The Three Musketeers watch online

ORT documentary film about the shooting of the film called "The Three Musketeers" by G. Jungvald-Khilkevich (1979), And the fate of all the beloved musketeers. The narration is from the person implementing major roles in the movie. The movie was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the creation of the "Musketeer" television series that was marked by the release of the cult film "The Three Musketeers", which was released in theaters in 1979 year.

+ prize / f D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers

4 series 20 years later

Art cinema, theater

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Landscapes time / TimeScapes watch online

TimeScapes is the debut film cameraman and director Tom Lowe. In the movie you see the stunning scenery, the people and feral nature of the South American Southwest in slow motion. Lowe spent two years playing around the country on their own Toyota pickup truck in search of suitable scenes for the movie.


Nature (Rivers, mountains, landscapes, etc.)

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Lions hooligans / Lions Behaving Badly watch online

Generous hunters, calculating killer who strangled each time their victims quickly and neatly. But the ordinary for us the image of "king of beasts" — as it corresponds to the truth? We hunt down a pack of lions, which suits a real bloodbath. Sometimes the lions of this pack of stab his teeth into the flesh of the victim, while she still alive. We follow on the heels of malehankih cubs, and we wonder, where there are these terrible habits and will they stay in adults?


Animals sushi

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War Insect / Insect wars watch online

Angry battle erupted excellent scale right under our feet. There, across the bottom, in the world of insects, tiny creatures fill up the most deadly army in the world, with an arsenal of chemical weapons and experienced shock otryady.Tsivilizatsiya carries within it a curse, a desire to transform society in the empire. But this zeal is not specific only to people. During long before man learned to conquer, public insects, ants, bees, termites, hornets, making empire, attacking, enslaving and oppressing. We consider ourselves masters of the Earth. But our actions pale against the legions of soldiers who live at

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David erase / Erasing David watch online

For David Bond look. Year-round, 24 hours a day. And at one point, David wondered idea to find out just how many in fact clear of it to different corporations and the government. In order to once and for all answer the question, David solves the abyss. Throw a spouse and offspring, just go up in smoke. For earlier he hires a private detective to them to try to find him. Each of the detectives have a name, and 30 days to find David.


+ discussion of the film

The other films

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New hackers / The New Hackers watch online

Viruses, garbage and other fraud in the web — our daily experience. Thanks to Stephen Girard's film we have the opportunity to look at the situation from other side. Hidden camera shot, young Hackers with covered faces say and demonstrate that they are breaking into what their motivation, how they are organized. Fresh movie about the most fresh generation that chooses the break-in. First-year students, high school students and just abandoned it-dropout simply bypass sophisticated security system and make public information in the public domain. For some, this is a game for the other method in 17

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Naked and scared (6 episodes) + special series watch online

Two people have to live day 21 without food, water and odezhki in one of the more distant points of the planet. Will it extend to them as surrounded by various predators?

1 series Cursed tropical undergrowth.

2 series: Nightmare in Tanzania

3 series: Hell Peninsula

4 series: Torment in Panama

5 series: Torment in Panama

6 series: Beware! Swamp.

special. series — Passion nudists.

TV shows

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Imagine a watch online

Imagine for yourself. (05.10.2013)

Gone in 60 seconds and go down in history. What is the greatest girl in the world sponge. Killing history Crystal boy's life. Gloomy fame ill-fated move. A wedding in the clouds.

Imagine for yourself. (12.10.2013)

They rushed to the burning fragments of aircraft; Kitchen shut rescues life, Was a log of wood, has become bike, Bears and people. As become one family?, How to make a lake to the golf course?; live with wolves — wolf by yelling.

TV shows

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Weapons. Mauser Gewehr 98 watch online

Mauser Gewehr 98 (Mauser 98) — shoplifting rifle 1898 standard, developed by German designers, the brothers Wilhelm and Paul Mauser. Mauser rifle 98 was in service with many armies in the world right up to the end of the second world war and gained a reputation for accurate and reliable tools. Thanks to features such as the highest accuracy and reliability of the power battle, rifle until now is widely used as a base for hunting and sporting guns.

Cannon armament,Army

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Hitler in color / Hitler in Color watch online

The creators of the program "Hitler in color" was used in his work authentic color newsreel, the letters and diaries of Adolf Hitler's contemporaries. The movie tells about the 12 years reign of the Nazi leader, from his first steps to power and ending with the defeat of his principal devilish plans. In the film presented many chronicles that not many people know the difference between black and white and color shots is impressive and leads in a different way to take what is happening on the screen.

Second global war

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