Face-lift with Galina Dubinin (facial gymnastics) watch online

Are you concerned that your face looks are not as young as you would like to? You are thinking about the need to change something? On the horizon loomed the plastic face? But where will the money for such expensive beauty … Believe me, things are even simpler and recover the lost youth face is painfully simple! And to help you in this common and effective method developed Galina Dubinin. Just a few minutes of training a day, and your clock zavertyatsya in the back side! A unique set of exercises to help you get rid of wrinkles on

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The Soviet Navy. Chronicle wins (16 episodes out of 16) watch online

A documentary series on the history of military victories Morecambe fleet USSR. The series covers the actions of sea battles majestically Russian war period from 1941 to 1945. Detail opisyvayutsya more massive and znachemye ships since then.

01 series. Battleship "Marat"02 series. The cruiser "Red Crimea"03 series. The battleship "Paris Commune"04 series. The cruiser "Maxim Gorky"05 series. The White Sea flotilla06 series. Kerch-Feodosiya landing operation07 series. Ladoga flotilla08 series. Dnipro flotilla09 series. Destroyers of the project 710 series. Monitors11 series. Submarines "Baby"12 series. Submarines "C" series13 series. Favourite destroyers14 series. Submarines series "D"15

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The territory of ghosts (many episodes) watch online

We offer a documentary series "Territory Ghosts, "in which affected the mass of fascinating questions. It will you find detailed answers to questions about who the werewolves and zombies that are a matter of fact ghouls and ghosts, discover the secrets of the subtleties of the psyche yourself a man go into the question of reincarnation of the soul, the nature of curse, will realize the mystery of UFOs, gallakticheskih intruders and find out why there are stigmata. And this is only a small fraction of exciting represented in this cycle. The program is dedicated to not only unique

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Leonid Filatov. To remember … (many episodes) watch online

Eminent actor Leonid Filatov devote your life to the details of the most recognizable Russian and Russian actors who have already left this world, leaving behind a rich legacy. Author's series "To remember …" devoted to such stately actors as Vladimir Vysotsky, Rolan Bykov, Innocent Smoktunovskij and many, many others.

This documentary series came to an end in December 2003, which was dedicated to the most Leonid Filatov. Cycle had to finish early because of the death of the leader.

How many actors have experienced the glory ecstatic reviews from critics and audiences love, and

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The price of love watch online

Here is a criminal chronicles of love, who lifted completely brand new format — a typical mix of several genres: crime, within the jurisdiction of the cognitive and veselitelnom. In the release of the television series taken separately considered one sin for which the offender has committed this crime is already serving a sentence awarded to him.

In front of you will be the fate of most ordinary people in our society, in the place which could be at least some of us. They live ordinary lives, talk with the people around them, until one of days,

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The Searchers (all series) watch online

Documentary cycle "The Searchers" will be entertaining fans at first unlock the secrets of history, as all inquisitive, seeking to understand left to us by previous generations kept secret. And they believe, countless huge amount. For centuries, they continue to harass human brains, and generation after generation, people tend to find, at last, the answers to their questions.

There is a tremendous lot of legends, legends and tales about those or other historical events, and usually they are all wrapped up lurking. The creators of this series of programs taken Zahav open up in front of you

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More than love (many episodes) watch online

Documentary series "More, than love"Says a stately people who managed to make a significant contribution to the culture of our country, their fate and history large, selfless love, their experiences in their own lives. Will talk about the private lives of individuals and the most trivial of the greatest feelings that one can experience in life — love.

Love, left a mark on their hearts, left a mark in their written letters, writings, poems and paintings. Any one of them shared their love to each of us, leaving us an eternal inheritance.

Before you pass

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Review (lots of movies) Watch online

Weekly programm "Review" will tell about all the events that take place in the ranks of the valiant Russian army. At each transfer will highlight the teachings, which carried out by our military and you can watch their progress, peacekeeping missions assigned to the military, tasks in the aftermath of natural disasters, counterterrorism operations carried out by our fighters.

You will learn how the preparation of military staff in each of the divisions of troops. What new facilities are in service of our army. You will have full life cycle development various types of weapons and defense.

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Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman. The great power of the word watch online

Any mother knows how not enough baby needs to be happy, pretty easy words to spoil his life. Lullabies komploty, curse — the most massive cannon, acting on the subconscious. Neuzh a legend of the curse to the seventh generation, this is not an invention of the founders of the old? Is it true that Russian scientists have been able to justify the physical power of words? What words have a beneficial effect on the human body, and which destroy it? There was a single parent language?

Undercover world Anna Chapman — a series of programs

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Top Secret (a lot of gear) watch online

In nainteresneyshem documentary cycle "Top Secret" you learn about the most resonant political investigations. The creators of the television series in front of you vskroyut more significant corruption scandals, almost blew the top political circles. You learn about the life and criminal activities of the 1st of the most recognizable criminal authorities — Jap, will unfold in front of you known the details of the murder of the well-known Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who was fighting for truth and freedom of speech in Russia.

But this is only a small fraction of all of the exciting materials

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