Habitat — To spoon stood watch online

Palm oil, starch, baking soda and milk levomitsetin.Seychas cure sore throat specialists they say that drugs one can find in every 3rd milk, and we found in each of the first.Milk which the brand is best to drink, you will learn in our programmke.My taken kefir home kefira.Isklyuchitelno in Ossetia where invented this drink have the right to judge What yogurt vernyy.Tvorog made from fruits found the palmy.My palm-tree fat products recognizable producer.What cottage cheese one can there is no harm to health? This and much more you will learn from our applets.

Food and products

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Isklyuchitelism watch online

"Isklyuchitelism" — a documentary film shot by an American journalist Anissa Naue. Dlagodarya ambitious girls work we make an interesting journey in world foreign policy of the United States of America. Anissa will try to give answers to questions such as — why Americans consider themselves Democrats, the most important in the world?! Why allow yourself to fight wars around the world, without asking permission from the world of society. Why print a billion dollars of unsecured

Modern history

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Beware of scammers! Carefully, BAD! watch online

"Carefully, BAD!. "In Russia, the market turnover at the biological level supplements is estimated at millions baksov.Vysochayshy demand for generic pills for at least some ailments stepped up and swindlers. Under the guise of dietary supplements offenders are usually sold at a cost of chalk used cars. But the men in the pursuit of health ready to give the last penny, but many of them, this race can cost lives! At 1st a very old man, offenders eased the purse of 23 million rubles! And all because of a naive senior citizen heartily wished to assist someone from their

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Without cheating. A cup of cheerfulness watch online

On banks and packages with coffee We always litsezreem word "natural." But with grains that came to us from India and Ethiopia, in Russia there are magical metamorphosis … What poison themselves citizens of the morning, thinking it energizing? What in fact is inside the capsule for coffee? And can we now drink instant coffee?

Food and products

Prohibitions: Food for extreme / Taboo Watch online

We eat to live, but there is dishes that are not as easy to digest. You would be able to proglotit still alive, beating, snake heart? Either eat cockroaches, live larvae of beetles or salad? That for some delikates for other vile abomination. Man — this is what he eats. Tak which food is forbidden to you? Prohibitions for food extreme… Learn about the extreme forms of food: from the living, sliced snake in Vietnam, before fatally poisonous puffer fish in the Land of the Rising Sun.


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King Confectioners / Cake Boss — (1, 2, 3 season) watch online

Love cook something sweet and savory? Or, maybe, like sweets? Then this TV transmission you! "King of the confectioners' — TV transmission, in some of the confectioners' Bakery Carlo "led by Buddy Valastro extraordinary cook, but savory cakes. Each issue tells of making 2-cakes. Pastry chefs prepare cakes not only for weddings, events and parties, and for everyday prazdnichkom. Savory and beautiful cakes in the TV show just for you! See all issues applets "King of confectioners' online at our website!

Fire, fashionista and family of other films

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Traditional medicine watch online

In the world of a new trend — to be treated with food. Help a wide range of tools — from traditional "healers" of lemon and raspberry to multifunctional goods, which are more useful to add 10's of vitamins and mineral supplements.

Indeed a "special" food can displace the drug from the home kits? Either it is a tribute to another fashion? Or maybe food such as that at least some drugs, too, has its contraindications?

Medicine, Biology, Anatomy

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What to eat to lose weight watch online

The documentary film "What eat, so slim"Dispels rumors about the food, and sheds light on the food kept secret. From what constituents develops healthy eating How it protects against various ailments? Indeed it is possible to change life, changing attitude to that of the usual things like food? By focusing on the latest scientific developments in the field of biology and medicine, the creators of the movie will be told how to eat to maintain youth, enthusiasm for life and healthy sparkle in the eyes. And just WHAT to eat to get rid of oily skin, exfoliating

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Cocktail recipes watch online

In this video — a real demonstration lesson from the 1st of the leading bartenders named Vyacheslav that works in the restaurant Ruff. It will show how to prepare the most delicious cocktails as alcoholic and non-alcoholic

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Without cheating. Bird Rights Watch Online

What is the Russian manufacturers now produce poultry? Is it really better, "Bush legs"? Chickens, geese, ducks and even ostriches — we grow "chickens" of all breeds. What kind of meat these "precocious" birds? The crew has traveled applets advanced and backward "bird" production of, and visited Israel to figure out how to get there eggs smuggled out of Palestine, and the secret of a cool taste of chickens grown in the desert.

Food and products

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