Spring is in the Galapagos Islands watch online

Due to the peculiarities of geography and evolution Galapagos islands inhabited by unique animal species that are not found more than at any point in the world. In the middle of a huge turtle, whose age is seeking 200 years, marine iguanas and amphibians, like fossil dinosaurs. The flora of the islands and the uniqueness of the unusual.

Nature (rivers, mountains, landscapes, etc.)

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Riddle of the kingdom of monkeys watch online

In the film shows the journey on the Peruvian National Park Manu which located in the plains of the Amazon River. There are countless lives of animals and birds, including various species of monkeys, which are and will be discussed.

Animals sushi

The X Files — Secrets of the brain. watch online

Mid 80s. USSR. Moscow. Overseas spy vanished. A certain number of days, he does not communicate. All possible search methods do not work. And the staff department of the KGB secret preparing to Difficult Conversations. Find someone special charge to the employee. He is given a photograph of the missing person. He carefully looked at her and soon the surrounding note: man, as if reincarnated in the person who is depicted in the photo. Facial features, facial expressions, and even the eyes — everything is similar. Voice of the missing scout, he knows: where is currently, and what happens

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The X-Files. Liberal Sodom watch online

Obama on the blue wave rolls over Russia. Gay liberals. Tolerant Europe. Global globalization. Chosen American Civilization and others in the program "Hidden materials" of the "World".

Hidden materials — a series of programs

Jungle / Jungle watch online

Travel in feral tropical undergrowth — perhaps one of the most extreme forms of recreation. Despite the visual appeal these parts of the planet, not everyone dares to challenge themselves and forgetting about the beauty of civilization, immersed in an enchanting and terrifying world of the tropical forests of the Amazon, Congo and Borneo. Indescribable highest humidity, annoyingly-annoying insects, exotic disease — this is what greeted tropical undergrowth of desperate and unprepared daredevil. But there is and more than the usual method. You sit back in your own screen tele and without experiencing hardship, enjoy our applets. After all,

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War of Lions / Lion Battle Zone watch online

In the hot Africa is home to as much as 5 lion prides are constantly competing among themselves for food, each with their own technique and style of hunting. You will be able to see with our eyes as each their own predators hunting for prey from a giraffe to a buffalo. If the hunter wants to survive in this environment, it must be high-spirited and very Stealther.

Animals sushi

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Secrets of the gorillas watch online

In the woods of Northern Congo found more than 100 thousand gorillas, which is largely managed to avoid contact with humans. What they conceal is astonishing. From the ability to use tools to complex social behavior, these gorillas are collective life. Researcher and primatologist, Mireya Meyor, go deep into the jungle, that would reveal the secrets of these mysterious giants

Animals sushi

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Cosmonaut: Business without pathos watch online

Astronaut — man, conducting tests and operation of equipment in gallakticheskoy gallakticheskom flight. On 31 December 2010, there were 517 man, gallaktichesky committed orbital flight; 4 people who have committed gallaktichesky flight on a ballistic movement of the line height of more than 100 km (ordering FAI) 6 man, committed gallaktichesky flight ballistic line of traffic up more than 50 miles but less than 100 km (ordering the U.S. Air Force). In Russia, historically the three companies astronaut training, it detachments GCTC, RSC "Energia" and SSC IBMP. On May 31, 2008 in Russia, there were 33 active and 7

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Red Stars to watch

Documentary film consists of 24 sets. Any of the series, lasting 58 minutes, is aware of the best techniques swatches aviation background facts and events of social and political life. The movie is based on the documents, photo and video materials of archive studio. Among the archival material is previously unpublished and little known. We also used the historical documents of the Air Force Russian Union. Competition regional electric media of Ukraine "Golden hvilya" honored documentary movie "Red Star" appropriate diploma.

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Contagion watch online

The creators of the documentary wanted know, whence country occur whence not undertake new viruses and diseases from them, even medicine comes as a shock and does not know how to act. A special report will tell how our eyes is the real biological warfare, and why this information is not available to the general public ….

Medicine, Biology, Anatomy

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