Habitat. What is silent fish watch online

More than half of fish products on the tables of Russians — from the Pacific Ocean. But after the explosion at the Japanese plant "Fukushima-1" Quiet ocean radioactive elements were — cesium, strontium, plutonium. There was a real threat of infection fish, and human means. Correspondents applets "Sphere habitat" visited the markets and shops of Vladivostok and the Pacific fish tested for radiation hazard.

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Food. Price Question watch online

Food: the cost issue — a very well-mounted, information-filled movie that explains the nature of the interests of the modern pharmaceutical industry and its intermediary between man — official medicine. Role in this game pharmaceuticals and prerequisites complete lack of enthusiasm by the doctors, from which we build your own body — food.

Medicine, Biology, Anatomy

Bird Rights Watch Online

"Legs Bush"Turned into" Obama's feet "- America as ever wants to sell us their chicken. We give her a decisive rebuff — called" bleach "and" unsafe. "And what is the products of our manufacturers now? Is it really better "legs Bush"? Chickens, geese, ducks and even ostriches — we grow" chickens "of all breeds. As for the meat of these" precocious "birds? Crew toured applets advanced and backward" bird "made of. Also traveled to Israel to find out how to get the eggs smuggled out of Palestine, and the secret of a cool taste of chickens grown in the

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Friendly products to watch

Our health is constantly in danger. The reason lies in the GMO, pesticides, growth hormones and the entire periodic table. All are seeking "nezapyatannoy products." On the shelves of supermarkets, we give preference to products, the title of which is the prefix "eco" and elect products on the market from farms. And for those products, consumers pay huge amounts of money. But does it make sense?

Food and products

What our children eat? watch online

Children's diet is characterized by all the vices of adults: too much fat and carbohydrates, lots of fast food, harmful soda, chips and other "contagion." How is the reform food in schools?In the near future ancestors beating the alarm — the cases of poisoning of children. But other than that there is and many other prirekany related to nutrition: smaller portions, manufacturing of semi-finished food. Incidentally, according to the reform of the power to decide what to feed the kids will not be the director of the kindergarten and the control power plant, which supplies food. To find out

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Greed: The sweet poison watch online

Sweet, like a drug, addictive. Obesity, sweet diabetes, problems with the spine — all this will happen if the brakes do not fit.

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Life for a meal watch online

The private life of most of the people most love to eat. The most important organ of our body — the brain, constantly forcing us to think about what we need to eat and drink. Despite the fact that, apparently, this issue has long been disclosed to the abundance of articles, books, movies, Pavel Lobkov together with their staff will try to answer the question — "why?"

Science, scientific merit of opening

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On the ruins of the Great Empire Watch online

In this documentary film we will focus on the naval base of the Union of Russian, which was in the Crimea. In this framework have been of great strategic importance for the country. Filmmaker — Evgeny Novikov say about its design, a task that confronts a naval base and as Crimean base is gone.

Weapon, weapons, Army

Sausages: Dreams and Reality watch online

In time, Russian sausages were considered the most real delicacy, and the province to get them was unreal. And now it is the ordinary product food is available to everyone …Corresponding programs from secretly got a job at a large meat processing plant and learned all the lurking "sausage" of production. Unfortunately, half of the Russian sausages being done without the use of meat! The main objective of all manufacturers — lowering the cost of production, because the factories are working for peanuts guest workers, and all natural ingredients are replaced with artificial …

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Master Chef / MasterChef USA Season 1 watch online

Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot once, have taken up to meet the responsible task — to select the best non-professional cooks of America!

Master Chef USA-1serija

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