17-meter-long whale found dead herring in British coast

On the coast of Lynmouth, in Devon, UK fishermen discovered the second largest animal in the world — a rather rare whale, or, as it is called, herring whale, which, unfortunately, was already dead.

Huge whale, whose length was about 17 meters and weight — about 80 tons, while for some reason jumped on the coast in such a picturesque area and lay dead on the beach for two days before he was seen by local residents.

Currently, coastal rescue services are thinking of how to get the huge carcass of a dead animal, which is an endangered species

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Severe drought in Texas, USA

The entire territory of Texas, in many districts where the temperature rarely drops below 40? Been declared a disaster area. Because of the incredible heat and drought are terrible losses farmers, dry ponds. In Texas, the lake turned red, which is why religious people predict the beginning of the Apocalypse. Meanwhile, the drought was the cause of the unusual finds — in shoaled lake in Texas, local residents found a large piece of space shuttle …

America faint from the heat — almost half of the country is suffering from abnormally high temperatures. Position difficult. Suffice it

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Along this trajectory typhoons did not go to the Far East in the last century

Rarely island of the Far East is surrounded by just two typhoons, and even more rarely they come from the south-west. One of typhoons making its way through the normal path — in the Pacific Ocean, east of the Kuril Islands, and the other went to Manchuria. Them is an ex-typhoon «Muifa», which now he is close to the Russian border. On Wednesday, he will come to the south of the Khabarovsk Territory, and on Thursday will move to Sakhalin. This trajectory is unusual typhoon. Typhoons generally very rarely go to the Khabarovsk Krai and even more rarely come from

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Unusual gift for Cubans

Come, that long-awaited moment that have been waiting for the Cuban people. At the moment, a law that allows Cubans to leave their home country. Recall to go abroad, I had to get special permission, or otherwise speaking exit visa.

Not surprisingly, all these weeks after the adoption of the law, the Cuban people just attacked the embassy in Havana, to become the first lucky ones who have a foreign passport. Such accumulation is caused by the higher cost of the passport as much as $ 100, that by the standards of the country a lot of

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USA, Roswell: Mysterious death of fish in the lake Lea

Roswell, New Mexico. Something mysterious is happening in the State Park Bottomless Lakes. Lea Lake is closed to swimming after about 1,500 dead fish were found cast ashore on Friday, reports krqe.com

Empty beach on a hot summer day — this is an unusual sight for Lake Lea, which is usually abundant vacationers this time of year.

"It is very strange to see it deserted this weekend," said lifeguard Leonardo Granados. "Even during the week so far there were a lot of people."

According to rescuers, the death of fish has never been observed in

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Lightning, lightning ubiytsy.Za two days in India killed 27 people

In the Indian state of Orissaandvictims of lightning strikes in two days, 27 people were, According Trend.az. Much of the country is under the influence of the southwest monsoon. It was he who brought heavy rains and thunderstorms. Most of the victims — farmers, to go to work in the field, regardless of the weather. As the Orissa Diary,for about eight people were injured. 

August 1, in different regions of the state, located on the shore of the Bay of Bengal, lightning killed 17 people, writes "Fontanka.ru." Ten more people died on the following day. Orissa authorities

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Two whales stranded in the Kuriles

Two whales, each weighing about 10 tons, were found dead on the Kurils, they washed up on shore, said in a statement on Tuesday the Reserve "Kuril".

Reserve staff found the whales in mid-July, however, the information about the incident came just now.

Found whales were female northern floaters (Berardius bairdii). This whale — endemic North Pacific — the largest representative of the family klyuvorylovyh — Ziphiidae. Length of both species exceed 9.5 meters, approximate weight — about 10 tons, the report said.

External damage to the carcasses of whales was not.

Reserve staff measured the fins and body of

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In Tuva during a storm of ball lightning killed 84 sheep

On Sunday, during a severe thunderstorm in the Tes-Khem district of Tuva fireball almost killed seven shepherds SUE "Choduraa" Sayyna Sandykmaa. Lightning was formed directly over the camp and could hit people, but was drawn into an empty flight flock, sheep were afraid the rain started and rushed to a nearby pine scaffold. Whether arising from the oscillation of air, or a breath of wind caused the zipper of the animals, and a ball of fire from dispersal crashed into the tree and exploded. Eyewitnesses said the explosion was so strong that one of the sheep, weighing

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Lightning summer 2011 hit against the rules

Recently, more and more often to send report incidents of lightning. Phenomenon is unprecedented; seen as strengthening the power of the discharge, and unusual for them so far behavior.

Below is a selection of headlines over the summer period of 2011, with reference to the source.

29.07.2011 — Lightning struck the building of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

29.07.2011 — seventh grader drowned after being struck by lightning

29.07.2011 — In Chernihiv lightning burned church cross

28.07.2011 — In the suburbs lightning struck two people

28.07.2011 — Penzentsy witnessed unprecedented Rain

28.07.2011 — In the Belgorod

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Mass mortality of protein in Solnechnogorsk forests

For three weeks in Solnechnogorsk forests are massive forced migration of protein, disturbed scale felling of trees under a line of "Moscow — Saint-Petersburg"

Residents of the village Mendeleevo told us that the phenomenon was first observed: protein groups and singly leave Solnechnogorsk forest. Many of them die under the wheels of a car — According to rough estimates, three weeks machines shot down dozens of protein only in the periodic table. Proteins are moving to Leningrad highway, where they lie in wait for the next danger.

Meanwhile, there is an official document VSN number 8/89 "Instructions for the protection

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