Land with a bird’s eye view / Earthflight watch online

"Land Bird's eye "- A documentary series on what is presented to our view Land bird's-eye view, the eyes of the birds themselves, in a stunning natural kaleidoscope. Stunning views 5 continents, filed in a new perspective in the 6 series movie, with which you can join the flock of Lapland geese, cranes, flamingos, pelicans, eagles and other bird brethren. For the creation of the film have been applied the latest technology aircraft shooting, so we were able to fine detail to behold the power of nature. The viewer's eye will open angle only visible eye soaring high in

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Modern sniper watch online

Not quite what weapon XXI century will be able to compare the effectiveness of their own with the sniper. Good sniper able to meet on the final battle. Snipers from various, land and naval units, base their efficiency in actual military conflict. In this television series, you will learn about the role of a sniper in modern warfare, something about the latest developments and the effectiveness of these warriors are so important. These wizards are perfectly trained, incredibly adaptable and cold-blooded. This is — modern snipers.

Weapon, weapons, Army

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Mars — as it is to watch

Many of you have watched films about the planet Mars, both documentary and art. Relieve us this planetoid exclusively in the "Reds" colors. Why? So whether it is in fact? Either it is not clear who intrigues unclear for what purpose?

Space, celestial bodies, astronomy

Secrets of World War II. Secrets of the Reich. Secrets of Nazism. 4 — 6 parts. watch online

2nd Global war

The most wonderful places / The Greatest Places to watch

The camera will show you much more than a tourist can behold. You will be amazed luxury palaces, adjoin to the old mysteries, admire the creations of nature. There is no such place on earth where you can not get on your magic carpet ride. Look forward to the fantastic views, sudden angles, unforgettable journey and authentic miracles — the greatest creation of civilization. When the passion of the architect connects with a thrust to the beautiful, magic is born — an unusual structure, over which time is not imperative. AMAZON — this mighty river forms a network of

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Concentration camps. The road to hell watch online

March 20, 1933, almost immediately after Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany, the then head of the Munich police, Himmler issued a decree: 'Near Dachau will be opened first concentration camp. It is located 5,000 prisoners … " The movie is designed to reconstruct a truly horrible acts 2nd World War, but without the "focus" of the Holocaust. In the movie, used rare documents, film photographic, eyewitness testimony and historians.

1 series

2 series

3 series

4 series

5 series

6 series

Disaster, disasters,

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Alien Earth watch online

Far away in the depths of space, sheltered planet so amazing that their description is not even in science fiction. For the first time in history, scientists are discovering alien worlds beyond the solar system. The places where the ice is hot and rains steel. They are not yet on the map, they are mysterious and unpredictable. Scientists are working to the greatest discovery — find hidden somewhere among these unknown worlds planetoid like ours …

Space, celestial bodies, astronomy

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The inhabitants of the oceans watch online

A film about the limitlessness and freedom the underwater world, the kingdom of the living sentient being named Ocean will be another informative page in the life of our cosmos.

Animals the underwater world

Jeremy Clarkson: Top 100 Cars watch online

Welcome to the program from the author is popular broadcaster, the 1st of the creators of the famous "Top Gear". This is a program for real connoisseurs of luxury, recklessly expensive and most rapid cars.

Auto and other technology

Children — stunt. One day watch online

The school, like most of the boys, I went through a lot of sports. On some sections, I was walking less than a week, and later threw. Forever remains only hobby martial arts. By "rocking" I treated fairly cool. A couple of times act on impulse and visited the basement section, but it was pretty haphazard. The result was, respectively.

The other films

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