Special correspondent. The Runaways Full Movie

For the near future of the Russian Federation exported more than one billion dollars of the country's borders. With these funds went people who earned the money in Russia. What to do with these people? How to force them to return these funds in Russia, that these tools have worked for the benefit of, rather than people in other countries. This is referred to in this release applets.

Special reporter — a series of programs

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When will the contamination watch online

In today's world do not subside armed conflict. That here and there, local wars break out. Countries and governments need resources, which no longer exists in its own territory. Many spices they say: not far off 3rd Global. What will it be? The creators of the film are afraid that we can expect the worst scenario of all possible — bio war.

They analyze the information that is publicly available: the words of sanitary doctors and military oligarchs and heads of state. Around the world, every year there are new, more insecure strains of viruses. They are

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Weapons. DShK watch online

A series of programs with the telling title "Weapon"Joined a number of documentary films that tell stories about the creation of the world-recognized firearms. Each issue is told history the creation of this or other standard tools and are curious facts. "Weapon"- A fascinating and informative program that illustrated frames of historical chronicles and tales professionals.

Weapon, weapons, Army

Magic Ben Earl (Season 1) (4 episodes) watch online

April 26 at the popular on the English Channel 4 kicked off the new show «Trick artist», the star of which was the magician Benjamin Earl. Ben Earle — already a big-name magician, which was one of the first who managed to fool Penn and Teller show at the famous «Fool us». This question, by the way, remains open, as Penn and Teller were not ready to accept that their fool. You can see the video. For those who are not strong in the UK, we explain — a dispute ensued due to the fact that Penn mentioned phony

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Investigatory experiment. Think like a murderer watch online

Brand new task and new experience. We learn that a mental portrait of what to do if the usual methods of investigation are inconclusive, and both offer the most mysterious crimes with no car chases, ambushes and shootings.

Atrocities, killings and other

Unsolved world. Asteroid Watch online

The possibility of dying from an asteroid is 4 times higher than that of a lightning strike. Scientists project "B612" believe that salvation from this danger can be gallakticheskogo landing craft on the surface of the asteroid to its orbital configuration …

Space, celestial bodies, astronomy

Ancient Olympics. Let the games begin to look online

2500 years ago back Olympic the stadium was not a small structure on 50 thousand places in the arena which unfolded superior species. Then Greece was the birthplace of sports, where the favorites hailed as sons of gods, the losers were forever erased from history. Competitions athletes, chariot races and fights fighters were the events that connected voedinyzhdy policies and established a sacred truce, carrying out fundamental cultural and political functions. How did different events that took place in the year 448 before our era, from modern? And after all that was the premise that the Olympic Games have

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UFOs: Facts and falsification 7-8 series watch online

series 7

In December 1984, the South American television producer Jimmy Shandera received a letter with the film. When he published a photo of the film, the eight-page document found in what was described furtive organization, made in 1947, possessed extensive information about the paradox of a UFO. Presumably, this is a top secret group for 50 years, hiding from the world the truth about aliens visiting Earth. It was of an elite unit of the code title «Majestic 12." Calling a spade a spade, this is the so-called Hollywood-style "Men in Black" …

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Space Shuttle. Scout horizon watch online

Gallakticheskaya transport system «The Space Shuttle »was launched by NASA in 1984, is the most expensive project. For example, the first start-up cost the company 450 million dollars. For time own existence «The Space Shuttle »made 135 flights and took on board 355 astronauts and cosmonauts. She made a complete circled Earth 21,152 times, and gallaktichesky mileage is 873 million km. The history of this famous shuttle is multifaceted, with the time its existence was as giddy ups and fast downs that kept in suspense many inhabitants of the world in suspense.

Space, celestial bodies, astronomy

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Polygon 22-30 series watch online

Series 22 Battle Bots SWORD, Tanks FIAT, BMP M2 Bradley, MANPADS Igla

Series 23 UAV Phantom Laser gun, helicopter carrier Mistral, Queen of BMP-3

Episode 24 Rockets invisible, self-propelled gun, BRM Peugeot, antitank missile system Chrysanthemum

Series 25 anti-aircraft gun-missile complex, Submarines, airships, Radar Electronics

Series 26 landing craft air cushion, the interceptor missile Aegis, Self-Propelled gun, Iran's missile force

Series 27 Destroyers NATO Turret rocket launchers, bunker busters, North tank in the war in Afghanistan — BMP 90

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