Because of the heat the snake attacked the capital of the Urals

In Yekaterinburg, the snake crawled into the city en masse. Such unusual behavior viper reacted hot weather.

In recent days, creeping reptiles bitten eight chelovek.Ustanovivsheysya Urals heat happy not only people, but also snakes. Enjoying the sun, the viper gladly crawl to the edge of Ekaterinburga.A's meeting with local residents very dangerous creatures are not happy.

— Over the past 20 days viper bitten eight people — says doctor disappointing statistics department of social and health monitoring of the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in Sverdlovsk region Alina Yanet. — Adder deadly poisonous. However, it produces much

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Glow in the night sky baffled Kazan citizens

(KZN.RU, July 27, Irina Smirnova). This night, many residents of Kazan witnessed an unusual and exciting spectacle — in the night sky for quite a long time, there was the fiery flashes like lightning gleams of lightning.

It is worth noting that last night in Kazan was no storm, no hint of rain. Phenomenon was observed from almost all parts of the city — the Soviet (as the old part, and from Azino), Moscow ovskogo, aircraft. Member of one of the social network wrote on his wall: "Go outside, there is something. Flashes of lightning every 5-7 seconds,

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Following the locusts and snakes on Tbilisi attacked scorpions

Residents of Prospect Builder in Tbilisi complain mass invasion of scorpions. Earlier this summer, the city has already experienced the invasion of locusts flying snakes.

As reported on Monday, the Georgian TV Company "Imedi", scorpions are in the yard and even in homes.

Broadcaster said that earlier residents of the central districts of Tbilisi have not encountered the phenomenon. As told reporters residents Avenue Builder, scorpions, they find even in bed.

City residents also complained about the unusual invasion of frogs.

Meanwhile, told the channel "Imedi" toxicologist Teimuraz Lomidze, a poison found in Georgia species of scorpion is very

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Viper got on balcony of the second floor of the house in the center of Dnepropetrovsk

Dnepropetrovsk rescuers increasingly have to travel to unusual challenges — catching snakes. And if before creeping reptiles penetrated, mostly in rural houses, the other day a snake scared mistress apartment in the center of Dnepropetrovsk. Meter adder somehow get on a balcony railing of the second floor skyscraper. Rescue workers wearing protective suits, had to use makeshift net to catch the unwanted guests, and take her out of town.

As the "facts" inRegional centers of central board MOE, to such calls this year, they went more than once. But the identification of reptiles is not part of

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Bees captured Kama HPP

In Perm, the unusual natural phenomenon experienced workers Kama hydroelectric conducting the scheduled maintenance at the facility in the middle of the Kama. By distributing electric board 19th and 20th turbines was found a swarm of bees. Specialists fear of being bitten, immediately reported the curious case of the administration.

At first, the bees swarmed over the drain as their animated counterparts from the Soviet "Mowgli", said "Rayonka."

"My feeling is that the bees were about a thousand, — the expert public relations Kama hydroelectric Xenia Punin. — To get rid of insects, we had to call an outside

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The mass death of birds in New Zealand

July 16, 2011. About 200 dead birds were found on the beach in Northland, New Zealand, reports

In the death of birds experts blamed the stormy weather and strong winds, but in this kind of weather is not unusual for the island of New Zealand. The climate in these places always had a strong wind and rain, so why birds suddenly could not cope with it?

Bashkir forests moth gnaws

15.07.11.V earlier this week in separate neighborhoods Slavyanki could observe unusual sight of the animal, the newspaper "Khasan News". Small flocks of sparrows hopped on roadways, greedily pecking something there. Mining was so attractive that by nature timid bird snatched it almost under the wheels of cars, risking his own life.

It was found that urban birds attracted mass procession of black caterpillars with some, but they led to, crawling across the road. Black caterpillars, not pubescent, measuring about 30 mm.

Especially a lot of these pests can be seen on the outskirts of town or near neokoshennyh meadows, gardens.

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One of Ecuadors reserves snowed

Enveloped in a blanket of snow at dawn yesterday, the mountain of El Cajas National Park (3150 — 4400 m above sea level), located about 50 km north-west of the city of Cuenca, Azuay province. This phenomenon is quite unusual, especially this time of year, has attracted the attention of motorists and bus passengers heading from Cuenca — Naranhal. Many stayed and photographed so attractive picture — snow on the peaks and ridges are not of the highest mountains in Ecuador. Yesterday in the Tres Cruces (4167 meters above sea level) in the morning snow lay along the roadside.


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Costa Rica: a vanished river fell after the earthquake

July 13.Today, at approximately 14:11, fell in an earthquake of magnitude 5.3, the Runoff from store shelves and sdvinuvshee furniture in homes. No significant damage has happened, but in the late afternoon became known very unusual effects.

In reporting on the earthquake in fall, local news radio station indicated that the area around the epicenter of the river disappeared. That's right — the river.

Presumably, in the first hours after the earthquake, local residents witnessed the river sank into the ground. At the time of writing this article there is no information in what village it happened, but as soon

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In South America, people are suffering from the cold, and in Europe — from the heat

Dozens of people have been victims in Bolivia strongest snowstorm. In several parts of the country declared a state of emergency. The traditionally warm countries came abnormal cold. And in Europe, even for the middle of summer is too hot. The thermometer rises higher.

For Bolivia snowy landscapes — an unusual sight. And they could very well become a tourist attraction, if the situation does not become extraordinary. From the cold has killed at least 35 people. The strongest in the last quarter-century snowstorms cut off from the outside world dozens of mountain villages in the south-west

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