed the abnormal snowfall

Unusual for this time of storm caused an early snowfall in the Sierra Nevada, California. Snow depth was 15 cm, according

"The storm was similar to the December storm, but it was at the beginning of October," says Johnny was surprised Powell of the National Weather Service in Sacramento.

According to the site, snow was recorded in other regions, including in the states of New York, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

Double the rate of snow in Mammoth Mountain to the west of the town of Mammoth Lakes, California.

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Petersburg hail covered

Townspeople reported that the center of the city was freezing rain and hail

True, unusual for October weather event ended quickly and gradinki started melting. But forecasters do not rule out the possibility it could happen again today, according to the TV channel "St. Petersburg."

Recall, the Emergencies Ministry has sent a warning of adverse weather conditions, which can be observed today in the city on the Neva. So on a forecast of strong wind gusts can reach 18-19 meters per second. In the Gulf of Finland will be a storm, the waves can reach a height of two meters.

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Severe floods in August held in tension in Asia

Heavy rains and flooding caused by them in August of this year, continue to have the strength of many Asian countries and their inhabitants. In eastern India the population of one of the districts of Orissa have adapted to living in extreme conditions. One of the women named Rinarani Odzhha, for example, recently gave birth right on the roof of his house, an island jutting out of the water district zalivshey. And there is nothing strange in the fact that the newborn daughter she named Bani, which in local dialect means "flood". It is not known how to react after

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In Britain abnormally warmer

While in Moscow, cold wind and rains, Londoners enjoy unusual warmth and sunshine. In recent days, the weather in the misty Albion beat one record after another.

Since September 30, the temperature in the south of England reached +29,2 ° C, which is almost two degrees higher than the same day in 1908, when the previous record was set. And yesterday, the temperature exceeded +29,9 ° C, which is half a degree higher than October 1, 1985.

According to The Daily Mail, clear and warm weather in the UK has brought southerly winds from France and the Mediterranean region. As

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In southern Kyrgyzstan apple blossom

Osh — September 30 / KGinform /. Because of the hot autumn in the village under Gulbraar Oshom (southern Kyrgyzstan) apple trees in bloom, announced today FE KGinform locals. "In the garden of my neighbor, I saw a pop-flowers" — said Abdylda Kochkorbaev local taxi driver.

According to the villagers, and last fall, there were cases of re-flowering cherries, the appearance of the ovaries in the secondary grapes. Bakhtiar Hasanov, head of the Osh Regional Center for Hydrometeorology, commenting on this unusual fact for IP Kginform, noted that this case is very rare. "Blossomed apple? Possible to believe in the

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In Kiev the abnormal white rain

In the city there were foamy puddle. Experts suggest that the blame for ragweed or construction. Yesterday rain scared Kiev — Roads white puddles formed in which, instead of water gathered foam. People gossip, which, they say, was acid rain, but experts suggest that the foam formed urban construction projects and disputes ambrosia.

"This acid rain is white", — said Natalia Oreveva Obolon resident, please call the office. Unusual puddles we found on the street. Ovrutsky, Herzen and Frunze, Naberezhnye Khreschatytska, park avenue, st. Timoshenko.

NEEDS ANALYSIS. Experts say that you need to do chemical analysis of puddles to

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Jack Lamb sure he dog

6-month lamb Jack, who grew up with the master's spaniel, considers himself a dog. And he's so sure of it that easily learned to bring a stick, jump up on their hind legs, and even bark.

Farm in the English county of Shropshire, where Jack owned Zinshtadt Alison and her partner Simon Sherwin, who rescued a lamb when he was very young. Cpustya few months, they both began to notice that the wing began to behave like a dog once since then, as to make friends with their spaniel Jessie.

"The sounds that it produces,

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In Lipetsk region flowered lilac

Unusual sight could see workers Kulikovsky forestry Lipetsk region. A few days ago near the village Borovoye they saw blooming lilacs. Inflorescence, of course, not as fluffy as the spring, but the flavor is the same attractive. Now go to this wonder of the entire neighborhood to enjoy. Rip twig anyone and would not come — so this event seems out of the ordinary. Everybody wants to lilac potsvela longer.

Meanwhile, according to experts, the reason for this interesting phenomenon of nature is simple — warm autumn weather and the rains would boost the kidneys, which blossomed just like spring.

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Maybe Planet X discovered

With an infrared telescope specialists from NASA failed to consider the unusual behavior of the "black hole", more precisely, the volatility of its jets. The telescope is placed in the orbit of the planet in December 2009.

"Black Hole" — a very dense object called GX 339-4, its weight as 6 of our Suns. His education took place after the explosion of a star. It is located in the constellation of the Altar at a distance of 20,000 light-years from Earth. This is practically the center of our galaxy. Nearby is another hole, her stuff sucks "hole." Some of

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