In Tomsk, lilac blossom

In Tomsk kindergarten No 63 at the end of September … flowered lilac. On the site where the kids are walking, is a tall shrub with purple and white spring flowers and fragrance exudes giddy. Belousova, Nadezhda Ivanovna, teacher: "Such a miracle! It blooms for two weeks, this is what's left, the tree was all in bloom now pooborvany twigs. " We are asked to comment on this unusual phenomenon chief specialist of environment and natural complex administration of Tomsk Natalia Tsvetkov. — Spring is Here? In general, flowering perennial trees and shrubs in late fall — an abnormal

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In Amur caught an unusual fish. Photo

Birobidzhan, September 20, EAOmedia. Unusual fish caught villager Radde Jewish autonomous region of Amur. There is not risk it, reports Trend. RIA EAOmediaso reference to the municipal newspaper "Iskra Xing'an."

That is such an unusual, but, rather, unusual for our places, fish caught in the Amur villager Radde Sergei Shklyado. White, with bright red spots, growths. Weighs nearly three pounds.

Puzzled by all the local fishermen. Not the first day of head scratching: that the fish swam from? This in my time, even experienced fishermen-timers have never seen. In appearance similar to fish deep, sea. By the way, in

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In the center of Nesterov blossomed chestnut

Unusual near Chestnut Square turned into a place of pilgrimage. The fruits of the tree, caught in the vagaries of nature, dismantled for souvenirs.

Galina Cherepanov, a resident NESTEROVA: "Colleagues said:" It can not be. " Took them showed photographed for memory, the number of set that was in September for a week in bloom. "

LARISSA Zhabina, janitor, "There is a saying:" When re-blooming trees, the winter can be harsh and cold. "

Re-blooming chestnut is rare. But this fall, it is observed and in Kiev. In Ukraine, a phenomenon explained the abnormally hot and

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Autumn flowering chestnuts in Kramatorsk, Ukraine

Unusual sight can be seen today in the area of urban leisure center "Builder."

On chestnuts, which has already lost their leaves, next to the already matured fruits, delicate flowers bloom. Chestnuts bloom again! It is known that the exact same pattern can be observed today in Kiev and Vinnitsa. Specialists in botany say chestnuts bloom due to the abnormally warm weather.

However, the beauty, the beauty, and the bloom is seriously threatened by the trees. Ahead — the cold autumn and winter, chestnuts weakened, and new fruit ovary requires consumption of essential nutrients that are needed by the

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On the river in China, tidal waves reach nine meters

Tidal waves huge height annually collect a lot of visitors from all over the world. Tens of thousands of visitors converged on the town Hanin Eastern Chinese province of Guangdong, to witness the unusual. Each year, the 15th day of the lunar calendar in the Qian-tang River there are huge tidal waves, which now reach maximum nine meters in height.

For clarity, strength of the tide, and to measure its strength on the bank installed mannequins. And ruthlessly swept away water flow speed of 40 km / h. Thus attract the attention of the authorities to the danger that can

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In Voronezh, cherry blossom in September

The reader of "Mine!" Elena said atypical for fall phenomenon — in the garden of the house number 32 on the street. Skribisa (Leninsky district) blossom cherry and raspberry zaplodonosila.

— Very unusual to watch it in September, — says Elena. — Especially before never happened.

Professional gardener, host of "The season worries" Ivan Babin described the situation big trouble.

— The phenomenon of secondary bloom we see in Voronezh year already. However, this is very bad, — says Ivan Babin. — Flowering cherry in September due to the restructuring of plant physiological or temperature changes. Tree, most likely, is

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In the U.S., bear ride on car

Unusual "crime" occurred in the house that the family rented McCarthy relaxing at Lake Tahoe. At night, the family head Brian McCarthy saw through the window that someone fumbling at his parked car Prius.

"The car is really rocking," — said Brian.

A man called the service "911", and when he again looked out the window of his car was no longer in place.

As it turned out, the car climbed adult bear that seems a long time could not get back. Animal tore the whole salon car. Then the bear turned the hand brake and the car rolled

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Stork stayed

Why the bird settled in the center of Minsk, if long had to fly to warmer climes. Not long ago, "NG" wrote about storks, built himself a "flat" in Gomel alongside humans, right on the busy street. But this case does not seem to have such an amazing, compared to what our newspaper correspondents saw in the center of Minsk. Ornithologists consider it a rare phenomenon for the city. And the citizens see this as a natural phenomenon and, and good sign for the capital: if nmax, which symbolizes peace, tranquility and laughter of children in the home, stay

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In the center of Minsk settled stork

Unusual neighbor appeared at the Grand Opera House staff. In the center of Minsk in the park for several days walking stork. In this case, the bird does not look at people. In any case, our operator posing with pleasure. Theater employees say that the stork also refuses to eat. While it is not known how the bird became a citizen. She could get hurt — for all these days, the stork has never left the ground. People have been applied to various services to help the stork, but for him so no one came. (Ludmila Brzhozovskaya,

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In Latvia, the lilacs bloomed

August 30. "Once a year, the gardens are blooming" — these words of the famous song may well be challenged. Right under the window of our editorial on the eve of the Day of Knowledge flowered lilac. True, the lush green bush pleased with just one full-blown inflorescence. Perhaps during the reconstruction of the street workers disturbed roots lilacs, and the plant has apprehended "anomaly" as a transplant in early spring.

In Salgalskoy Ozolnieki parish region in one of the gardens in late August again blossomed pear and apple trees. Pours fruit juice are combined with white

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