Russia officially support the idea of strengthening the protection of polar bears

Russia will support a U.S. proposal to transfer a Red polar bear in the first category of CITES (the international convention governing the rules of trade in rare species of animals and their products), which will maksimalnouzhestochit control smuggling skins of polar bears across the border, according to a letter to the Director of the International Cooperation Ministry of Natural Resources RF Nuretdinov Inamova, acquired, by RIA Novosti.

Currently in the world, according to experts, there are 21-25 thousand individuals polar bears in the next 40 years, scientists predict a decline in the number of polar bears two-thirds, and in

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The second day of an earthquake of magnitude 5.9 occurred in Italy

Earthquake of magnitude 5.9 occurred on Sunday in Italy, said in a statement posted on the U.S. Geological Survey.

According to seismologists, the epicenter of the quake, recorded at 02:03 local time (04:03 MSK), located 5 kilometers west of the town of San Felice sul Panaro.

Reports of destruction and no injuries were reported.

Earlier it was reported another earthquake of magnitude 4.2 in the same region of Italy.

The car crashed into the Moscow River embankment with Savvinskaya

MOSCOW, April 20. On Friday night a car struck a concrete barrier Savvinskaya Embankment in Moscow and fell into the Moscow River. This is reported to law enforcement.

The car is fully immersed in water. Rescuers are trying to get a car on the beach.

The fate of the driver is not reported.

In Bogoroditsk rescue animals from the mini-zoo

Residents near Tula Bogoroditsk rescue animals from the mini-zoo, where employees traveling circus, abandoned to their fate by the side of the road when they broke down the caravan. The incident occurred on February 18. Employees of the circus animals left in an unheated van. Animals froze there for about a day before they saw a police patrol.

The cells were frozen wolf, two foxes, raccoons and mountain lion. Only three days left in the direction of the trailer Bogoroditsk.

According to some sources, during this time the eagle died. Undertaken business Regional Prosecutor's Office, which has already filed a

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Heavy rain flooded the Kharkiv. Partially paralyzed traffic

In Kharkov the heavy rain that brought a lot of trouble Kharkovites

In particular, flooded Moscow Avenue. The water level on key thoroughfares of the city comes to the numbers of cars.

As the head of traffic services HKP "Gorelectrotrans" Alexander Ukis on Moskovsky Prospekt, near the publisher "Kharkiv" tree fell on the contact wire "Gorelectrotrans."

Trees also fell in Kharkov Bearing Plant, outdoor tile, North Street, at the intersection pr.Marshala Zhukov and ul.Tankopiya etc.

Paralyzed movement trolleybuses № 1,3 and 7, as well as tram number 6 and 8.

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Population wintering ducks in Moscow this year, down 30%

The number of ducks that winter in Moscow, this season was 30% less than usual, told RIA Novosti leading researcher of the Geographical Faculty Xenia Avilova.

"This year, the number of mallard ducks (95% in the capital of wintering ducks are of this type) was 30% less than that observed in three years. Past three years, their number was about the same — about 22-23 thousand mallards and this year — 17.2 thousand, "- said Avilova.

As noted ornithologist, birds because of frosts that struck on the eve of the day of registration (January 22), moved the capital from

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Groundhog Day in the U.S.

Groundhog Day (Groundhog Day) is celebrated in the U.S. on February 2.

According to legend, on this day we have to carefully monitor the groundhog, crawls out of his hole, to find out when spring comes. If the groundhog sees his shadow — ie if the day is sunny — marmot hides back to the burrow, and winter will continue for six weeks. If the animal does not see his shadow — ie overcast day — spring will be early.

This tradition dates back to the German rites. True, they are not part groundhog and badger, and the behavior of

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Sinkhole on the island of Cebu, Philippines

In Tuapse district found hidden dump oil waste

In Tuapse region at Cape Kadosh of large concentrations of debris was found dumping oil waste, sprinkled with lime, covered with foil and pelted the ground.

Specialists Rosprirodnadzor estimated that the volume of the landfill is 2000 cubic meters. In this case, most of all, waste oils get into the Black Sea through the creek that flows next to the dump. According to experts, there is a risk of water pollution. Preliminary results of the analysis indicate an excess of oil in the MPC stream, the "Channel 9".

Not yet known organization that for years were brought to the Cape

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Storm warning for Belarus

On Saturday, in many areas of Belarus is expected snowstorm, at night on the north-west of the country, and a day in most of the increase in wind gusts of 15-20 m / s. From February 13 to expected cold snap. The temperature at night and in the morning on February 13-14, falls to -13 .. -20 ° C, with clearings to -22 .. -24 ° C.

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