The best man (cont’d) watch online

Young people in love couples who are ready to compete for the prize exchange. To do this, first four ladies comfortably arranged at the table, the head of which sits the master, it offers them the tender, will be able to elect them or not, with whom they have linked their lives, to cope with the proposed assignment. To begin the assignment that couple that made the biggest white-headed duck. The successful execution of the job brings money into the household budget. Leading applets: Dmitry Haratyan and Catherine Skulkina.

The most perfect spouse 07.10.2013 The first channel

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Truth is out there (all series) watch online

Lasts series Test for psychics, and a mysterious guest programs from "True somewhere near" will be recognizable television personality and creator of the popular books on healing methods Gennady P. Malakhov. People's Doctor set very seriously and wants to throw in the program only the most worthy …

Natalia Krachkovskaja (02.10.2013)

Lena Hanga (04.10.2013)

Tatiana Vedeneyeva (07.10.2013)

Gennady Malakhov (08.10.2013)

either here all series

The truth somewhere near — a serial

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Show and tell with Leonid Zakoshansky (many episodes) watch online

Taking place in the studio controls applets Leonid Zakoshansky. In this program there is not only they say, but also, most importantly, show. Topic are only the most notable and most provocative actions that have taken place only recently and could be exciting wide audience. In particular participants are invited to the studio of these high-profile events, and witnesses who can date their comments. It turns out the typical news talk show with elements of the detailed special investigation. Often participants are programs from celebrities, movie stars and show business that are popular entertainers and athletes. Moderator: Leonid Zakoshansky.

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Air Truckers / Dangerous Flights watch online

This is the limit of aviation. Intrepid pilots are rising at malehankih pre-owned aircraft. They fly where there is no will no plane. They are taken as the most insecure jobs. Fly in the worst weather and survive all the criteria, but as long as there is money and fuel, they again sent flying.

Episode 1

Factor horror Cory hires experienced pilots Pete and the Absurd, that overtake plane from England to the United States. But Pete saw the tragic disaster at aviagonku in Reno and shall be removed from the flight.


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On the most important (many episodes) watch online

How to keep yourself in good physical shape, what to do in an emergency, whether it is possible to prevent the disease? In the program "On the most important"The best professional advice of Ministry of Health and the Institute of Nutrition, burning questions and new methods of treatment — first hand. Sergei Agapkin — doctor, an expert on conventional systems improvement — practitioner and skeptic. Prefers to test and learn without the help of others. He personally advise all interested persons to answer the fundamental questions and give you accurate advice. The best experts at the country will confirm

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We never dreamed of. Cornucopia watch online

Earth's natural resources are vast, but not unlimited. What we we have in the future? How not to dry the planetoid? Where to look for other sources of energy? When and what will end the era mercilessly use? How to influence the quality of our food? What is the danger store modified foods? What is the evolution of the food insecure? There is Does the food candidacy? What will eat our descendants?

1. — What are we there is? 2. What shall we drink? 3. What is heat?

The other films

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Their manners: Bulgaria, Malta, Norway, watch online

Russian television geographic project "Their characters are" dedicated to the life, recreation, work habits and characteristics of the people of the state of the world. Africa, the Americas, Eurasia, Australia, — the inhabitants of these continents own inimitable originality and identity, ethnic flavor, long history and old culture. People and Faces, artisans and traders, markets and ancient town, monuments of history, palaces and poorest areas, temples, rituals and traditions, religious ceremonies and public kitchen — that's what first interested in the creative group applets "Their manners" and is a huge part of filmed material . Any example program consists

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Our society. The game of give-away watch online

Absolutely true, in my opinion, in relation to the harm caused to the Russian Federation, the betrayal of the union us the country and its leader. But what about the lack of information Fishing season in this respect, I am plagued by vague doubts … Do not played in a couple of parteek shahmatishki-poddvaki? Personally, I'm not entirely sure that Medvedev was not at that time a doll Fishing season, which in turn is a puppet in the hands of the shadow government (the west, the Freemasons, the Illuminati, grayish, call it what you want).


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In the footsteps of mystery — mysterious ancestors of mankind watch online

Documentary series "Following Undercover" knows about the unique discoveries that can change the perception of the universe, man and the fate of the various peoples; versions, the stories of scandals and revelations; sensational find, hidden in the vaults of museums and revelations recognized scientists. From the film "Mysterious ancestors of mankind," You know, where there was human race? Until now, the specific answer to this question is no. By a huge number of scientists is an irreconcilable dispute, from time to time passing in the courts, prosecution, concealment and falsification of evidence finds.

Mysteries of the history, excavation,

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German submarines: Iron Coffins (Part 3) Watch online

In this documentary film, we learn about how the German troops have lost an unlimited number of submarines during the second world war. 10's of thousands of German submariners lost in their underwater graves, making this part of the German army more damage to the victim.

Marine engineering

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