Old Main, the oldest settlement in the Volga Region IV century BC

By Boris Olshansky

Beautiful paintings by Russian artist Boris Olshansky. Boris Olshansky was born on February 25 in the city of Tambov. In 1980 — graduated from Penza Art College named after K. Savitsky, in 1986 — graduated from the Surikov Institute in Moscow. Since 1989, member of the Union of Artists. In 1993 — Exhibition (more than three hundred works) in the art gallery of Tambov. Since 1995 — the exhibition in the Central House of Artists on the Crimean Val in Moscow. 2006 — release of the album, copyright, publishing "The White City" in Moscow.

"I'm sure

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How to survive in zavarushku 2012 seminar vedagora

In this seminar provides details on topics destruction technocratic civilization, plans Reptilians on those who remain in the new era. Understand different versions of events unfolding and possible survival in line with what is reality overtake us.

Kolovrat — God, Gods, Bosi, Boh


Recently, a lot of articles on the benefits of alcohol

A few words about Carthage: The state must take care not only and not so much the alcohol lobby, but about their own people

Recently, a lot of articles on "the benefits of alcohol." Every time I read them and I understand that journalists who write them or transfer, it is not aware of the country in which we live. We have, however, even a poet more than a poet, and that talking about alcohol? He, too, more than alcohol! This is a national sport, what comes to alcohol before — good or death? Most often, death is quicker.

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Promoted to the throne of Prince

Yandex censorship

Vedagor. Virtuous offspring

Drunkenness — a national disaster

Only physicians are projected to die of alcoholism in the UK for more than 200 thousand people: about 70 thousand die of liver disease, another 140 thousand die from diseases of the cardiovascular system, and accidents occurring on drunk. And it is only those whose death from alcohol proved. and those who have died from drinking at once, then seriously ill. The Prime Minister said that their treatment is annually spent about 3 billion pounds, and promises to fight alcoholism.

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Stranger New Year and our — Slavic Rosh Hashanah


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