Mental hospital: Days and Nights watch online

More than 4 million people in Russia suffer psychological disorders, 17 thousand of them to be dangerous to society. When they commit their crimes declared insane and sent to a forced healing in psychiatric clinics with saturated supervision.

Medicine, Biology, Anatomy

How to lose weight fast watch online

Question frisky virtually every weight loss worries. We have the opportunity to have a very a cheap calories that are not profitable for our bodies, so we do not have effective self-restraint devices.

The other films

Polygon. Journey to the depths watch online

Presenter, director and cameraman on board the submarine with divers live in autonomous navigation. They say everything about the device boat, technical features, weapons, what sections it is divided and that placed them, and how to navigate and what's inside the nuclear reactor.

Part 1

Part 2

Ground — a series of programs

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Battlefield: The Battle of France watch online

In the film tells the story of the Battle of France and Germany following the occupation. Germany won spirited victory over not inferior both in manpower and in the art, the French army in 1940. Victory was achieved thanks to the new strategy and bypass the Maginot bands stretching along the German-French border. With this strategy Germany won also win over Belgium and the Netherlands, but it is curious at first, nor is it … In the movie provides insight circumstances and events preceding the war with France, which, by the way, together with Great Britain declared war on

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Not simple things. Engagement Ring Watch Online

Development of the production of jewelry for example, a gold ring. How, in fact, the case of land called gold-bearing ore by melting, evaporation, heating, cooling, etc. get gold bullion and gold jewelery, which is almost ready and the raw material for the production of expensive, luxurious, sparkling products 585.

All about everything. What? How? Why?

The World of Christopher Columbus on the proposal watch online

It has been time, when people believed that the Land a ball in the center of the universe, and the three are inhabited continent, Europe, Africa and Asia. At the time accomplished one of the most indescribable adventure of all time. In 1492, the one cocky people dare to lay new routes and expand the boundaries of the world. Poshatnuv idea existed for many centuries, Christopher Columbus for 10 years, so it lasted four travel, turned the idea of the Earth. Comparing their beliefs and observations on the verge between faith and science Columbus went to great medieval journey

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The beauty of snakes / The Beauty Of Snakes watch online

Snakes cause a nightmare, hatred and admiration. In some cultures, they are the embodiment of evil unsullied, in others they are worshiped as gods. Snakes, like nobody other, seductive, charmed and deadly dangerous. Their smooth, heavy body, painted the most beautiful colors of nature, gliding over the planet quickly and elegantly.

Snakes, reptiles, amphibians, reptiles

Steve Jobs: Hippie billion-dollar watch online

The documentary film will be presented "image Savage Jobs, "In which the co-founder of Apple and one Jobs — Steve Wozniak says, as Jobs drove him to tears. According to him, the young Steve Jobs Wozniak forced to engage in programming, but it took away a huge portion of the profits for yourself … In the movie, Steve shows a little on the other side, and this image differs from which usually the story of the media. In the film "Hippie billion dollars on" Jobs is displayed as a bully, a ferocious head, which at one time was expelled

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Jesus — The true story watch online

The new data help to fill the gaps in the life of Jesus Christ and tell us about the troubled times in which he lived. His decision had fatal consequences. His words and deeds bolshennye rocked the crowds of people who have seen it long ago anticipated rescuer. But they also led him straight road to death. With the help of professionals in archeology and history of the Holy Land, this documentary film tries to answer the question: who is this actually was man? Layer by layer, penetrating through the layers of stories that cover every inch of the

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Spartacus — Great warriors watch online

Spartacus — widely recognized Roman Gladiator, the famous commander of the slave revolt, which he led during the 74 — '71 before our era. His army consists of runaway slaves and gladiators, in a number of fights broke invincible Roman legions. These actions included in the history of the world as Rebellion Spartacus. 4th movie based on a true story, will help find answers to some questions: what was the Spartacus, Where did the barbarian slave appeared Tallant's military leadership, as she could not fundamentally armed, motley army of slaves almost to its knees a country whose legions captured

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