Deadly mistakes watch online

Over the past decade, science and technology has made a revolution in the world of surgery. Operations in the heart actually became commonplace. But if the unexpected happens, then a weak link in the operating room, usually are not medicines and equipment, doctors and nurses. All since Extreme criteria no one is immune from mistakes. At critical moments brain fails. Appears question: Is it possible to do something, so that in moment the disaster was still a chance to save the situation? This question life and death. In the program Dr. Kevin Fong (Kevin Fong) knows how our brain

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Order number 227. Not one step back watch online

Film NP Pchelkina and Y. Mukhina, cooked to the 127th anniversary of the birth of day or the Supreme Commander Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin. Now the movie is dedicated to misquote and slander Order number 227.

Second global war

SYMBOL war watch online

As the Soviet Union came to triumph over Nazi Germany, if they believe the official sources, the Russian Army was half-starved, naked and ill-equipped? Is it true that she was in such a state? On the life of soldiers and officers of the Red Army in the criteria and the period of wartime …

2nd Global war

Secrets of the Ages. The feat by the verdict watch online

In the film tells not only about penal battalions and companies who fought in the Red Army, and of the German penal battalions, so called "shadows of the Wehrmacht." The German penal units by the end of the war on its own population extending to the division, by the way, have appeared in the German army for two years earlier than in ours. In the movie, was given the floor to several Russian veterans. Some of them were themselves the penalty box in the middle of the movie was, and participants veteran, During the war commander penal company.

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Special menu from Bear Grylls watch online

Adventurer Bear Grylls is a unique benefit of unusual foods and beverages that can be fed in the wilderness, including liquid from elephant dung and camel milk.

The other films

Our army. Spot check watch online

The new film by Alexander Sladkova knows about some of the fascinating details Combat Training The armed forces of our country as an example of large-scale military activities conducted in Russia this year. Creator finds the answer to the question: how to make a man for the role in the war? And not just for the role, but to instill in him the spirit of a favorite? There are very many methods, techniques battle training. And its highest stage are teaching. This is the peak of all: loads, constraints jobs held liable for the acts. But still above teachings

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Adrenaline watch online

What happens to a man when he thinks that his life will break in a couple of minutes? Why are some people in the black street thugs bypassed, while others are for their tasty target? One of the heroes of this film, a graduate school for difficult teenagers Nicholas Kuprikov, as the real "predator", feels his prey from a distance. How does he do it? But adrenaline produced not only in a stressful situation. For our bodies encounter with the deadly threat and love — about the same thing!

Part 1

Part 2


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Stalingrad eyes of the enemy watch online

Stalingrad! The name of the Volga town from late August to come down from the pages of the press, is mentioned in every situation report from the front of Russian war, the reports on the meetings and speeches at meetings and in discussions Russian people. A position of the defenders of Stalingrad, his courageous population was becoming more difficult. Gave way to a day of days, and the brutal bombing of the town did not stop. Launched on August 23, it lasted without interruption right up to August 29. The first day or two, August 23-24, the Germans bombed

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Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko (14.10.2013) Watch online

Previously, only "fools and roads", and now also zapivohi on board. In Russia, there was no newcomer solved the problem; Why some Russian town more and more like villages. And why sociologists are convinced that in 20 years we can become strangers in their own country; "Iskander" — a new development of Russian designers, able to wipe off the dust South American "defense"; Cultural war against Russia. Why Many Europeans believe that the Russian stroll on the job with a gun "Kalashnikov" under the jerkin, and on Red Square strolling bears; The Story of a real person. Either alone

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Reporter’s stories. Features of African hunting watch online

Industry Safari. Billions of dollars of income. Inter-tribal conflicts and the true battle for the animals. When it has long been for the inhabitants of the Russian Federation is all seemed exotic, but now it can be called a way of life.

The other films

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