Shahida watch online

The basic inventory of the Fourth World War, in the views of the creators of the film is suicidal terrorism. This phenomenon can not be called new, but its rapid spread, fixed since the mid 90s, shows the identification of hazards, countered that today virtually nothing.

Chechnya, Afghanistan and other regions of the Caucasus

City of the dead watch the airplanes

A movie about the plane crash occurred in the area of the Irkutsk airport, the place where most of recorded crashes.


A strange animal friendship watch online

In a world where according to the law of survival of the strong eats the weak, meet just such an example of friendship magnificently! They are like the friends who in the end were able to find friend other out, and their cases can not be any logical explanation. They pull down all the stereotypes about love and act contrary to the laws of nature.

Animals sushi

Saved by the lioness watch online

When you have to move for the sake of survival, the uchishsya rapidly. This foal wildebeest learn to run for 7 minutes. It will have to do. After all, in front of an obstacle course length 2,300 km. One of the meetings in this way never filmed on camera. Go along with a runner on the worst marathon in the world. This story about the unprecedented nature of the case, when lioness brought the colt.

Animals sushi

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Why do dogs smile and chimpanzees cry watch online

We litsezreem satisfaction and sorrow on the faces of the animals. Can you believe that we litsezreem? Can dog smile of happiness, whether elephant scream of grief? What we litsezreem — surprisingly familiar. From fear to pity, from a mother's love to the spiritual suffering. People, who spend a large part of his life in the middle of animals, invite us into unprecedented journey to the kingdom of the senses, which, as it was thought may have only people. But it seems that we can not be unique!

Animals sushi

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Top animal mummies watch online

Who are the best mother in the animal world? How different creatures are busy on their own cubs? How do they cure and cherish children? Look at the best mom in the world and try to keep the emotion.

The other films about animals

Killer speed (3 films) watch online

Killer speed, documentary series about the world of animals, animals of the most rapid on the planet, their reaction speed and allow them to be sophisticated killers, leaving no chance for the victim survival. Jumping and attacking MTR skrosti which we can not behold in the small details we will show a high-speed camera. In the feral nature of the speed is very valuable quality, everything happens for a bit of a second, this is a striking sight when we have seen a spider attacking a fly with a jump, some animals may be in a motionless state for

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Giant Pandas: The Last Refuge / Giant Pandas: The Last Refuge. watch online

The National Geographic Society invites you to go to the mountains of Chin Lin in central China, where the midst of towering cliffs and beech thickets lost mysterious, unexplored world of the huge panda — a mind-blowing creatures whose population is on the verge of extinction. Join the scientists who presented a unique opportunity to get a complete record of the young panda's life, beginning with her birth. Become a witness of indescribably touching relationship-panda mother and her daughter, and their adventures in the forest thickets and on the snowy slopes of the mountains. Almost all of

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Ancient Apocalypse / First Apocalypse Watch Online

A unique look at the history of extinction of the dinosaurs and try to learn the lessons that are required to the population of the earth to avoid a repeat of their fate. Are we doomed to destruction, or can still save their own race? …

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals

The platypus. The strangest animal in the world watch online

He has webbed feet like a frog, beak like a duck, the poison of a snake, and yet it lays eggs like a bird. Platypus not so little time is spent under water or under, what about his life as before is not enough that it is clear … Extraordinary journey that reveals some of the secretive creatures lurking.

Animals sushi

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