Life on Mars / Life on Mars Watch Online

Research films, often produced by BBC, is not a case of great interest among a wide range of customers. Thanks to the company, the viewer gets an opportunity to get the best disk imaging of the surrounding environment, human faces, stories, and even animal instincts. In this film we are introduced to Mars. A group of NASA scientists announced that they had found evidence of a great life on Mars. Whether these findings will mark a turning point in the history of mankind? Recent striking images acquired with a research station in orbit of Mars, once again raised the

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Wildlife in Alaska. Relax watch online

Rocky shores Alaska — habitat mind-blowing species. Polar summer, when the sun is not included — the period of greater activity.

Nature (Rivers, mountains, landscapes, etc.)

Glacier Bay. Wild Coast of Alaska. Wilderness watch online

Hidden away in the heart of south-east Alaska Reserve "Glacier Bay"- A natural paradise of ocean and ice. Observe brown bears, bald eagles, humpback whales and other species, whose life is dependent on the movement of salmon.

The other films about animals

Heinrich Himmler. Watch online The Devil’s Advocate

1949 in the castle of Wewelsburg, a funerary hall chiefs SS, made a terrible discovery — 12 charred skeletons. On the gnarled fingers — 12 rings of the unknown, untouched by fire alloy. "Higher may be in any guise," — read on for yourself Himmler, man who, even in Hitler's entourage thought otherworldly phenomenon. Having lost support among his Himmler found support in the 2-directions: from the forces of Western democracy and the forces of other, higher. "I was as old as the century, "? wrote for himself Himmler,? "And it was already a symbol." Called himself

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Operation Muslim. Dagestan detective watch online

First six months of 2005, the information coming from Dagestan, reminiscent reports of fighting bandit raids, bombings, shootings, response raid, arrest, assaults and illegal apartments bases of terrorists.

Chechnya, Afghanistan and other regions of the Caucasus

iStiv / Aistian / iSteve watch online

Probably not enough people in the world who do not know who that of Steve Jobs. If you do not know his name then you probably know by Apple or the last case, heard about iPhones or Mac systems. So here it belongs to Steve Jobs and it's a movie about him, about his biography, but all billed as comedy.

The other films

Wild Russia — Wilderness Valley. Ural Mountains to watch online

Nature RF varied and gorgeous. In our country everything is — from the warm beauty to the European part of the cool beauty of Siberia and the Arctic. From forests and lakes to the mountains and tundra. In this series, the documentary film about the journeys through Russia, we will visit the primeval plains of the Urals — paradises with a greenish burgeoning nature between the mighty Ural Mountains.

Animals sushi

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The Chronicles of Moscow life. Mystic Underground watch online

In the main city of Moscow metropolitan legends metro occupies a special place. They say that in the drafting of the Metropolitan Subway participated occultists, magicians and astronomers. There is a theory that Stalin wanted by metro have a paranormal effect on Moscow. Ghosts, monsters, abandoned station Metro-2, teleportation passengers … What abnormal phenomena occur in our capital's subway? Is there really live animals mutant? What is the mysterious'Metro-2? "In all this, try to understand the creators of programs from …

Modern construction

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Paranormal. Sea Monsters watch online

Witnesses around the world they say about the mysterious sea creatures, but it's still a — the descendants of dinosaurs or just a mirage? The program "Paranormal" will try to find out the truth of what is happening.

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

Fiery peak watch online

January 12 1942 , under Arzamas crashed dive bomber Pe-2. Instead of bombs on board was his creator — Vladimir Petlyakov. On that day he was expected at the Kremlin. Coming soon to a desktop Supreme Commander lay hidden materials in the investigation of the NKVD. But Stalin did not found their answer to the main question — what happened in the skies over Arzamas in January 1942. In the film will be shown the original documents of the investigation. Mystery of death Petlyakova get in the movie version of the sensational. At the sight of the spectators case

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