Secrets phone sex / My Phone Sex Secrets watch online

The difficult financial situation in the UK has pushed local women to engage in a very special way. It turned out that the poor sex on the phone — a very profitable business, and, besides, it is not agonizing. In general, and it has its ugly side …

Sacks and Love

Secrets of the Chechen war. Wolf’s Gate watch online

Chechnya, Afghanistan and other regions of the Caucasus

The mystery of 666 disclosed watch online

For you to have the opportunity to reveal lurking Bible to find out exactly who wrote the Bible, the New Testament. Want to find out that after all the lies of the Office for Islamic terrorists or even more terrible weapon against heresy global scale?

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Secrets of the Afghan war. Hunting the Lion watch online

Winter 1989. Russian troops leave Afghanistan. Groups favorite Ahmad Shah Massoud Mujahideen are kept under control approaches to the Salang Pass. But the Panjshir Leo, so nicknamed for his courage and uncompromising, the column does not fire. He gives Russian go. Although the Russian troops continue operations against its people. Why is it all the same Massoud says his assistants, "Let go, do not touch them?"

Chechnya Afghanistan and other regions of the Caucasus

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Laws of Immortality watch online

Immortality — Old dream of mankind. Yadoterapiya, salt diet, turpentine baths — to which not only the tricks resorted to by our forefathers in search of eternal life … XXI century only strengthened the population of the earth in the intention to solve the mystery of immortality.

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I want to change / Hungry For Change watch online

We all want more power, flawless body, beautiful skin and look younger. So that still prevent us from getting it? "Hungry For Change », the last movie" Nutrition ", reveals the shocking lurking diets and weight loss alimentary industry. You will learn about the deceptive strategy, to increase the craving for food.

From the film you will learn: How to move around the hypermarket — what to buy, What kind of diet "Sugar-free" and that the "fat-free" products, How to overcome food addiction and cravings, Why diets do not work, What are food additives to avoid and

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Whiskey. Version Ayla watch online

The documentary film "Whiskey. Version Ayla"Takes the viewer into Holy Saints Scottish gold. His goal is not just to tell us about the whiskey, but to show the subtleties of the drink, wine art, craft distilling, history and heritage of the island plants Ayla.

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Habitat — Food from heaven to watch online

Made in China — this phrase has become synonymous with low-cost and repulsive properties. Something to Wear, which fade after the first wash, a technique that rapidly breaks down foods with dyes and hormones. This is the language of the professionals — a bad China. It is to him at all biased attitude. But it turns out, there are products and products that own the highest quality, you just need to learn how to find them. We learned how to do this on the example of the fish, tea and honey, which fall in Russian stores of China. Almost

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Products eternal freshness watch online

This documentary project it is an attempt to understand the people's love for gastronomic four types of goods — bread, milk, sausage and fish. Also, the audience will be able to find out which tests are his beloved foods before to get to the holiday table. Participants in this project give advice and tips on choosing the right product, offer for election — as you can live without buying certain products.

Food and products

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Habitat. The more we feed on the street? watch online

The most popular in the world network of fast food — it's McDonald's. But no one knows exactly what is made out of food establishments. Even the traders in the dark. Big Mac hamburger recipes and more strictly kept, if the military kept secret. Yet, the creators of the film was able to learn from what then are the products of the "McDonald's" and other food establishments frisky. And it is worth to see them put it mildly shocking discovery …

Food and products

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