The threats of the modern world. Information trap watch online

XXI century man living in the era of information boom. Informative the world seems like paradise, but only on the first glance. As a digital able influence on ourselves? The more insecure a virtual reality? As social networks and tele addictive and change consciousness, turning us into zombies? What is informative AIDS? Can the "matrix" to kill the world's population?

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The Chronicles of Moscow life. Soviet millionaire watch online

During a search of the singer Lydia Ruslanova found 208 large diamonds worthy of the Armory, and 142 paintings majestic Russian painters, a place that at the Tretyakov Gallery. Durov Animal trainer Natalya had a collection of antiques, the price of which is now estimated at 20 million dollars. Wife of the Minister of Internal Affairs Svetlana Schelokova ate from plates from the Hermitage and had 5 sable fur coats. How do these ladies have extracted their wealth? And why life is "Soviet millionaire" usually ended with a disaster?

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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Island Full Movie

The archipelago of Palau, lost in the Pacific Ocean between the Philippines and Indonesia, is full of mysteries. White sand, turquoise waves and exotic fauna make sense of this tropical paradise. But this memory is deceptive. Tropical undergrowth hide almost everything: poring over them, you can find the skeletons of military aircraft during the second World War, and the backing of time low tide the water lifts the wrecks, which turned into coral reefs. This fall in Palau profits star Russian show business, reshivshiesya become part of the "Peninsula" online. Each of them will have to fight for survival

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The X-Files. Information immunodeficiency syndrome watch online

Lethal word and secret rituals of the natives. Ministry of Health warns. What is really dangerous for our health. Special operation 90-60-90. Astroturfing. Hidden techniques companies. How to avoid becoming a victim of hidden advertising. Transparent people in a network the network — in the program of the St. Petersburg branch "Information immunodeficiency syndrome"

Hidden materials — a series of programs

Secrets of the Forgotten victories. The Taming of Satan watch online

Appropriate mechanism of VF Utkin's defense was the use of scientific and technological development in the interests of the national economy and science. On the basis of one of the armored SS-9 was created by the booster under the title "Cyclone", which was intended for launching into orbit right medium loads.

Weapon, weapons, Army

American fiance 4 issues to watch

South american groom — Is a reality show in which the main characters will be four Yankees Russian origin. One of them, Alexander says that the main thing that the girl was a broad Russian soul. Alexei says his heart is open to the newest lady in his life. Anton looks for cost-conscious and loving husband. Sergey needed in life alone, but true man, with whom he was able to live happily and boldly look into the future. All four dreaming about love and family, but only with the girls from Russia. Host: Katya Zharkova

South American

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Polygon 1-5 series watch online

In the program "Ground"Will not tarpaulin boots and combat training. But is all what every real man dreams from early youth — lots of guns and harsh military equipment. Russian army now — is not only automatic Kalashnikov and Sukhoi. Innovative development of the military-industrial complex open virtually limitless capacity. But civilian persons about their lot is not very clear. To fill this gap, the leading TV channel "Our homeland 2"? Ivan Lebedev, Dmitry Zadorozhnyj sent to the real military training grounds.

1 issue: C400 Triumph, Military boots, Night Hunters, a knife


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The Turks Russian watch online

The project is the creation of a cycle of documentary films about the history and culture of the Turkic peoples living in Russia, received a grant of the Russian Geographical Society in the category of "environmental geographic education." The aim of the project was to trace the history of the Turkic peoples through their traditions and customs, find out where and what the traditions have been preserved in its purest form with Turkish times, and which have changed under the influence of the new criterion of life. In 2010, the crew of Television and Radio "Mir" visited the Republic

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World of coral reefs, watch online

In the lives of these beautiful places and there is the huge number of species among all species of flora and fauna. The reefs, which are placed in warm life-giving waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean have long been known to all its beauty, but there are also varieties of reef that can develop in the cool water. Made majestic icebergs deepwater reefs are actually perfect basis for the formation and existence on the surface of the coral. Hidden from human eyes, these amazing creations of nature can be found in the tropical seas, and in the

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Time to have dinner with Natasha Koroleva (many episodes) watch online

In a brand new culinary project of the First channel housewives throw a challenge to master the highest cuisine. They believe that a mother's most savory soup. Is this true? He hunt to try fondue, but it stubbornly prepares homemade noodles. Will they have dinner together? This is not a debate about food. This example program for each of us. Why do many home-cooked meals taste better and seem more akin to? Than it is now ready to hit the supreme master of the kitchen of the expensive restaurants and recognizable? Where to find useful and savory food —

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