Versatile artist to watch

Viewers invited to the next musical project which was invented by the creators of the popular on the project "One to one" shown on Channel a few weeks back. You will see the uncompromising singing battle in which eight different genres perceive the role of favorite performers who will be performing in unusual styles of music itself. The program are participating: Sergey Lazarev, Larissa Plain, Sergei Galanin, Denis Maidan, Theon Dolnikova, Barbara, Lyudmila Senchina, Batista.

Each issue applets "Universal Artist" will be dedicated to a particular direction in music. The participants are required organic and fresh to

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Paranormal. Psychic abilities / Paranormal. Psychic powers watch online

Leading decided to learn psychic abilities. Look what came out of it. South American scientific gear.

Mysticism, chernoknizhnichenstvo, hypnosis, psychics

Eurovision Song Contest — 2013 Finals / Eurovision 2013 Final watch online

In the Swedish town Malmo held the first semifinal 58th contest "Eurovision. "Russia's Dean Garipova with the song" What if "appeared on the stage of a functional complex"Malmo Arena "is the sixth number. Bookmakers called Garipov middle of the four winners. Konkurentnst it will make Dane Emily de Forest, Golden Ognevich Ukrainian and Norwegian singer Margaret Berger. 2nd semifinal Competition was held on 16 May. On May 18 will be known once the favorite of "Eurovision-2013. "In the contest was attended by representatives of 39 countries, but in the end will come only 26 artists.

Finale-Part 1.

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My horror story — Girl X-Ray watch online

In Saransk woman lives Natasha Demkina that can create human organs without any devices. She wants to get international certificate, which podverzhdaet its capabilities. This movie demonstrates its capabilities and all the trials that she must go through to get this certificate.

Sensational stories

Welcome 5541 watch online

In the movie, Julia Pankratov — a story about how the board works Rusfond as work tools that you bestow, viewers of Channel as rescue critically ill, with virtually no chance of life, children. Also, stories of parents who have lost hope of saving their children. We will introduce you to Maxim Kurenkov, which dreaming to win an Olympic swimming pool, but almost lost his arm, with Hanmagomedovoy Khadija, who wanted to fly, but refuses to eat and smile with Ilyusha Kokoreva which from birth does not know how to breathe, and many others. They did not

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Habitat — A trap in credit to watch online

We want to bring to your attention a documentary film, in what will be discussed on loans, which are so often used by people, and certainly not of a good life. Many of them successfully repay and live happily …

Economics, politics, society

Japanese tsunami. As it happened watch online

See our website documentary film "The Japanese tsunami: How it came out. "This movie tells of the disaster, which only recently shocked the world, a disaster that killed millions

Cataclysms of earth from space hazards

Bite red bee watch online

If terrorists can not defeat tanks, cannons and missiles, then maybe do away with them the drones? What is the Pakistani outback? No roads, with electricity poorly, the tribes live as well as hundreds of years ago. But it is here that the United States use the most sophisticated of the murder weapon — against an enemy that had not been hit by any other instrument. Pakistan's history, modern prep school of jihad and the fight against terror in the program Leonid Mlechina "reddish bee sting"


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California Redwoods: Anatomy of the Giants / RedWoods: Anatomy of a Giant watch online

We trace the journey of a biologist Steve Sillett and for its attempt to climb to the very highest of the planet sequoia growing in California.

World of plants

The revolution of robots. Version Rodney watch online

Almost 100 years ago, science fiction has announced a brand new world of daring bots. Legions of the cars were made in our image and likeness. Iron men were at our disposal. Scientists also were much more difficult to realize this dream a reality, but the available pioneers took this immense challenge and joined mind and machine. As for the mind, bots are still in their infancy, but as they learn the true kids.

Future time. New technologies

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