China has surpassed the record winter temperatures

Snow and freezing rain tormented several Chinese provinces. These include Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui, and Zhetszyan autonomous region of Guangxi Zhuang. Established in the country is so low that almost the entire line of the Gulf Coast Layzhou was ice-bound and stuck in the open sea a thousand ships. The area covered by ice, was 291 km2.

In addition, the total temperature was beaten at least the last 28 years. Given the temperature of the end of November 2012, amounted to -3,8 ° C, the average in the south fell to 1,3 ° C. This is a very negative

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In the Chelyabinsk region appeared piranhas

The village Agapovka (Chelyabinsk region) man caught in the Ural River piranha. Rybak says he has never seen this kind of predatory fish in its "native" water body.

The man immediately posted pictures of their catch to the Internet. However, many users have questioned the reliability of information. The opinion. That the photos are fake.

However, some residents Agapovka already fear that soon, in the Urals will not swim.

Normal habitat piranhas are fresh water in South America. Also fixed a small population in the United States and Mexico. But recently caught piranhas of increasing talk in

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Unusual butterfly flooded Azeri village

6/22/2011 near the village Yekehana Goychay region of Azerbaijan noted the unusual invasion species of butterflies that look like worms, 2-3 cm in length, with large wings.

This was reported in Vesti.Az Goychay region Executive Power.

Village elders say that so far in this area have not seen anything like it. According to local residents, a butterfly flew into the darkness to the light, and then filled all around. It remains unclear whether the unusual insect pests or not.


Parasitize the U.S. economy threatens humanity

Is the end of rotten financial neoliberalism, controlled by Zionists and their sinister triad of Hollywood — the media (in the style of the Rothschild-Murdoch and false channel Sky) — Central banks of the "Big Seven"

(In particular, the Federal Reserve, which was destroyed a couple of Greenspan-Bernanke) — IMF — World Bank and multinational banking institutions in Washington and London, completely divorced from reality, and do not understand the new balance of power in a multipolar world.

The global financial neoliberalism, the wildest kind of capitalism, is bursting at the seams as a result

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About Belarus — with love. Small travel notes

Deciding to go to the beginning of 2013 in Belarus, visited three days Vitebsk and Minsk, I offer you a small travel notes about going straight to the wheels.

As one friend of mine from Leningrad who have to work today in Riga, Belarus is impossible not to fall in love.

Indeed, Slavic sister Ukraine and Russia remains for many of those for whom the Soviet Union was not an "evil empire," and is the homeland — a little slice of utopia beautiful past, we once lost.

Yes, psychologists say that idealization since our childhood — it's natural, but

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Craft 3: Arkhangelsk Roe. Painted gingerbread

Kostenki — archaeological museum

Kostenki — an ancient village, located 40 kilometers to the south of Voronezh. There was a small settlement on the archaeological map of the world in the late 80's. XIX c. The village of Kostenki Khokholsky Voronezh region is known not only in Russia. He is known all over the world, people are somehow connected to the problems the study of prehistory, as in this village at various times been discovered and studied more than 26 sites of prehistoric man of the Stone Age. By the time they traditionally belong to the vast chronological span, from 40 000 to 20

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Lecture on Information Wars

"That's why the information war — this is so important because it creates our reality."

Read by Tim Kirby, MGIMO, November 29, 2012.

Why Europeans hate Russian


Heavy cross Gundyaeva


— What servant of God is not a slave to thank Cyril galleys.

"The journalist Vladimir Solovyov released Patriarch comment on the case of" The House on the waterfront. " I just have to say that, in the form in which the position of Patriarch voiced by the trial of his property, it is this position and the case could have disastrous consequences for the mission of the Russian Orthodox Church. At least in the countries.

If His Holiness actually confirms that he gave permission for the action and taking away another person's property,

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