Confessions General Rokhlin watch online

General Rokhlin shares his memoirs of the first and most difficult battles for the city of severity in the first Chechen war. Many years glossed over many of the facts and it seemed many lurking and will stay in the .. But in 1998, six months before his catastrophic destruction, Leo I? Kovlevich Rokhlin gives a sensational interview, "No cuts" …

Chechnya, Afghanistan and other regions of the Caucasus

Sea Rex Journey to a Prehistoric World watch online

With this film, you are transported back to 200 million years ago, in a world of indescribable distant times, to meet with the masters of the ocean known Jurassic — Cyclopean marine dinosaurs. Look forward to amazing discoveries about the life of the old and the modern fauna, and the indescribable beauty of underwater landscapes of breathtaking. A movie filmed not only in 3D, but in 2D format.

Film directors have combined computer animation and footage in nature. Creating a movie took almost 5 years. Part of the filming took place in of New Zealand, also at

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Deadly Game Mayakovsky watch online

April 14, 1930 at 10 hours and 16 minutes the doctor on duty ambulance Sukharev Square took an urgent call. After 10 minutes, a doctor and two medical assistants were at the scene. In malehankih room right at the door on the floor lay a man, he was a citizen of Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky, 36 years old

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

The history of military parades in Red Square 4 series watch online

The other films

Sex Mission (Ukraine) (all editions) watch online

October 3 TV channel 1 +1 starts frank and public discussion of sex — with no complexes unacceptable jokes and no taboos. Creator and Leading applets — Svetlana Usenko, and the operator — her husband, Vitali Panasiuc. Television spouses who have lived together for many years and is raising a 14-year-old child, knows from experience the difficulties, which awkwardly read aloud, but which are in each family. Leading "Sex and the mission" Usenko Svetlana and her husband know that this is not always resolved to share with the coming relatives and friends. But Svetlana and Vitali ready not only

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Berlin. May 1945 (2 episodes) watch online

By May 1945 The Allies USSR began to pursue an active policy of leveling the role of the Union in the Russian victory in the second world war. Berlin was on the edge of the counter policy. Then USSR made a magnificent pitch — Berlin turned into a concert venue — Russian song was played everywhere. Earned a field kitchen. The Russian spirit is everywhere — the soldiers allied armies themselves singing "Boots" and danced under the "Apple". Specifically against this background that took place the signing of the act of surrender. And no one hesitated, it is our

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Galileo (all series) watch online

Research and entertainment programm. Any series "Galileo" is part of the studio and video stories on a variety of non-fiction topics. Flight of ideas Galileo knows no bounds. Galileo is not afraid of no confusing issues, because the theme for Video stories Galileo programs from inexhaustible. With this program there to answer the endless children "Why?"Will not be difficult: Why Swiss watches never were? Why Napoleon lost the first game of chess bot? How to create the most luxury cars and ensure the safety of their passengers? How to paste in tubes is colored? And for adults Galileo has

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Technologies which are banned from talking watch online

In 1945, the Russian chemist Nikolai Fats was sent to Berlin to uncover hidden formulas Nazi "Ahnenerbe." The Germans developed a bio, chemical and psychological tool, some of their design was based on the achievements of the ancient civilization of Atlantis. Work on the disclosure of chemical puzzles Third Reich undermined the health of the scientist. Being confined to bed and not having the ability to engage chemistry of fats is one of the first to speak about atlantology as a science. Numerous discoveries have confirmed the correctness of Nicholas fat.

Weapon, weapons, Army

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Windows with Dmitry Nagievym watch online

The talk show Dmitry Nagieva can be anything — there are present on the transmission of characters brought master and friend the other to the highest boiling point, will find out their affairs, to join the fray, and even as high as battering. When there is a discussion of long-standing family conflicts, sometimes difficult to resist so active and violent determine who is right, who povinet.

The windows look with Dmitry Nagievym Online

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Thank God you’re here to watch online

"Thank God you're here!" — This is a very exciting Russian comedy show, in which you need show As the development of imagination and a sense of humor, improvising on the special stages. Thus, the essence of this amusing game is, that stars and other celebrities who have been specially invited well in advance, getting in extraordinary urgent situation could show able to turn at least some of the humorous situation, blowing all the input means are at hand, and, of course, his resourcefulness.

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