Escape / Breakout watch online

Desperate and insecure offenders. The strategy, determination and focus — the main ingredients for planning his escape from jail. Cameras and watchmen are kept under control every movement, and virtually impossible to break, but for some, it's all about what they might think. This is a story about real shoots from prison, told the words of the participants also reported the news, and disk imaging from public sources. To escape offenders are willing to do everything in their power. They begin to think about escape plans, as fall within the jail. At least some have already feeble places. We

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Scientists closing / Scientists under attack watch online

Statements scientists suggest that only 5% of research in the field of genetic engineering are are independent. This calls into question the freedom of thought and objectivity of the research results. Can we trust the scientists?

Science, scientific merit of opening

Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko (20.05.2013) Watch online

— Ordered to kill: How the CIA in the 90s fell apart our country; — "Eagle Claw": a bad trade secret U.S. military special operations; — Prick "Needle": how Russian missiles shot down the vaunted South American fighters; — Riddle Orsis: the brand new Russian sniper rifle struck the whole world; — Giants vs men: a sensational version of a light on the earth's population; — The Lost World: how could happen in ancient times a nuclear war; — Naughty Neighbors: How can look our brothers on reason and why they do not want us to be friends; —

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While all home Pts. skillful hands watch online

For many years, television viewers after watching Sunday applets "While all the houses" are trying to repeat the useful inventions craftsman Andrew Bakhmet'eva. Specifically within this exciting programs from his intense acting crazy hands. With these handles unneeded empty bottles, cameras, pens and other objects are converted into the right things. In addition, the national ochumelets shakes inventive ability of the population.

TV shows

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Secret Files of nature: Assassins of Kruger Park to watch online

Biologists, ecologists, veterinarians and other scientists study the weird events that occur in the feral nature. Armed with modern technology, and by evidence of witnesses, the team will study confirm, review the facts and remodel some most mysterious and amazing action from the feral nature.

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Without cheating. Herring under dioxin watch online

In this issue applets "no deception" brand new "horror story" Rosselkhoznadzor — on Russian shelves can get toxic herring and sprat in the Baltic Sea contaminated dioxin and other unsafe substances. As a lover of all the people salted fish become unsafe for your health? That the consumer needs to know when agonizing hunt herring?

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Theory of Everything by Athene / Athene’s Theory of Everything watch online

This film presents the results of new discoveries in neuroscience and solutions of some problems of modern physics. It does not address issues of metaphysics and is based on verifiable scientific data, but involves philosophical topics related to the life, death and the origin of the universe.

Science, scientific merit of opening

Case H. The investigation continues (May 2013) Full Movie

The reason for the consideration of the case were the amazing testimonies of people who have become hostages of ball lightning. Yuri Silagadze went out during a storm, to take away the ropes underwear.

The Case of the speysneppinge (06.05.2013).

Rejuvenation after meetings with the intruder (07.05.2013)

The Case of the supermen (13.05.2013).

The matter of life and death Frosi Burlakova (14.05.2013)

The thing about living in someone else's body (15.05.2013)

The thing about ghosts. Why are they following us?

Occult Stalin and his immortality. (20.05.2013)

The Case of the chernoknizhnichestve on food. (21.05.2013)

The thing about

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Curse of the Witch watch online

Next to us there is a parallel world in which we do not believe … but, unfortunately, he believes in us. Mystic — is a powerful business are closely intertwined with moshennichestvom.Kolduni and sorcerers — such as we have on the outside, but much more powerful — in reality. As in the stories of their truth, where is the line between shamanism and fraud, where in Ukraine — the "witch" edge, and how not to become a victim of magic. We offer movie "Curse witch "TV channel" Inter "

Mysticism, chernoknizhnichenstvo, hypnosis, psychics

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Special Forces Heroes — the siege of the Iranian Embassy watch online

The movie tells about the blockade Iranian Embassy, that has happened in London in 1980. This 11-minute operation English Special Forces deserve endless glory. A story about the unknown details, and details of the unknown in advance. This operation nearly failed. Anything could have happened quietly, but ended explosions

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