Mummies of the aliens watch online

Are we alone in the universe? Science says that hardly. If alien life exists outside our planet, the Earth and with the passage of time there must be evidence to this effect. In Mexico, more than 5 years, scientists can not find out where it came from it being, storing the black secret. In Peru, the skeleton was found being credited with an extraterrestrial origin. On Long Island discovered the remains of a monster strshnye, similar to the intruder. Local residents believe that this komplot authorities.

UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and phenomena

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Yegor Gaidar. Cursed Days watch online

It seems that many of the twenties that the Russians do not know enough about Yegor Gaidar. This movie — it is an opportunity after 20 years to realize and appreciate the gravity of the decisions that had to be made in those Gaydar "cursed Days" when the country was at a crossroads. This movie is not only about the Gaidar-reformer, and about Gaidar, man. For the first time viewers will see the widow of Yegor Gaidar — Marianne Strugatsky. The one he called not by another as "my happiness." Frank interview with Marianne, in which she acknowledged that

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The word Andronnikova watch online

Stories Andronicus — it is a separate layer in the Russian culture. Himself Irakli Luarsabovich very long time did not write down their stories, but only said — and each time in different ways. At the moment, all (or nearly all) and they are available in print, but shaped as letters on paper simply can not convey the appeal of that encircled Irakli Andronicus own listeners. We offer two movies of the series "The word Andronicus"Monuments of architecture of the Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg and the outstanding people who lived here.

Nevsky prospectus


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Ask me: Diseases of the senses watch online

Physical illnesses depend on spiritual health. Anger, resentment, intolerable, conflict — leading to disease. Emotions linked to our health. All walks of life are related to our way of thinking. Remembering not a good situation again and again, people once again home to her, and her body home to fizicheski.Neobhodimo ban for yourself succumb to bad thoughts and feelings. A man for himself makes the disease and the difficulty of ideas and emotions … bottlenecking in relationships, parenting toddlers, prepyadstviya with money, work, and so on. All spheres of life, a person forms the ideas, feelings and thoughts, bring

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Russian Stealth: in pursuit of the invisible. watch online

Moscow. 1962. The publisher of "Russian Radio" is an extraordinary book. There, beyond the infinity symbols and numbers nestled global sensation! Creator of the book, the young scientist Peter Ufimtsev developed a theory that can make a unique form of aircraft — a form that would make him invisible! It would seem that now, using the acquired mathematical calculations, it was necessary to proceed to the design of stealth aircraft. But, there was a sudden obstacle — the military government of our country decided that "… the construction of stealth aircraft according to this theory … is impractical." Moreover

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Forced sex watch online

It is a question not only about the sex appeal of our abuse of the children, and about its consequences. This is a movie that: — gives to remember about the legislation; — opens the horrific facts; — gives victims of freedom of speech; — proposes measures to counter the existing violence. The movie is intended for an audience of over 18 years.

Sacks and Love

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German heavy tank T-VI Tiger watch online

PzKpfw VI «Tiger I», «Tiger" — German heavy tank since the second World War, developed in 1941-1942 by "Henschel" directed by Erwin Aders. In departmental armored vehicles through systematic Nazi Germany also designated as SdKfz 181. The first time the tanks "Tiger I» went to fight in August 1942, the station Mga near Leningrad, massively began to be used with a scrum on the Kursk Bulge, used the Wehrmacht and the SS troops right up to the end of the second world war. At the time of creation machine was of strongest armament and reservation in the middle of

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The Second World War. Day after day. (30 series) watch online

2nd Global war

Hunting for ghosts watch online

Astrakhan. 2007. Stepan Ostroukhov found outside his home bloody footprints. Immediately zakrovotochili walls, trees and even the land on the farm. Blood seeped through the house. The frightened owners called for help doctors, police, government officials and a priest. Police investigated the room, but did not find anything that could be a precursor of bleeding. Law enforcement officials, of course, reject the intervention of supernatural forces, and understandable explanation of what occurred does not give … Officially, no intelligence agency in Russia does not recognize that it includes are the Ghostbusters. General Boris Yeltsin era in Ratnikov served as

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Our Sun unknown watch online

Now, using the new gallakticheskie phones and ground-based telescopes, scientists can create Sun, as never before, and have the ability to recreate what is happening in the very center. With their help, we can work to understand those mysteries of the Sun, which represented a puzzle for scientists for decades. Painting Secrets of the Sun opens new awareness of the closest star to us, and help us to save the Earth.

Space, celestial bodies, astronomy

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