Habitat. Tasty chemistry watch online

Carcinogens — it poisons that kill us slowly. Chemical substances that trigger a deadly disease — cancer. We eat carcinogens, coupled with salami, sausages, chips, candy, gas, water and juice. We properly prepare food, do not fry on oil and reheat food at very highest temperature. Where more only Carcinogen, on what oil to fry the potatoes, and why beef sausages Carcinogen more, than chicken.

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Battle for the salt. World History watch online

In the Middle Ages, alchemists often called salt "Quint essence." Hence came the expression "quintessence," which means something very important, the most significant — SALT. Since ancient times, salt attributed to the different characteristics — from magic, magical, religious and sacred to the health and life-giving. Where did countless legends and popular superstitions associated with this natural mineral, as salt influenced the history of the world, and countless secrets of salt — in a new documentary film. In 1534, in the south of France in Colmar outbreak of plague — bubonic death. The disease threatens to spread across Europe

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Greed — What do we drink to watch online

People are ruining the beer is ruining people's water! Indeed whether mineral water extracted from medical sources?

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I would like meat! watch online

"Consumer investigation." What will happen to the meat market after Russia's entry into the WTO? Imports now gained the victory. We eat Brazilian pork, Mexican and Australian beef, and our farmers to compete with the cheapest kind of meat is very difficult. After Revolution of 1917 our livestock survived a lot of silly reform and innovation, and by the end of the XX century it became clear — a decent meat we would not have … And if so, at exorbitant prices!

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Without cheating. Sweet terror watch online

Correspondents applets got a job at the 4 pastry factory to learn the process from the inside of cakes. And they understood that the consumer is now dealing with a real "sweet fear!"

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Habitat — Elixir vivacity watch online

Tea and coffee — most invigorating morning drinks. Now on the shelves 10s species and types of tea and coffee.

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Inexplicable: Special Materials watch online

Brand new programm "Inexplicable: special materials" is dedicated to the mysterious stories to the present day or who did not have a plausible explanation. The creators of this project will learn amazing facts that give the otherworldly mystique hurry features and over which pohihikivayut skeptics. The creators of applets adhere to the golden mean. Naturally, they do not go on about the mystics, and not in a hurry to say, "This just can not be, it's all fiction." They just collect fact for a fact, the evidence for evidence to find at least a little bit plausible explanation of

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Food — Arkady Mamontov movie watch online

Like now changed the attitude of the goods to the vital component of human existence — the food? That is what constitutes the modern products, even 20 years ago, only used for the production of household chemicals and lubricants. Palm and coconut oil — is now more necessary ingredients in dairy production.

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Familiar poison / Our daily poison watch online

One of the most profound movies shortly on the arbitrariness of the creative corporations alimentary industry. Food. Pesticides. Additives. Alimentary coloring and packing. There is a connection between what we eat and acquired diseases epidemics? Corruption, fraud, danger, blackmail, sinful circle built for the benefit of companies. Studies that have been forgotten or are covered.

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Habitat. Not a single meat watch online

We are accustomed to Russian times that delicacy — it's not just something rare, and certainly savory, natural. Times have changed. Now on the shelves has it all — and boiled and salted and roasted, and raw and semi-smoked and just meat. However, half of it is difficult to be called "natural". Watery smoke smoked brisket, bacon treated with dyes, salmon pumped brine, and add sausage meat rats. To find out whether different "watery smoke" the taste of natural smoking, we will arrange a tasting at the Russian hunting and told how to distinguish psevdokopchenoe meat from subsistence. How

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