Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman. Union of the nine watch online

Rudolf Diesel — the developers innovator gasoline engine was missing. Richard Clem — inventor of the first in the world without fuel engine found dead. Physicist Stefan Marinov — invented the generator produces energy from the air in the town was killed by unknown Graz in Austria. It's only a few people of the scientists who died under mysterious circumstances. Exclusively in Russia over the past 10 years, more than fifty scientists found dead, murdered or killed in accidents. In the XIX century, the French Consul Louis Jacolliot for the first time announced the details of the "Union of

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Secrets of the Sun watch online

Without the protective layer of the atmosphere man would be subjected to death of strongest influence of solar radiation. Ultraviolet rays burned a man for a few seconds, causing skin cancer and cataracts. In the hands could melt lead, and the legs, once in the shadows, would be subjected to deep freezing …

Space, celestial bodies, astronomy

Criminal Russia: On the trail of the Siberian animal watch online

"The criminal Our homeland" — a series of documentary films that are based on authentic materials of criminal cases. May 16, 1996 special duty officers patrol service GAI Novosibirsk held, as usual, until the time has not yet been stopped for document checks bright foreign car. During the search of the trunk of a car was found a man with no signs of life …

Criminal Our homeland — a series of programs

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Serial killers — Jack the Ripper watch online

There is citizens, which are not hunt to remember and know. But they are annoying though it may sound, there is… This is — people, whose names have gone down in history because of the bloody and terrible atrocities that they commit, catching up on horror and nightmare in the area where live. This is — serial killers and maniacs. Maniacs — the most terrible and bloody category of criminals not only because the account maniacs many victims, and as the methods by which they commit their crimes, it is very sophisticated. And most of their victims — frail

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In search of the truth. Loch Ness Monster Full Movie

The monster of Loch-Ness is one of the most majestic mysteries of our time. For centuries, people have argued that beheld a strange creature that is sometimes encountered in the waters of a Scottish lake Goof-Ness. But all these stories are true? Despite the years spent in the futile search for the monster, and countless testimonies of witnesses, riddle famous monsters remains unsolved. So at this point, our example program offers viewers more deeply acquainted with all the conflicting versions of the legend, and by the stories of witnesses, different scientific hypotheses, views zoologists, physiological experiments and scientific methods

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Through the wormhole. Are we alone in the universe watch online

Through the wormhole series with the lead — Morgan Freeman will explore the most profound furtive existence — the questions that have always troubled the world's population. From what we made? What was up with? Are we really alone in the universe? Is there a creator? These issues have been thought out most luxurious minds of the human race. Now, science closer to the essence, to the area where hard facts and evidence may be able to provide us with answers instead of philosophical theories.

Space, celestial bodies, astronomy

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Alchemy Pyramid / Pyramids of concrete watch online

French chemist Joseph Dawidowicz, whose specialty was the development of construction materials in the 70s provided that the blocks for the pyramids can be created directly on the construction site, using rock dust and "geopolymer concrete, "In which the limestone base.

Ancient buildings

Fish gamy / Fish Unwrappded watch online

The movie is dedicated to a billionth of the fishing industry. What do we understand about the fish, which is sold in stores? In the film used undercover filming, which took place in Bangladesh. They have proved that fish, which was created for the English, is grown in waters with sewage.

Animals of the underwater world

Known Universe. Are we alone in the universe? watch online

are we alone, over our souls want to know the answer.

Space, celestial bodies, astronomy

Michael Flatley — Flames watch online

July 25, 1998, in a colorful greenish English Hyde Park, the premiere of the new show Michael Flatley under the title «Feet of Flames», which attracted 25,000 spectators! The performance was announced as the "summing up" the famous show "Lord of the Dance" and obmysleno to the last detail: dance and musical performances, costumes, scenery, lighting, pyrotechnics and, of course, great team work well together.

Concerts, Music and Dance

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