VDVshniki Troopers: Throw a new hit from the ship rat

VDVshniki group released their new song, "Throw the ship rat", dedicated to the presidential elections of March 5, 2012.



Some seers point north, considering it a place of salvation from environmental disasters posed by civilization.

North, Karelia — the world's mine shungite — a mineral analogue which does not exist.

Name this mineral, widely known today — shungite — comes from the name of the village of Shunga, near which it was found.

Externally similar to the rock hard coal, but occurs in very ancient layers of the earth's crust, formed when the Earth was no life, no carbon compounds stones, coal, etc. — and suddenly the huge deposits of minerals amazing — from where?

The assumption is

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Technologies of ancient civilizations — Military

Over 2000 years ago the ancient empires were created using flame throwers, catapults, huge siege weapons and perhaps even quick-firers. It is amazing how advanced in this field ancient engineers.

Moscow in the lens big brother

Muscovites have to forget about privacy — because of the cameras installed throughout the capital will be totally transparent. Within four years, more than 70 percent of the city will be under constant surveillance.

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One way

1. All things — is united in One.

No one knows the name of the One, because people call Him by different names.

Being involved in worldly pendulum, they look at things, but do not see the one.

Wise only contemplate the One in all things — the eyes of the One that exists in the heart.

2. The path to the One — the Path of the One.

Other ways to the One does not exist, because wherever you go, thou in the One, and The One is in you.

Do not follow any path

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Obama spoke out in defense of gay marriage

Those in favor of gay marriage, President Barack Obama may have reduced the chances of re-election.

This writes the New York columnist Rusko service Bi-bi-si Vladimir Kozlovsky.

Obama knew that walking on thin ice, and acted on the principle "and our and your". The President said that he is for gay marriage, but emphasized that expresses his own opinion, and the question of legalization should be left to individual states, not the central government.

"Now he says that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry — writes journalist John Cook on the liberal website gawker.com. — But he did not

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Press — conference of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. December 23, 2011


Video message: Out of the shadows of the future

You sir, the king-fire …

You sir, the king-fire — the Slavs came to him, and added, — all you kings king. Revered by our ancestors fire and asked her grace and humility. You bet! Oh that's that, and the fires have claimed so many lives, not to speak of any material assets were …

It is hardly a coincidence that the name of the element so hot tune the ancient Vedic god Agni, who was the twin brother of the king of the gods Indra and protected fire. And as the fiery serpents in folklore — are countless.

On the other hand, without

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Putin said he would sign a law banning the media called national criminal

Photo from premier.gov.ru

Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved a bill banning mention in the media of national suspected and convicted, according to RIA Novosti. The relevant amendments to the head of state of his meeting today with the Council asked the legislators to support the Moscow City Duma Speaker Vladimir Platonov. According to him, the draft law provides for penalties up to locking media. "I agree with you, the offender has no nationality: what's the difference, which ethnic group is the man who broke the rule of law?", — Said Putin. "Therefore it is necessary that the

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