As Americans conquered Russia

Late last year, the U.S. military attacked a Pakistani checkpoint, which killed more than 20 Pakistani soldiers. After such bezpretsedentnoy nerve (actually attack without a declaration of war) Pakistan just stopped NATO cargo transit through its territory. As it turned out, not forever.

Pakistan announced Tuesday that paves the way for NATO cargo to transit through the country to Afghanistan. Over a span of 7 months transit banned, reports NTD.

All of this is somehow a long way, and in general could not pay attention to these showdowns, but for one event, which occurred just between the

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UFO aspect of globalization

Why do not want to dig in the Kola Peninsula

Chudinov VA

Russian officer dot the nationalist and

The sexual revolution of the Swedish kindergarten

In the Ural Mountains found a giant moose

Discovered in Chelyabinsk region geoglyph moose is the largest and oldest in the world. This conclusion came a group of archaeologists who went to the place of discovery. Moose impressive dimensions: 218 m long and 278 m along the diagonal. Circuit ungulate oriented feet to the top of the ridge, and back and horns — to the lake. Yuzhnouralsky geoglyph is the only in Russia and only the sixth in the world.

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Doll Charm with their hands


Master class from the Museum of the First Slavic mythology oberegovoy on making dolls.

Past with Bohumír Mykolaevym. Issue 1

Cycle of educational programs on alternative approach to the history and especially the Slavic lands. In the first release stating whether proto-civilization on Earth before mankind, and in fact looks like an evolution.

The cure for cancer and other serious diseases is, but it is prohibited by law

The cure for cancer and other serious diseases are, but it is forbidden by law. People who understand the massive fraud of the world population will understand why this is not allowed, and for whose benefit …

Video: Rally on Triumph December 6, 2011

In Moscow and St. Petersburg continued opposition actions, disagree with the results of the elections to the State Duma. In the capital, on Triumph Square, opposition supporters tried to block vehicular traffic on the Garden Ring and take the hassle to hold a meeting here representatives of the movement "Nashi". Police detained more than 300 people, among them the leader of the party on the "Apple" Sergei Mitrokhin, a leader of the movement "Solidarity" Boris Nemtsov, leader of the opposition "Other Russia" Eduard Limonov.

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