In broad daylight, watch online

The main characters of each issue — ordinary people with their often very complicated history and neuvvyazkami. Topics selects programs from life itself, and they are worthy of close attention, I'm sure Victor. Hence a lot of reports and special investigations to each release. Full participants in the project, and sometimes even co-host Nabutov become his fellow journalists. After all, they are dealing with the characters, studying the situation from the inside, sometimes know the nature and aspects of prepyadstviya still better than others. In the studio "in broad daylight" it's not beyond the usual discussion of: project task

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Happy End (TV shows) Watch online

At the heart of the project — stories from the life of happy people. Show "Happy end"Tells how to force blonde with pyshnovatymi try all forms of swimwear in the department, can I cure the common cold with chest fifth bigger than zakadrit funky secretary at the sight of the chief and how to find sexy geek if he — the lady of your dreams!

TV shows

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TNT. Mix watch online

Cutting out the best beloved of all editions Comedy Woman, Comedy Battle, Comedy Our Club and Russia.

Humorous transfer

Brands of the Soviet era watch online

In the Russian time produced high-quality production, that could compete with foreign products. In this film you will see what production was branded Russian era.

Modern history

Emergency call 112 watch online

A unique example program "Emergency call 112 "will help the audience to be aware of the most sonorous of accidents, litigation and criminal histories. The main mechanism of journalists "Emergency Call" — compliance with journalistic ethics, because the stories of even the most tragic events will be kept and impartial. The wide network of correspondents "Emergency Call 112", covers all regions of Russia, and cooperation with municipal agencies in fighting crime and emergencies, applets allow journalists to always be in the middle of it.

Atrocities, killings and other

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Day Secret territories watch online

What is our universe and that there is in the universe are we? Is there at least one real evidence of the existence of UFOs and what threatens us deep space? And in general, almost all of what you are about to hear will be the first time so that we go!

1. Spies distant worlds. 2. The fatal contact. 3. Undercover NASA. 4. Running in heaven. 5. Komplot fallen. 6. Game of the Gods " 7. Underground Martians. 8. A dump of the universe. 9. Lost gift Protz. 11. When the Earth is angry. 12. UFO.

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Minute of Fame. The road to Olympus + (all seasons) watch online

"Minute of Fame" — one of the most beloved television viewers projects. Uniques and nuggets from various parts of the country and the numbers show extraordinary ability of the human body. Battling for the top prize, participants explore animal voices are collapsed into a tube, jump up to the heavens and become invisible. At times it seems that it can not afford to make the common man. From time to time — that is the focus or draw. However, the participants kept their secrets, so go on stage and amaze spectators and referees.

either here all seasons

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Without cheating / Forbidden Fruit watch online

We think that the fruit is very useful. After all, it's solid vitamins! But it's not so long ago — the creation of industrial fruit cynical and dangerous for humans. Fruit growers do not grow, and chemists. 80% of the fruit on our shelves — import. Who hoisted our fruit-mutants? How to create them, and "brought to mind" in Russia?

Food and products

For Victory — execution? The truth about the death match to watch

May 11, 1963 in theaters Russian Union reel of film is "the third time". The movie is based on real events: June 22, 1942 in Kiev, the occupied match between team players captured Kiev "Dynamo" and the team fascist parts. Kiev residents put a condition — they do not have to win. For Victory — shooting.

Despite the danger, Russian players one by one hammer balls into the goal Germans. And it costs them their lives.

But how truthful story famous movie? Was general match destruction? Indeed if all the players were shot immediately after

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Beware of scammers! / Beware of work! watch online

Carefully, work! How not to fall for the bait of negligent employers? After all, along with decent vacancies as mushrooms grow "zamanilovki" whose purpose — to make a hapless job seekers.

The other films

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