A marvel of engineering Release (13.10.2013) Watch online

— The revolution in heating. Pilmety, what they can do in the cells of animals and in your oven? — The kitchen of the future. What is a donut-maker. Does it really eliminates the need for deep-frying? — Living in the shower. Innovation, which diversify everyday washing. — Tips to master. Why is slowing down your computer at home? Turns out to be the case in the dust! As her right away? — Undercover nails. What are the insects do shellac and what load it can withstand?

The magic of technology — a series of programs

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Feral work. Cats in the service to watch online

Animal work — is tourism, show business, rescue and transport of goods. In the middle of four-legged there is nurses and firefighters, hunters and seekers gourmet delicacies. Animals can cure and herald. In the middle of the caudate there is Athletes and reliable couriers. First time TV introduces such a wide panorama of the animal, the existence of which no one will think out, but many can not live without it.

Animals sushi

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Are we alone in the universe. The search for extraterrestrial life watch online

The idea that the population of the earth is not lonely in the universe is very old. The ancient Greek philosopher, the Epicurean Metrodorus, in the II century before our era was: "To consider the Earth the only populated world in infinite space would be such a revolting absurdity as to say that the huge sown field could grow only one ear of wheat

Space, celestial bodies, astronomy

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Practical Magic. 11 issues to watch

Every woman dreams, that her babies were healthy, the husband did not change, and the house was always plenty. We want to offer practical advice for those who want to be happy. Horoscope, numerology, physiognomy, Feng Shui, stones, etc. Applied mysticism available to all, you just need to know how to use it.

1 issue. 12.03.2013

Issue 2. 12.03.2013

3 edition. (13.03.2013)

4 release. (14.03.2013)

5 issue. (15.03.2013)

6 issue 16.03.2013

7 edition 17.03.2013

8 release. (1.04.2013)

9 issue Whammy 02/04/2013

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Mandrogi: Holidays in Russian watch online

Correspondent James Brown went to the Russian hinterland, where he was given the opportunity to feel like a resident of the village of XIX century. The most beautiful house with Russian ovens, untainted water in wells, ringing the air and one of the largest museums of vodka in Russia.

The other films

The Revolution That Was not watch online

The action of the film takes place in the year before the election of the new President of the Russian Federation. The opposition is dreaming to achieve power. The main characters of the movie, Anatoly and Andrey — revolutionaries "veteran": both consist of an illegal political organization more than 10 years. But politics in the movie — all just background. "Revolution, which was not "- this is a very personal history pride, betrayal, illness and early modern life.

Modern history

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The Testament of Leonardo. The Story of a robbery watch online

In December 2010, the world flies sensation: Italian scientists have found on the famous painting Leonardo "Mona Lisa"Mysterious signs. Vinchetti Silvano, president of the State Committee for the Conservation of the cultural heritage of Italy, I am sure that a message is encrypted picture Leonardo us, the descendants. Need to read it carefully as well as the texts of the Bible. Look for signs in the picture become another mystery famous painting Leonardo, all history which — like a tangle of mysteries and secrets. "Mona Lisa"Leonardo had for extraordinary value, it was his unique work — a synthetic fusion

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Exclusive interview with Julian Assange watch online

Wikileaks is concerned about the fate of the journalists who helped publish incriminating materials — this in an exclusive interview RT television channel said the founder and editor Julian resource Assange. He criticized the whitewashed house for abuse of power and violation of its own laws. Assange stressed that the Government of Barack Obama accountable for the Espionage Act was drawn to two times more journalists than in all previous U.S. presidents since 1917.

Modern history

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Sex. When you need help watch online

14 couples are faced with a sexy neuvvyazkami life, which can lead to a parting — from adultery to uncertainty within himself. Entertainment and desire — sex must connect the 2-people, but at the moment it keeps them away friend other. Trying to save their shaky case, the couple are willing to go the accelerated sex-Rates. Two of the leading professionals in the field of sex posodeystvuyut to correct irregularities in the bed. There are no secrets, no taboos in the discussion. When a business crisis sex-clinic will help to find the key to happiness …


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Real cavemen watch online

Europe. 30,000 years before our era. The continent is still shrouded in cold Ice Age. Two of human kind are angry struggle survival. The first of them Neanderthals — low robust, endowed with physical strength is not a common or garden. 2nd — Cro-Magnons, they are worse looking weaker, but smarter. Between them was fought epic battle of the mind and the strength of which could go only one favorite. In the film examines long period in Europe, where there were two species of human — Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons. Their lives during the Ice Age, competitiveness for food, shelter

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