The strange thing. Call of the crowd to watch online

Why, having appeared in the mass, the person loses his "I"? What moves the weight and makes it super strong, able to completely kill everything in its path?

A strange thing — a series of programs

Modern Love. New Kama Sutra (18 years old) watch online

Modern Love"- Is the most common and enjoyable training program that has already been chosen by millions of families in the world, because this programm is really sexy and specifically indicates that sex, that millions of people are engaged in every day. But beauty is not only applets that. "Modern Love"Will teach you how to increase libido of your partner, how to enhance orgasm and raise their sexy business to the highest point of pleasure, how to choose the right toys for better sex, specifically suitable for you, will show new positions, and little-used technique of sex.

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Stephen Hawking’s Universe — Aliens watch online

Bright theoretical physicist of our time, Dr. Lukasiansky Cambridge Institute. He holds a post that previously belonged to Isaac Newton and Paul Dirac, and has a reputation as a "pop star" from the world of science. Despite the nearly complete paralysis of all the muscles from the time of his youth and the inability to independently read, Stephen Hawking writes books, is engaged in scientific developments, giving lectures to students and plans to fly to space in 2009.

Space, celestial bodies, astronomy

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Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko (21.01.2013) Watch online

Complete failure. Why French commandos was incapacitated. Peace and war. Neizvesno pages of the second Chechen War. Waterfowl APC. All the secrets of the U.S. Marines. Large arena for the real fighters. Old Rome Gladiators. Design lawlessness. The most unusual instruments in the world. The first victim of the Russian Revolution. Raun Meloradovich all forgotten. Heroes do not vyigranoy war. As a Japanese kamikaze stoked South American cruisers. Weapons. The unique technology of European designers. Way of the Dragon. Undercover undefeated Bruce Lee. Pyramids deserts. The more insecure the mysterious Pandora's box.

The military secret — a series

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Battle of the Ice Age animals watch online

How primitive people managed to survive amidst prevailing at the time of Ice Age supergiants — tuporylye bears, saber-toothed tigers, mammoths? In this documentary project you can behold engineered animal models of antiquity, modeled because of their impact, to understand techniques and methods resorted to by primitive people in order to protect themselves from the fierce animals.

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals

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Stand Up watch online

Mega-popular comic genre stand-up attracts to its ranks a growing number of comedians. The creators of the new show in this genre did not even bother with the title, and so dubbed it — Stand-up. If you are a lover to spend time in the company of happy and sharp-tongued young men, it will necessarily have to show for you to taste. They will laugh at the relevant neuvvyazkami, which we, unfortunately, or on the contrary, fortunately, neverotnoe amount. The quality of the show and the humor of the participants judged only for you, so do not lose time

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They knew it would be … War watch online

Nazi Germany attacked USSR, June 22, 1941 can not be called an unexpected event. 10's scouts, risking his life, passed time fighting began, Hitler planned, and only the Russian Government refused, and did not want to believe the obvious. Most Germans at the borders USSR Stalin was taken no more than a provocation.

Movie 1. Reconnaissance

Movie 2. Secret Agent

2nd Global war

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Holidays with savages watch online

What if the inhabitants of the cities decide go in the most remote places on the planet in order to get acquainted with the culture and the lives of their residents? It will be a program under the title "Vacation with savages! " To avoid the stereotypes and prejudices, the program will demonstrate the clash between two cultures-name, the owners of all the other people who are seen as savages and feel that they are superior. The viewer will go to extraordinary journey with Eric Bauronom and Damien Boyer and get a lot of feelings, get acquainted

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