The holy relics watch online

In Christianity, there is a tradition of worship of so-called "saints." In practice, this is reflected in the worship of their dead bodies, or even pieces of corpses

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The strange thing. The myth of the power of the U.S. Army watch online

All global society believes that the most powerful army in the world and the United States has strongly supported this myth of the world's media. That's right, intimidating the enemy to fight, you can win the most hopeless voynu.Davayte a look, based on what might U.S. Army. The first thing that comes to mind is the budget U.S. Army, he is the greatest in the world. But, it is far not an indicator because the effectiveness of spending, kickbacks and cuts there are in America.

Weapon, weapons,Army

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On the authenticity of the relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov watch online

In 1991 the relics were uncovered an unknown saint, paid for power St. Seraphim of Sarov .

Faith and Religion

Muscle car look online

Mustang (Mustang) 1968 release of Steve McQueen from the movie "Bullitt" (Bullitt) to this day has a passionate fan base. Even the Dodge Charger (Dodge Charger) 69th became retro star, when the car bright orange color, known under the name of General Lee (General Lee), has appeared on TV in the movie "The Dukes of Hazzard" (Dukes of Hazzard). And we should not forget about the best cars of the time under the name Plymouth Barracuda (Plymouth Barracuda), who at first mistakenly dubbed Panda (Panda).

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Gandhi: The eunuch Lord watch online

At the turn of 1000 in a poll lety BBC BBC in the category "man Millennium "first place went to Mahatma Gandhi, 2nd — Leonardo da Vinci, the third — Jesus Christ. "For sure, in a few generations people fail to even believe that such man actually existed, worked and lived among us "- read on Gandhi in the 40-ies. Albert Einstein. Mahatma Gandhi — One of the most important figures of the twentieth century, but the West does not understand a lot of what led him to become a man of non-violence. This movie knows about the actual

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The tragedy of Galich watch online

There is nothing secret, but that would not be obvious. Gospel of Mark (Chapter 4, p. 22) In 2007, Austria's great scandal broke. Which opened nearly century-old mystery. About unimaginable ruthlessness Austria — Hungarians against the Ruthenians. In 1914 they became victims of Straseni ethnic cleaning. Which modern Europe prefer not to remember. Austria — Hungary was created the first concentration camp in the world Taleggof, which existed from 1914 by 1917god. It was intended only for Russian. Until the winter of 1915 in Talerhof no barracks. People were lying on the ground under the open sky

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Angelina Jolie. Biography Watch online

Ancestry Jolie split in 1976 (divorce is decorated entirely in 1978), and Bertrand with a year-old Angelina and her brother moved to New-york. A year later, Voight received the "Oscar" for his role in "Homecoming", and Bertrand was obliged to give up their dreams of a successful acting career and is intended his time raising kids. She often drove Angelina and James in the movie than awakened her interest in acting.

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True Hollywood Stories — Eminem watch online

Upon hearing the song Eminem, His mother comes in and takes on a nightmare of his son to the court for improper comments to her the address made by the album "The Slim Shady LP ". Rapper She asks from 10 million dollars in compensation for moral damage. Scandal, but does not impact on the implementation of the second album," The Marshall Mathers LP ", debuted at the South American charts in May 2000 (the first week of the U.S. has sold nearly two million copies of the disc), and has made Eminem the luckiest rapper since

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True Hollywood Story — PINK watch online

Pink (Either at home Alicia Moore) was born in Doylstoune, near Philadelphia. Love of music instilled in her childhood by parents, targeting its current zeal and values. In 13 years Pink began performing in the club, where she met with a local dancer Scratch.

Concerts, Music and dances

Nuclear nightmares watch online

On the damaged nuclear power plant may seem … different new dangers that may continue indefinitely … and in some cases will increase as a result of those measures, which at the moment are focused on stabilizing the situation at the station, "- said in a confidential analysis of the Regulatory Commission nuclear power.

Disaster and tragedy

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