In the village of Amur earthquake

September 8 at noon in the village Yuktali Tynda district earthquake. Special station 65 kilometers from the village of recorded earthquakes of magnitude 2.8 to 4.0 on a scale Rihterra.

— No injuries or damage, — the press-service of EMERCOM Russia's Amur region. — There is nothing unusual for Tynda district in this incident no. The northern areas of our region, including Yuktali village, located in a seismic zone.


What to do in an earthquake

— Feeling the vibrations of the building, falling objects quickly exit the building, taking the documents, money and other essentials.

— Leaving the room,

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Abnormal fluctuations of the water level in the Barents Sea

To determine the state of the water in the oceans using special buoys that transmit information on meteorological satellites. These data are summarized and allows conclusions about the tidal processes, the strength and direction of the waves, storms, tsunamis, and so on. Buoy number 46408, located just south of the Barents Sea in recent days has attracted attention very unusual behavior: first, the height of which changes periodically exclusively upwards by 10-12 m per hour.

Later variations acquired distinct bilateral dimension and now its amplitude is approximately 60 m to 30 m in two directions from the

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New threat to Earth — the asteroid 2005 YU55

In November 2011, in the vicinity of our planet fly large asteroid, called 2005 YU55. This celestial wanderer was opened by experts from the University of Arizona, working on the project SpaceWatch in 2005. 2005 YU55 has a fairly large size, according to the latest data of its size is at least 400 meters in diameter, which puts it in a section of large cosmic bodies with a potential threat. Asteroid visits our planet is not the first time: approximately every 30 years, it crosses the orbit of Earth, but at the very minimum distance he approaches in the near

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In September in Vilnius chestnuts bloom

1 September in Vilnius can be observed unusual sight: flowers in their hands not only carried the first grade, but suddenly blossomed chestnuts. Usually these trees bloom in May. According to experts, in September blooming chestnut — a rare phenomenon, but it is no good tree is not promising.

Vilnius residents Andrews September 1 managed to photograph the buds blooming chestnut. Flowering tree is at the intersection of Mindaugo and Pune.

Vilnius University botanist edukalogii Teresa Yokshene suggests that it was not possible to be a witness to such a phenomenon. In her opinion, could gather chestnuts "last effort" to

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Apple blossom in Grodno

Residents of the Grodno district Folyush noticed an unusual phenomenon, the newspaper "Evening Grodno." Wild apple blossom, which grows in the courtyard of a block of flats. Deputy Director of the Association Grodnoplodovosch Nicholas Kimezhuk to which the publication has asked for comments, said that this anomaly could be possible because the apple podmerzli winter and at the end of May, when the blooming gardens, ill. It is possible that in the spring the tree for some reason did not have enough nutrients.

Awful smell of unknown origin in Dartmouth, Canada

Bad smell of mysterious origin was recorded on Thursday over the center of Canada's Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, said

Local residents are concerned and put forward different hypotheses about its origins.

"Maybe vynovaty treatment plant?" Suggests Paul Lynch.

"Maybe it smells like dead fish," said Heather Ferguson, a representative of the local municipality.

"Well it's not quite the smell of dead fish. I do not even know what it is," tried to push their version of Bill Nichols.

According to witnesses, the smell is just sickening, and its origin is still a mystery.

The representative of the

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Serious emergency to air pollution for the year was much less than

Russian Emergencies Ministry said a significant reduction in the past year, the number of incidents related to the high level of pollution by hazardous substances, compared with 2011.

"In 2012 (the first ten months) in Russia reported 39 cases of extreme and high air pollution (ten maximum allowable concentrations and more) with harmful substances, which is 1.4 times less than in the same period in 2011 (55 cases ), "- said in a forecast of the Centre" Antistikhia "for this year.

According to him, more often such emergency occurred on the territory of Tatarstan, Sverdlovsk, Tula, Arkhangelsk and Sakhalin regions.

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In Moscow, one of the islands inhabitants Losiny out to people

Unusual visitor found early this morning at the Moscow Semashko hospital.

According to the clinic, located in the east of the capital, strolling wild elk. He surveyed the neighborhood peacefully, showing no signs of anxiety.

Urgent action is to place the police were called and zoologists. According to specialists, the animal turned out to people from the nearby park "Elk Island". And now have to return back to the guest.


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Massive sea marine life occurred in the South China Sea

In the sea area near the city of Zhuhai Inshatan southern Guangdong province on August 26 was an unusual phenomenon — on the shore littered with thousands of dead sea creatures, including a deep-water fish, shrimp and crabs.

According to the Chinese edition of "Southern City", in the early morning fishermen discovered that the entire coastal zone literally covered with dead fish.

However, they did not panic and started to collect the nets of dead sea creatures in their cages.

Maine fisherman named said that two hours Collected about 300 kg of fish. He boasted that he had found bass

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Rybinsk, a piranha infested river Sheksna

Rybinsk was an unusual occurrence. August 25 morning, local fishermen engaged in fishing industry, was brought to the market to take a night Mytnaya catch. This time, the network caught mostly perch, roach and bream. However, one odd big fish immediately attracted the attention of the mistress of the market.

— This fish just no one will buy — and decided to isolate the unknown woman with many fin fish in a bucket.

To dispel any doubts, the woman carried the bucket of fish on zoovystavku, which is located close to an expert on fish Leonid Kurakin. Hardly a man

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