The country SHOPe watch online

We offer a new humorous series, presented by Igor growth, which to tell you a lot of fun and exhilarating comedy stories, beam 1st buyers of shopping centers.

In this comedy sitcom participates perfectly familiar to fans of humor Alex Svetlakov which appear before the audience in some unexpected forms. Apart from this, the project will introduce you with some new faces in this genre.

You will learn about the reasons for making fun shopping at the mall, are aggressively quarrel best friend, why it's so easy to lose the baby, and how you can

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Project Runway watch online

If you think you have fashion — it's just a catchy world of beauty, luxury, glamor and glitz, you're sadly mistaken! This is only the visible side of the coin — a brilliant and attractive but for those who are what is called, "brewed in the pot" far no secret that the world of fashion — is cruel and cynical. In the fashion industry has its own strict rules and guidelines, and you or set up to fit into your box, or you just knock out. Then place only the most powerful and strong. In a brand new reality

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Deceived by science (30.05.2013) + All series watch online

— By thinking they are moving objects. How to find within yourself the gift and where they get their incredible strength? — Hidden Russian project of the Union. What experiments were carried out over the supermen? — Man with an iron stomach. What compels people have a glass and pebbles, indescribable ability of your body, — For the first time on television. Teleportation without tricks, such you are not yet beheld! Can you cook an egg in the mouth with a thought? — As Russian shamans stopped the German tanks.

Science, scientific merit of opening

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George Harrison. Living in the Material World watch online

Martin Scorsese's film about the life of famous British rock musician George Harrison, who is known to most as the guitarist of The Beatles (The Beatles).

Historical figures, people of destiny

The duty on the country to watch

In every issue of this comic transmission that came out in the evening air channel "Russia" once a month, open a discussion various actions that have taken place in the country in the near future in politics, academia and other sectors of Russian society. Each of these events was certainly something comical and funny, and specifically on this, and all built transmission. Through the efforts of Misha Zhvanetskogo toughest things were getting anecdotal, but no matter what, they abandoned the phrase — a cruise.

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Secrets of intelligence (many movies) Watch online

Documentary series "Secrets of intelligence," which Catherine is Shergova, to tell you about all the hidden details of the operations carried out by Russian intelligence and foreign intelligence agencies. About these events never distributed, and so far all of these details carefully hid.

Now you have a unique opportunity to not only hear all the hidden secrets of these services, and personally to behold, as she was carried out or the other operation. In the television series presents the reconstruction of all operations.

Apart from this, you can hear the individual participants covert operations that

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One for all (many episodes) watch online

Comedy sketch show "One for All", released Russian film-makers, is quite fascinating and unpredictable adaptation of favorite and most amusing situations that are associated with a glamorous blonde, beloved mother-adored his family and, of course, the irrepressible friends. The duration of each issue is May 20 minutes, but during that time you will not be bored for a moment, while enjoying all this every moment watching a humorous show. Even despite the fact that the idea of this project is partly borrowed from the British sketch show "The Catherine Tate Show" Russia could handle everything so that there is

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War of the giant beetles season 2 watch online

Australian TV series "War of the giant beetles" — it's quite a fascinating documentary, which will allow to plunge into the world of the unknown and the mysterious. In fact this movie will open the world of insects on the side which has not beheld many viewers, because most of the people with delight reconsider this amusing stuff. As is usually the case in documentary films, the story is different enormous complexity, but the fact that everyone finds out, revising it really compels taken aback. So, the storyline of this fascinating film is twisted around the unforgettable and unknown

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Criminal Russia (lots of movies) Watch online

Documentary film series "Criminal Russia" covers the investigation of criminal atrocities that have taken place in real life. Any series tells the story of the investigation of the 1st of the atrocities committed on the territory of Russia. The creators of the documentary television series focus on more shocking cases that received wide publicity in the community.

The viewer is given the opportunity to actually see in real time the progress of the investigation which lead specialists from law enforcement agencies. In the course of the investigation will be sanctified all the subtleties and unknown facts before

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Polyglot. Spanish from scratch in 16 hours watch online

For all fans of the polyglot Dmitry Petrov and his rich study of foreign languages courses, will be welcome news release of the new course in Spanish. If you're going to Spain if You need to learn the most vserasprostranennye expressions and phrases shall declare to discern during the trip or you decide to open yourself this magnificent language, Petrova then courses — it's specifically what will help for you in the shortest possible time to begin to read any foreign language. Format rates unchanged: the lessons, as before, 16 and group also consists of eight people, all of

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