Upper class. Monaco watch online

Now you will see the best of luxury hotels in posh places in Europe such as the Principality Monaco.


Catastroika watch online

Moviemakers analyze the transition of municipal property in private hands. Traveling around the world to gather information about how the privatization in the advanced countries, and try to understand what happens in the Greece after the implementation of programs from the mass privatization. Documentary film opens up the future rassprodazhi Greek assets, which are under pressure from creditors because of the large municipal debt. The examples of London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow and Rome, predicted what would happen in this case under the international monetary elite, this model will be used in Greece.

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Wildlife Mississippi watch online

Imagine for a moment that our entire world — is river. And it points to its own cool character. When Mississippi overflows its banks, it floods everything in its path. But it all begins with the frost, which change life River beyond recognition. It's crazy happens once in 500 years, and we shall see. Behold on a Mississippi You can only once in a lifetime. After the cold winter river overflows its banks, flooding the southern United States all in its path. On the way to the Gulf of Mexico it is becoming deeper and affluent. It absorbs and

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Children of the Third Reich watch online

As fate Toddler Nazi war criminals? What does it mean — to be imprisoned by their own names? And how to live, knowing that at the hands of your fathers and grandfathers blood of thousands of innocent lives? The movie tells about how there fate kids and family recognized the Nazi bosses, the names of which the world remembers and curses so far. In search of the heroes of this film took many months to come. Hundreds of phone calls and letters. Personal meetings. Languid negotiations. People who were hiding for years, long hesitated to speak.

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There is a solution! — Vodka. The offense watch online

Are you still proud of the Russian vodka? And do you realize that even the most expensive vodka not worth 15 rubles? What can make it from oil, boards and manure? And that no cleaning will not help out a hangover? We did not they say about it, because solder us — it's business. "Vodka. Structure crime "- in the project" Coming Out there is!. "

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In search of tribal hunters. Hunting for survival watch online

Tribe Nama dwelling on the peninsula Tanna, asks the volcano fortune to hunt wild boars, which serve them as food, and "means."

Tribes, peoples

The territory of misconceptions with Igor Prokopenko 08.10.2013 watch online

— Komplot against Russia. Who and what is trying to throw our country to the neck loop anaconda? — Arab Spring or game Shootout. Who actually lit the flame all revolutions in the Middle East and why the top prize in this game — part of Russia? Sensational recognition of the South American minister. — Syriac "blitzkrieg". Why Yankees need a small air war? — Why Hidden in the American archives stored videos of the attack on Russia? — For what Hollywood portrays Russian lohmotnikami all in caps with earflaps and a balalaika and why South American oligarchs allocate

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The truth about UFOs: UFO in the deep sea watch online

More than 2/3 of the Earth is covered by water. Until now, most of the sea and oceans remain unstudied. We know more about the moon's surface if the waters of the oceans. There are a huge number of Indicative of a UFO in the sky and not the least of the occurrence on the water ….

UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and phenomena

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Secret societies: Rosicrucians. On the way to immortality watch online

Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order of predicted human cloning and were on the verge of gaining immortality. In an era when scientific prediction Rosicrucian acquires flesh, the question arises: who is worthy of eternal life?

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Day «D». 6.6.1944 / D-Day. 06/06/1944 watch online

June 6 1944 , began naikrupneyshee military invasion (as well as — and antagonism to him) the world has ever beheld. The movie "The Day-« D »knows the epic story of the preparation and implementation of the Allied landing in Normandy. This history protection of the Western Front German army troops and sophisticated lethal covert warfare guys and ladies of France and continental Europe …

2nd Global war

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