Habitat. Dinner is sold watch online

Did anyone buy an illegal cooked-builder salad? And how will buy, of course! Then we would not have flourished underground workshop. In this episode we will go just about the people who buy these dishes.

Food and products

Nazism. Mystery UFO watch online

The witnesses were credible, report on the indescribable agility flying saucers. This alien craft or a mirage? Or maybe something more naizloveschee? This example program on the mysteries of a secret weapon the Nazis and postwar komplote of silence about the secret UFO, unsolved to this day.

UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and phenomena

Habitat. A lot of meat out of nothing to watch

Meat. The average inhabitant of the Russian Federation in the year eats this product about 70 kg. Although in reality in our diet is almost twice less meat. For example, instead of 1 kg of pork we get a pint of chemicals and only a pound of meat. About half of the meat sold in shops and markets — is to neuter the animals. All because most weight gives us something average between males and females. Grow a creature can be in this case, if a pig with food give little male sex hormones, and in front of the

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Habitat. Condensed milk on vegetable oil watch online

You learn from what is done essentially store-bought jam, marmalade, jam, pudding, chocolate spread and condensed milk. For the experiment was purchased 10 jars of jam and tested for radiation. We will share with you how to find out what bank located strontium and cesium. Would know, why Carlson is not strawberry jam? And what do you know about the condensed milk with palm oil? You will learn how to choose non-hazardous jam, What jam not made of dyes and how to find a real condensed milk.

Food and products

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Open Studio. Rotten food! watch online

State Duma Deputy Anton Belyakov introduced a bill that increases the penalties for the sale of expired products in almost 35 times. But the servants of the people of the majority of votes against it. Will such a law to remove expired product from the shelves and bring order to the retail trade?

Food and products

Design of food watch online

Design supply of goods is their treatment from the standpoint of aesthetic, rich and cultural reasons. We love the products are popular not only for their taste, and for the symbolism. They carry within themselves some subtext own hidden meaning.

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Without cheating. What kind of bread we eat? watch online

In Russia, people are allowed to poison the bread. After wheat, of which the bake bread, pesticide-treated, causing unsafe mutations in humans. But it is far not the only one lurking bakery …

What kind of bread Chalk is ill illness? It is worth paying a lot of money for a unique type of bread? Where are taken into loaves One dead mice and putrid teeth?

The film crew traveled to the country's most savory baguettes — France — and found out that under the crispy French bread hiding their own, is not always pleasant,

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Hamburger unvarnished look online

Skewer with friends, happy company holiday treats … The main ceremonial table to become, like it was not sad, meat … Have you ever thought about the fact that we have to go through the unfortunate animals for the sake of pleasing the needs of humanity? Really at the poor little heart is not beating as well as you? Really they appear only to die in agony? Look what tortures and torments they suffer …

The other films

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Welding For Dummies watch online

According to statistics, 98% of tea is drunk Russians. Here we are just in their own brew kettles? How is it that the country hooked on the true "swill", and a decent tea has become the astronomical cost of funds? What methods of falsification invented now, and what — comes more from the Soviet Union? How not to run into Palen, and most importantly, harmful welding? Why marketers believe consumers, "tea", which can be implemented in squalor?

Food and products

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How useful post Watch online

In the near future has become a common word "post". A lot of our friends fasts before Christmas, stately post before Easter, most of them know that at this time you can not eat meat. What else can not be done and what must be fast, know only deeply religious lyudi.Tserkovny year provides for continuous interaction between the posts and prazdnichkom. One-day positions are observed throughout the year on Wednesdays and Fridays. The exception is the so-called "solid Week" (Christmas, Mardi Gras, etc.).

Multi-day positions are confined to a huge prazdnichkom.

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