The traditions of cognac watch online

People and cognac — it's an old familiar studying friend pal for years. To make a new recipe for brandy or repeat the old, the master must know, in what games what alcohol barrel is defined palatability. For a beginner, even knowing all the technology inside out, not able to do brandy. One of the oldest companies in Russia, producing brandy is located in the town of Kizlyar in Dagestan. In 1885, Prof. winemaker David Sarajev together a few distilleries. He introduced the traditional French technology production of cognac, but — and use their own ideas.

The other

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Without cheating. Olivier watch online

We love it. He's in the middle of the table almost all prazdnichkom. But it turns out, salad Olivier us faster is not a friend and an enemy. It can frustrate health, become a prerequisite for being overweight, if not entirely be poison. The examination showed all the salads, bought in the shops at random Moscow and Chelyabinsk, teeming with microbes. Where, who, what criteria in preparing this "bomb" for the stomach? Where to claim compensation for lost health? But be in the clinic, tasting homemade Olivier? Is it possible to make the beloved salad helpful?

Food and

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Lunch celibacy. Azerbaijani pilaf watch online

It is safe to say that the ordinary pilaf and Azerbaijani pilaf quite a variety of dishes. Ilya Lazerson introduces the features of the production of the Azerbaijani pilaf, which is significantly different from other pilaffs

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High-profile case. The great mystery of food watch online

The findings of scientists of today: the human body is unable to digest the modern pischu.Slova food and food chemistry have now become synonymous. Preservatives and food additives, parasites and deadly toxins, excess vitamins and heavy metals — all this practically every day gets to our table. Blame — development that makes the food lovely and delicious, but quite inapplicable for consumption …

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Without cheating. The trick with shrimp watch online

Once upon a shrimp among the rarest delicacy. But now they are "stepped" in people! Small shrimp are inexpensive, great — available only to citizens of the rich. But here's the focus — and those other nasty properties. As fish, marine this delicacy learned to grow in artificial criteria. And as it looks, terrified crew applets

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Mermaids: Found body watch online

Scientists have never believed in the theory of Komplota. They believe that Alkaid is responsible for the terrorist attack of September 11 and that the people were on the moon. To believe that the government is hiding the truth needed confirmation. Komplota theory, as any other needs to be justified. In 1997, scientists have recorded an unidentified sound in the Pacific Ocean produced by a living creature. His dubbed "Howl."

Unidentified, anomalies, other world

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Who stole the taste of childhood? watch online

On the shelves of our shops are now many products with familiar from childhood Russian labels and packaging. Buyers are told that they will experience long since forgotten natural taste that same 48 cents for ice cream, candies, sweetened condensed milk, milk from a triangular package … Everything, as in the USSR, GOST and natural! But this is another dangerous trap manufacturers. To clean water displays their special investigation "Who Stole taste Youth? "

Many buyers triggered subconscious and in most cases they take on similar products with Russian labels, naively believing that the word

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Greed / Meat with contagion watch online

What meat we sell at markets and stores? Meat unhealthy or dead from the plague animals may just be on our tables …

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How beer saved the world / How Beer Saved The World watch online

What do you think is the most important invention of all time? Is that really changed life billion people living on our planet? Maybe you'll laugh, but it is beer! Listen amusing and previously unknown stories of historians and scientists about how drunk drink has promoted a man to invent arithmetic, poetry, constructed the first pyramid, to the greatest medical experiments, to the epoch-making laws … and even discover America! If you are convinced that beer — It's only a soft foam drink, drank in time football matches in pubs and on the final day or, you coarsely wrong!

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Lunch celibacy. Chakhokhbili watch online

Lunch celibacy. Chakhokhbili Many men are very happy with Georgian dishes. Leading the viewer with the methods of manufacture of the famous dishes of Caucasian cuisine — chakhokhbili, rife with spices and fragrant herbs.

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